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Ok I'm having trouble writing a book I really want written, so I need help from all of you to give me ideas, tips, or write sections yourself.

The book is about a girl, McKayla, who is a stripper (like at a strip club) she has a 3 year old son named Gavin. Gavin's father, Jake, dumped her in High School when he found out she was pregnant and she left to support herself and her son with the only job she could get. Her friend is Nicole, she is seventeen and works with McKayla. Nicole has a 4 month old baby girl named Jenny. McKayla runs into Jake through work when his friends take him to the Strip Club for his batcholor party (his bride to be is Lillie, his frends are Max and Randy). McKayla runs off, but Jake wants to find her, she is resestant because (well duh) he dumped her. He evenntually has to take car of her one night because he finds her drunk. He takes her home and bonds with his son, realizes he missed out on a lot, falls in love with McKayla (and out of love with Lillie) and doesnt even realize it untill an hour before his wedding. He leaves to find McKayla (she is still resistant, he kisses her, she changes her mind, I know its cleshe) and thats the story I want to write. but I suck at it everytime I try so I need your help. Here are a list of characters and descriptions:

McKayla: Looks like Megan Fox. Tough, grew up poor. Her father was shot when she was 11. Her mom remerried and her step dad beat her younger sister, Ally, to death. Mckayla left when she got pregnant.

Gavin: Blonde hair, blue eyes (from his dad) hes three jst bableing, doesnt talk much.

Nicole: Curly blonde hair, skinny, takes care of her baby most of the book, not a very big role. But she is Mckalya's BFF. Jennie is her daughter.

Jake: Blonde hair (short and spikey) blue eyes, tan, lean, smart, funny. His friends can be customized (their names, hair color personality...)

Lillie: Kind of snobby and spoiled. Skinny, light skinned very light blond hair wich she curls or flattens depending on mood (we dont know which is her natural) she has a rich daddy and her mom died when she was 8.

Ok anyone else you can add and make up and yeah. Have fun!


Categories: Young Adult, Romance Characters: None

This story should be about sophmore high school students. so they are like 14-16. I needs to have at least 5 major characters--3 boys and 2 girls. It should be about the real life of teenagers--drugs, sex, alcohol, cutting. It must include fights and crying. This story is supossed to be about 15 chapters long.

If there are any questions email me.   I check regularly.

If I was able to write this I would. But I lack all writing ability.


Thank you. and Please try create this story. It would be truly amazing.

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Categories: Original Fiction, Romance Characters: None