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This story should be about sophmore high school students. so they are like 14-16. I needs to have at least 5 major characters--3 boys and 2 girls. It should be about the real life of teenagers--drugs, sex, alcohol, cutting. It must include fights and crying. This story is supossed to be about 15 chapters long.

If there are any questions email me.   I check regularly.

If I was able to write this I would. But I lack all writing ability.


Thank you. and Please try create this story. It would be truly amazing.

Categories: Romance, Original Fiction, Young Adult, Humor, Drama Characters: None

Do you have free time? do you like dark fics? then here is the answer: write a one shot for whatever you want it to be how long it can it has to be over 1,000 words, you need it done by the end of December. It also has to be a fanfiction or one of your own it can be, non cannon, cannon couples, also winner gets, an interview, a blog spot light, also a banner or blinkie just a flashy one not an animation. So if you want to give it ago then try it!. This is a fanfiction also OOC: your own people you created it can be a one-shot or multi chapters

Want to then fill out the forum here


There will be two judges including myself so thank you for at least signing up!

Categories: Original Fiction, Twilight, All Human, Drama, Canon Pairings, Crackfic, Crossover, NaNoWriMo Characters: None