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Either hunger games/true blood/Alice in wonderland or twilight. In hunger games Katniss has to be paired with either Gloss/Finnick- and with Finnick pretend the rape/coercion doesn't happen because the fics can't have TOO much angst. With twilight it's bella and either Jasper/Peter/Garrett/Caius/Marcus/Carlisle or Emmett- also maybe make the vampires more vampirey. True blood- any charater is fine as long as it's not Bill and with Alice in wonderland any pairing will do as long as its with Alice

Any rating, poly is allowed but no slash - at least not with the main pairing/s, also nothing too violent. The pairing also doesn't have to be romantic or there could be both a familial/friend and romantic pairing


Categories: Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood, Alice {in wonderland} (TV Show), Twilight, Hunger Games Characters: Other Pairings