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Author's Chapter Notes:

Disclaimer: The author of this fanfiction does not lay claim to any character, setting, or anything else that is under direct/indirect copyright by J.K.Rowling, Bloomsbury, Warner Bros., etc. This writing is purely for nonprofit purposes.

Oh, what I wouldn't give


to turn back time


and ruin the phrase


I had foolishly said





And oh, how I wish


I'd carved our names


into the tree


where I first saw her do magic





Maybe she would've loved me


but now I see him


hold her hand


and embrace her


my darling, Lily Evans



But she is Evans


no more


She has taken his name


a disgusting name - Potter


yet I cannot hate her for it



In a cage she has put my heart


and she gave the key to him


oh, he threw it to the Mauraders


to deal with it, their way



They've turned the key into a nail


to build their married house


So now I am forgotten



But, still


I await, in my dungeon cage





Perhaps the heir


of those emerald eyes


will take the time


to pick the lock


and set me free


from her betrayal



Yet I cannot hate her


for her deeds


for she will always be


my Lily Evans


in my heart



This is my ode


to Lily Evans


oh, how I wish


she could hear me


when I say


"I love you."

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