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Reviews For The Pledging
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Reviewer: Juicy ga pch Signed [Report This]
Date: 15 Jan 2019 5:32 AM Title: Chapter 10 - No, No They Can't Take That Away From Me

That was an interesting twist at the end with Felipe... Will there be more to come?


Reviewer: bttrflybelle Signed [Report This]
Date: 29 Nov 2015 6:10 PM Title: Chapter 10 - No, No They Can't Take That Away From Me

Wow!!! Please tell me Bill is gonna finally get what he deserves!! I hope Felipe gets staked too!

Author's Response: Well, you are bloodthirsty! Bill will get his, just not quite yet. He has to fester a bit more first. As for Felipe? What's that saying that only the good die young? He is slippery than a snake... and every story needs a villain!

Reviewer: TheLadyKT Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 26 Nov 2015 11:49 PM Title: Chapter 10 - No, No They Can't Take That Away From Me

hmm sounds like some folks are going to be very troublesome in the future.  

Glad Jason is a dutiful fmaily man now.  Stupid vamps teasing him.  

Yea he's def gloating about the name thing.  Ugh Scumbill getting assistance from Illinois doesn't sound good.  Some truly just want a war to happen I'm afraid.  oh poor Sonder.  Hope Scumbill pays for hurting her again.  

I wouldn't trust Felipe after all he's done.  

Author's Response: Jason has finally grown up (about time!). Not to say that he won't be tempted, but he has found his way. He is getting teased, but then again, I'd imagine he's able to handle it. He probably gets this and worse on his mostly-male road crew at home. Our Eric is entitled to a little gloating, but he may be rubbing it in a bit much as payback for all those years she denied him and their status. He loves her but he's no saint! Bill will get his in time. Sonder's experiences will turn her into a warrior, but not in a way that will support vampires, I'm afraid. All actions have an opposite and equal reaction - it's one of the fundamental laws of physics and it applies to so many things.

Reviewer: Natsgirl Signed [Report This]
Date: 15 Nov 2015 1:40 PM Title: Chapter 8 - The Way We Danced Until Three

I'm with you - cheese and rice (teehee). I didn't want them to start drifting apart because of all the things they need to discuss. Goodness knows they are intelligent people with busy lives. It is their commitment to their sex life that gives them the opening to share and care with each other. To have them pledge with these question marks between them didn't seem right. I think she is being headstrong about children, but I also think that for the first time in a while she's seeing the brass ring and she's going to grab now and question later. Yes, it's kind of an old habit for her, but it makes her adventurous. Sometimes that works for her. (sometimes not..)

Reviewer: jillapet Signed [Report This]
Date: 14 Nov 2015 5:54 AM Title: Chapter 9 - The Way You Change My Life

Yay!! Those tricksy faes..what are they up to? Andvwhat bug is up the AP's butt? And will Bill be turned into a toad because he's such a whiny, delusional little bitch? This story just gets bettervand better!

Author's Response: They are tricksy fairies! Tricksy and dangerous as truly powerful beings with no natural predators would be. As for what's up the AP's butt... she knows too much. I can't imagine the discipline it would take to see the world as an great unfolding, sometimes for the good and sometimes not. To know that you can influence things, but that your intent is not guaranteed. It would make me almost terrified to act, and yet more terrified not to. I don't envy her. I often wondered if those handmaidens were there for her protection or to prevent her from ending her own life. Bill is delusional, and that makes him a perfect pawn for someone who wants to change things through violence.

Reviewer: TheLadyKT Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 13 Nov 2015 3:17 PM Title: Chapter 9 - The Way You Change My Life

Twy really needs a personality infusion.  LOVING Devrah.  I crack my knuckles...LOL.  Dress sounds beautiful. 


Yea I'd be worried about what Niall is going to pull as well.  Sounds like they've not bothered to tell Eric everything too.  Glad he wants sookie told ahead of time.  She does like Dermot though. 

Niall is really pushing his luck with Eric.  Not sure how I feel about Thalia.


Nabila is smart not to attend.  Scumbil....wah wah wah.  What a psycho.  REally hopes he dies before Sookie gets hurt again.  


Glad Jason is standing up with her.  Surprised Niall didn't demand to do it.  Although considering him blindsiding Sookie about Dermot and other things, Sookie might have stabbed Niall with the blade.  LOL


hmm the Fae are def sneaky with their words, but YEY they are married/pledged.


Author's Response: Twy is Twy, selfish and self-serving. She is the human equivalent of a vampire. If you think about Thalia as putting Eric first in all things, you may become more comfortable with my version of her. Oh - and she is grump so in her world, the cup is naturally half empty. As for Niall? He wouldn't have been caught dead at some lowly vampire affair. After all, he's hosting the 'real deal at his place. 'vampires?!' he'd say and then make some kind of scraping motion with his shoe or a waving motion with his hand. Instead he'll send the son he never cared for, the throw-away son. Doesn't matter that Dermot is technically all he has left. He doesn't like him, so he'll use him until he gets his replacement Dermots. Yeah - that's Niall!

Reviewer: TheLadyKT Signed [Report This]
Date: 10 Nov 2015 7:05 PM Title: Chapter 8 - The Way We Danced Until Three

Sadly I think Thalia is right. Niall is going to push and scheme to get her pregnant quickly. 


Yummy times for E&S.  Cheese and Rice... such a silly thing but she loves saying it.  Glad they are talking about things.  They both need to learn to listen and respect each others traditions.  Glad she'll call herself his wife.   Good that he is talking to her about the kids.  He is def bringing up thing she hadn't thought of.  I think she should have thought about them a little more though.  


James and Charles are too funny sometimes.  

Reviewer: TheLadyKT Signed [Report This]
Date: 02 Nov 2015 9:06 PM Title: Chapter 7 - The Way You Hold Your Knife

Don't blame her for being suspicious of Niall.  

hmm Sounds like Sonder might be getting herself glamoured.  Jeez Twy has no filter at all.  

Great present she's giving him. The AP just loves screwing with people with her riddles.

Great party.  Glad Bubba could be there too.

Author's Response: Niall follows his own rules. His actions aren't meant to make her distrustful, but neither are they aimed at trust. He's a ruler who is older than dirt. I think he believes himself above such things. She is his descendant who might have been his heir in the changing of Fae culture (funny how facing extinction can change some folks' tolerance). Instead she has taken herself out of the equation by bonding with one of their natural enemies. He still needs to find a solution, and he believes he has found one if only she will cooperate. Yup - no Father Christmas there! Sonder is troubled and troubling. People like her find themselves becoming the pawns of others. The AP is also an interesting study. What would you do if you knew everything that could happen - not just what would happen but all possibilities? Would you play God? What levers would you push to get that 'right' outcome? If things went wrong (people do have free choice) would you interfere to right things again? Could you live with the consequences? I can't imagine the burden she carries. Of course, I think she may like screwing with people too!

Reviewer: jillapet Signed [Report This]
Date: 02 Nov 2015 10:50 AM Title: Chapter 7 - The Way You Hold Your Knife

Sookie wins the pledging gift!

Author's Response: I agree! His Corvette is classic! It says so much about his character and the vanity plate spoke to his playfulness. He had to get it back and who best to give it?

Reviewer: TheLadyKT Signed [Report This]
Date: 27 Oct 2015 5:39 PM Title: Chapter 6 - The Way You Haunt My Dreams

Ugh Scumbill always has to have his creepy moment.  Thought for a second he was acutally being nice, not smarmy.  Guess I should have known.  Glad Eric has Thalia by his side. 

Wonder if Felipe was being truthful or not.

Author's Response: Come now... Bill? Not creepy? Don't be silly! It is an odd thought, Felipe and Eric on the same side for any period of time...

Reviewer: TheLadyKT Signed [Report This]
Date: 26 Oct 2015 4:59 PM Title: Chapter 5 - The Way You Sing Off Key

Glad Eric went with her to her family's rituals.  lol for Pam's picture of her.

Author's Response: Eric may not get everything about this whole human thing, but he is making an effort. He is a fish out of water. What's more, he has not spent a great deal of time among humans in a very long time, and certainly not around children and families since he was taken from his own.

Reviewer: Merrycain Signed [Report This]
Date: 25 Oct 2015 7:35 PM Title: Chapter 5 - The Way You Sing Off Key

Just finished the first two stories and jumped to this one!!! So in love!  Can't wait for more!!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I appreciate it. I just love these two, and keep looking for ways to continue their adventures!

Reviewer: TheLadyKT Signed [Report This]
Date: 21 Oct 2015 3:10 AM Title: Chapter 4 The Way Your Smile Just Beams

Some times he can be so sweet like at the end....and other times a jerk like the beginning.  She's going along with all the vampy rituals, its not unreasonable for him to do something so little like she's asking.

Niall..... not sure what I want to think about hiim.

Author's Response: So, what guy is perfect? Yup, he is being kind of a jerk... he doesn't understand it and it's stressing him out. You're right. She is not being unreasonable. I figure all this relationship stuff is still new to him. And he certainly doesn't remember what a family like Sookie's is all about. Stranger in a strange land, our Eric in the heart of Bon Temps country!

Reviewer: TheLadyKT Signed [Report This]
Date: 19 Oct 2015 5:17 PM Title: Chapter 3 – The Memory of All That

Poor Russell.  Car sounds nice.

Twy really does have a death wish.  Thalia has a good idea about investigator though.

Gawd Scumbill is such a creepo.  He's even more delusional than usual.

Author's Response: I really like Russell and Bartlett. They are kind of the perfect vampire couple. They are good to each other, even when they're fighting. I had them acquire the Tesla over a bet in Far Reach. It made sense that if someone was targeting them, the car would be easy to pick out. Not too many of those around. Twy is Twy - she doesn't have much of a filter and she had no sense of personal security. She will be surprised right up and after someone ends her! Bill is a threat now, quite right.

Reviewer: TheLadyKT Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 13 Oct 2015 7:17 PM Title: Chapter 2 - The Way You Sip Your Tea

Jeez  trying to plan a summit is worse than a decideing on presidential candidates.  the protests sound eerily similar to protests about gay rights and being allowed to marry.

Glad the Were thing is going well. Very mature of her to think about Eric's need for donors too. 

hmm wonder who sonder is working for.  Her reappearance is a little disquieting.  hmm wondering if Sookie isn't pregnant already or at least on her way to be. Hmmm

Well I guess the Fae ceremony date is set.  He recommends she do reading....isn't he the one just telling her she looks exhausted?  LOL

Author's Response: Poor Mr. Cataliades - I'm sure there's all kinds of things he'd like to say, but with Niall holding the purse strings, he will be erring on the side of discretion. Our Sookie has grown up when it comes to trying to care for Eric. She is not as selfish or lacking in confidence. Both bode well for their marriage.

Reviewer: TheLadyKT Signed [Report This]
Date: 13 Oct 2015 4:41 PM Title: Chapter 1 - The Way You Wear Your Hat

Glad Karin ended him. hmm if Karin didn't mean anything to him, why leave her his stuff?  A Vamp thing I guess.  Glad Robert got her out of her funk. 

Glad they confered on how to present it to Eric and let him save face too.  

Author's Response: Why indeed? Why would Horst do that? I'm sure it wasn't out of the goodness of his heart! I don't know if you ever found yourself involved with a bad boy where it made absolutely no sense, but you just wanted him anyway? Silly Karin! She knew better but she did him anyway!

Reviewer: bttrflybelle Signed [Report This]
Date: 13 Oct 2015 3:55 AM Title: Chapter 2 - The Way You Sip Your Tea

Love it!¡ can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you! I am posting every 4-5 days. These have been a lot of fun - kind of writing themselves. I remember all the fuss around my marriages (all two of them) the good and the bad. So - why not give our couple the full experience? Appreciate it

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