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Reviews For The Wedding
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Reviewer: TheLadyKT Signed [Report This]
Date: 26 Jan 2016 3:12 PM Title: Chapter 11 - She Can Make Happy

JC is too cute.  Glad he and Eric had some bonding time.  Pam really needs to take a break

Author's Response: I wanted to show Eric as a natural with boys. There were hints that this would be the case. He is a natural leader and he was interested when Hunter slept over at Sookie's house. Of course, I intend to take it somewhere, so it's all part of the plan.

Reviewer: TheLadyKT Signed [Report This]
Date: 25 Jan 2016 6:19 PM Title: Chapter 10 - Ringing that Blue Bell

Glad they all had some fun.  Good that Sookie needs to realize that she needs to get involved with state business.

Author's Response: Sookie has always been a worker, it's just that now her way does not seem clear. She can't be a waitress. She is a Queen, but what does that mean? Not like there's a job description you can pull off the Internet! Eric also has no clear idea or he would have shared it. It is something that will evolve between them.

Reviewer: TheLadyKT Signed [Report This]
Date: 19 Jan 2016 8:08 PM Title: Chapter 9 - Down by the Riverside

sookie seems to be in mopey mode. Hopefuly she'll get used to the attention.  Glad she remembered that Eric never wanted to be a King. She really needs to get on the bandwagon with doing some real Queen stuff.

Author's Response: She does need a job. She was never good when she was idle, and all this wedding stuff is wearing thin, even for her. For these two (as least the way I write them), they will never be truly comfortable being in the spotlight. They are private. Eric has now announced he wishes to remove them from the public eye. It will prove easier said, but like anything else, it can be done.

Reviewer: TheLadyKT Signed [Report This]
Date: 14 Jan 2016 9:44 PM Title: Chapter 8 - Rolling in the Rushes

Sadly I agree with Twy about the public leaving them alone.  Glad S told off Niall and Mustapha.

Author's Response: The mob is a fickle creature. They love you, but they can turn on you just as easily. Twy is annoying, but she is right about this.

Reviewer: Natsgirl Signed [Report This]
Date: 14 Jan 2016 10:53 AM Title: Chapter 7 - The Wonders of Nature

They are playing with fire, those two. You would be right to be concerned about Niall getting to close to research. Wonder what he would be interested in trying to figure out? What can't he do that he is motivated to make? Thierry is self-motivated and building networks. And that will lead to adventures.

Reviewer: theladykt Signed [Report This]
Date: 12 Jan 2016 8:59 PM Title: Chapter 7 - The Wonders of Nature

Serves Pam right for trying to cause trouble.  

ugh Niall and Phoebe working together....not sure I like that.

hmm Thierry is playing a dangerous game. Ugh Scumbill the stalker.  and traitor

Author's Response: Niall and Phoebe have worked together before. It is Phoebe's lab that developed a method that could allow vampires to biologically reproduce through cloning,but now Niall seems interested in having her research something else that is important enough to him that he will allow her closer access to his magic. She may not like other creatures, but her desire (avarice) for knowledge transcends her dislike. Thierry is skirting what's acceptable, but he has his own stake in all of this, and it is revenge.

Reviewer: TheLadyKT Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 06 Jan 2016 5:55 PM Title: Chapter 6 - We Can Discover

Pam is such a brat for the bridezilla stuff.  Glad they are going to clean up scumbill's stuff before the human's find it.

"I have got to get a job"  She has one.  What does she call screening staff and planning stuff in the household.  Silly Sookie.  Yea the Amelia thing would give me pause as well. Tara is giving really good advice.

Really don't like Twy...nor her and Pam messing with Eric... and now Sookie. Tara needs to tell Sookie and fast.   Oooh Brock spilled.   Can't wait for those two to get wahts coming to them.


Author's Response: It was a bratty move on Pam's part, but not like she hasn't done stuff like this in past. Eric should have listened a little more to Charles. There is cleaning up, and then there is making it right. Eric didn't go far enough and it will be a good deed that won't go unpunished. Sookie does have a job that is staring at her - being a Queen. She owns things now. Through her marriage she has a direct interest in all Eric's business concerns. But she doesn't see it. She sees the screening, she sees running the household. She doesn't seem to see that as enough either. Amelia Broadway was not a nice person before. No reason to think she's changed. Pam and Twy will find themselves in payback land...

Reviewer: TheLadyKT Signed [Report This]
Date: 04 Jan 2016 5:38 PM Title: Chapter 5 - We Can Have High Times

Yea  Niall is def going overboard.  Eric may have promised, but Sookie didn't.  He is right to point that out Niall too.  Jerk. 


Glad Sookie is speaking up to Twy and her insaneness. Good that she is taking time for herself to get some sun.  

Twy is such a biatch with the marinated comment.  Hope someone knocks her upside the head eventually. Not sure I like Pam and Twy ganging up together about the wedding and such.  


Carnival indeed. Sucks when people drop stuff in such a way where you can't refuse without looking bad.  Glad he told her about Scumbill before someone else could surprise her with it.


Glad he is taking time to talk to Pam.  I too think Sookie will end up pregnant whether she wants too or not.  Don't like Pam sharing with Twy though.  Esp with what they are planning there at the end.



Author's Response: Twy is a character, that's for sure! I think Sookie is headed for babies too - so does Eric. It is written in such large letters for them now, that there will be no turning back. Still, with these two it never seems to go the easy road!

Reviewer: TheLadyKT Signed [Report This]
Date: 04 Jan 2016 5:01 PM Title: Chapter 4 - Sweet Blossom Come On Under the Willow

Jason is really becoming a great brother.  Like Hoyt and Holly's idea for the restaurant.  A kept woman is not married, stupid sookie and her old fashoned thoughts.  Glad she didn't go into Pam's all screamy.


She needs to think about working along side Eric.  Silly girl.  Plenty of work to go around.  Can kinda see her reasoning about the house and bed.  Niall is going to regret the high pressure tactics.  

Glad they had some fun together at the end.

Author's Response: She may be working alongside Eric more that she ever wished. Funny you thought that... Niall has an agenda.. but don't they all?

Reviewer: TheLadyKT Signed [Report This]
Date: 04 Jan 2016 4:11 PM Title: Chapter 3 - Knew She'd have to come up soon for air

Geez.  these two and thier "fines".   Glad Scumbill is sent away.  Sadly I don't think he's gone forever from tormenting Sookie and Eric though.

Author's Response: Sadly, you would be correct. Bill is definitely not done! But as for our couple... well, everyone has a bad day from time to time - especially couples under some stress!

Reviewer: TheLadyKT Signed [Report This]
Date: 16 Dec 2015 5:09 PM Title: Chapter 2 - Saw My Baby Down by the River

They both have growing up.  She does need to take more interest in the running of the kingdoms, but he in turn needs to respect her customs as well if he expects her to do the same.  They really need to talk.  hmm trust about what is important?  street goes both ways Eric.  

Actually liking Rev Collins.  

Author's Response: So true! But relationships are not sprints - they are journeys. She has no clue what it is to be Queen, and Eric, in his passive/aggressive way when it comes to her, probably won't volunteer until she asks... but if she doesn't know there is a question...? Of course, he has no real frame of reference as to what this might mean to her, so again, he is fumbling. Communication is key, but sometimes you just don't understand there is a place to start. They need to trust instincts too!

Reviewer: TheLadyKT Signed [Report This]
Date: 03 Dec 2015 3:59 AM Title: Chapter 1 - Sugar Magnolia Blossom's Blooming

Glad Tara and Twy are being reasonable with each other.  Hope Eric will not disaagree with doing Sookie wedding stuff. 

Author's Response: They better hope Tara and Twy don't join forces!! As for Eric? He is a stranger in a strange land!

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