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Reviews For My Decision - 1918
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Reviewer: Irish_charm Signed [Report This]
Date: 06 Jan 2011 5:05 AM Title: Chapter 1

Good story. It was a nice background.

Reviewer: Lisabebe11 Signed [Report This]
Date: 18 Oct 2010 2:37 PM Title: Chapter 1

Interesting that he feels that he should create a son - which is part what he coveted and then say he would destroy him if he did not follow in his footsteps.

You can try to teach him but he was a 17 year old boy throughout the entire series - he found himself in adult situations on many occasions but he did not react like an adult most times - he acted like a teen.  


Edward has a very strong ethical and likely religious foundation.  Edward never wavered in his belief in the existence of God - he simply believed God had forsaken him due to his imortality.  That was not Carlisle doing - imho Carlisle need to mentor him to finish maturing or at least have a more adult thought process.  I also noticed that Edward appeared to be the most family centered of all the Cullens.

I think Carlisle loved Edward and later Bella like his own children but had no clue what it meant to be a dad. 

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for reading and commenting on this series!  I have enjoyed your insight -- especially on this one.

I had pretty much seen Edward as a nonbeliever in the power of God, but I think now that you are right, he most likely had  belief but figured he was damned due to his immortality.  Thank you for providing me food for thought as I go foward in my writing!

I also agree that Edward has the knowledge of an adult but his brain is forever frozen in a teen stage of development -- that leads him to often make more 'teenage' decisions -- especially under pressure.

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