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Reviews For Sin to Win Weekend
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Reviewer: Alicia_Nicole Signed [Report This]
Date: 07 Apr 2013 6:31 AM Title: Chapter 5

OMG, I loved this.  It was amazingly hot a.d sexy.  I totally didnt see the end coming with Spencer.  After that tease that Reid, Rossi and Penelope had a threeway, I am really gonna need to read that story.  Please?  Pretty please?  Anyway, great job.  I truly loved it.  

Author's Response:

Thank you! I keep coming back to the thought of Pen, Dave and Spencer. Unfortunately my computer went down with my chapter starts to that andanother story/drabble I had.  I almost cried. I'm working on getting fixed or getting new.  Hope it's soon. The ideas are killing me! KK

Reviewer: EvangelineRobard Signed [Report This]
Date: 03 Apr 2013 4:21 AM Title: Chapter 5

Better known as EmEliza from ffn. :) sorry I didn't review each chapter, I just got caught up. Omg! This whole thing was insanely hot! I'm definitely thinking you should write another with their original third! I knew it was Spence after the Vegas comment. Now I'm thinking that could even be hotter than this was! Lol I loved Dave and Pen at the end being flirty and playful. I think my favorite part was in the limo with Dave's tie. His dominance is probably the best thing ever! Lol They are just amazing together!!! And the "maybe one day married" thing made me grin. Also I love love LOVE your banners! Especially the one from "Something More!" Sorry this was so long! Just wanted you to know how much I adore your writing. Especially since it involves my two faves. :) 

Author's Response:

Yes!  I am so glad that someone else 'gets' my Dave as a Dominant and controlled male. 

(And I love the long review!  LOL)

I'm glad the banners turned out so well.  I've been experimenting trying to figure out how people do them. 

And the Spence/Penelope/Rossi storyline is niggling at me.  It might just be a oneshot.  (But, that's what this was supposed to be and we see how many chapters that became...)

Thank you for reviewing!  KK

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