My Best Friend by Flames101

Post-Ep Drabble to The Return (S09E08). Possible Spoilers. What's Garcia really thinking during their pre-case chat? Garcia/Morgan

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My Best Friend by Flames101

A/N: A little (and I mean little) post-ep drabble for this week's Criminals Minds (Season 9, Episode 8: The Return). Hope you enjoy my first foray into the pairing (albeit one-sided, in this case) of Morgan and Garcia.

Disclaimer: I do not own Criminal Minds.

My Best Friend:

He's my best friend…

… And the man I love.

But he doesn't know.

I could tell him, I guess. I did tell him once…

… In a way.

"You're secretly in love with me," I'd said.

But, he'd taken it as a joke. I'd meant it as a joke…

… Except it wasn't.

What's a girl to do…

… when the man you love is also your best friend?

What do you think?

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