A New Life by FireRed21

"The Epic Finale That Will Live Forever Is Only The Start Of A New Beginning." Set eight years after BD. The Cullens meet a young boy with a troubled life. Will he accept their invite of becoming part of their family? How will he react when they tell him they're vampires? Why can't Edward read his mind? Why can't Jasper feel his emotions? Why didn't Alice see him coming?

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1. The New Guy by FireRed21

2. Meet The Family by FireRed21

3. Loss Family by FireRed21

4. Cautions by FireRed21

5. Getting Along by FireRed21

6. Accident by FireRed21

7. Change Him by FireRed21

The New Guy by FireRed21
Author's Notes:

This is my first fanfiction of Twilight. So forgive me if my writing skills are a bit off.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or anything Twilight related expect for the character Lucas. That’s all Stephanie Meyers. Enjoy :)

When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you.


I want to kill them. I want to kill the so call people that are the foundation of our peace and civilization. They ruined everything for me. I had it all and because of them, my life is ruined. I went through hell because of them. They are gonna pay!

I started charging towards the three main members of the group as their guards tried to stop me but failed due to my gift and fighting skills. I could hear my family joining in. Another reason why I wanted to kill those people. They tried to take them away from me as well. After fighting off many of their members, I was finally able to reach their leader, the main one responsible for my life. My hands were gripped around his neck as I pressed him into the wall. He was begging me to stop. He should be because he should’ve thought of that before he took away my life and now he’s about to pay the consequences.

Chapter 1 – The New Guy

Renesmee's POV

Jacob and I were happily walking together in the meadow with our hands holding each other tightly. It's the middle of July in the summer (even though the sun doesn't show up much which is okay for us vampires) and the day couldn't get any more perfect.

"Nessie, have I ever told you how much I love you?" Jacob asked.

"Yes," I said happily. "Thousands of times, but I love you more!"

"No, way!" Jacob said smiling. Next thing I know, our lips met.

It has been eight years since the confrontation with the Volturi, the foundation of our world. Long story short; they were gonna destroy me and my family because I'm a half-human half-vampire hybrid and considered dangerous to them but another hybrid Nahael proved them wrong since he’s lived longer than I have. Since then, the Volturi left and let us live in peace leaving no harm for us, expect for the loss of our cousin from Denali Irina.

Anyways, I've been living happily with my family especially with Jacob Black, my werewolf boyfriend. He and I have been dating for two years. We started dating a week after my sixth birthday. I'm currently eight years old in a seventeen year old body. Sure my parents Edward and Bella weren't okay at first, especially daddy. I mean they weren't even happy when they found out Jake imprinted on me. You should've seen mom's reaction when she heard it and almost tried to attack Jake had not my uncle, Seth Clearwater intervene earning a broken arm and collarbone but he got better though. In the end, my parents happily accepts our relationship but they along with my grandparents, and aunts and uncles have warned Jake the consequences if he ever hurt me, which I doubt he will because he loves me so much however I love him to death.

"So you ready to go home now?" Jake asked.

I pouted. My parents told me to be home by five today but I wanted to spend more time with my Jakey. He laughed and pulled me into a hug as I wrapped my arms around him. God I love the smell of his scent. I could stay this way forever but there's always another day.

I sighed and said, "Yeah, I guess."

We broke apart and walked out of the meadow with our hands still holding. We continued walking back to my home when suddenly we heard a roar along with a cry. Jacob and I stopped in our tracks. That cry was from a guy, and judging from that cry, he sounds like he's in trouble. You can figure what kind of trouble he's in. Jake and I started running as fast we could go (me in human speed just to be safe) until we stopped and found the source of the cry.

Out in the open, we saw a young boy with spiky brown hair who looks like he's eighteen years old with looks that would make him a teen model and near him was a grizzly bear. I noticed that the boy is on the ground and he is struggling to get up. He must have tripped trying to avoid the wrath of the grizzly bear. Just when he got up, the grizzly bear threw a claw at him. He held his arms out to defend himself the best he could and his left arm took the hit from the slash and fell to the ground. There was a huge cut that was showing lots of blood. The scent of human blood almost got the best of me when I smelt it but I was able to maintain control of my thirst after living off of animal blood for so long.

"Stay here!" Jacob said. He ripped off his shirt as he started to phase into the huge russet wolf. Jake tackled the bear and soon he was leading the bear somewhere in the forest as it follows after Jake. I started running to the boy as he was still on the ground.

"Hey, are you okay?" I asked as I approached him.

"Yeah, I think so but I don't think my arm is." He said as he was holding his left arm. I held my breath to avoid the temptation of the smell as I held out my hand offering to help him up. Using his uninjured arm, he took my hand and got up.

"Thanks, um…"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Renesmee Cullen but everyone calls me Nessie." I said.

"I'm Lucas Stone. Nice to meet you and again thanks." He said.

"You're welcome." I said smiling.


Lucas and I turned and saw Jacob running to us. He was back in his human form. He had the same shirt he wore before he phased and was wearing sweats. Well that's what happens when you phase and have your pants ripped from it.

"Nessie, don't run off like that." Jacob said giving me a wink.

"Sorry Jake, I heard something and I saw this guy being attacked by a grizzly bear." I said grinning.

"Yeah, well luckily a huge wolf came in and led that beast into the forest." Lucas said causing me to laugh.

"Jacob, this is Lucas, and Lucas this in my boyfriend Jacob Black." I said and Jacob and Lucas shook hands.

"You're hurt pretty badly." Jacob said noticing the cut on Lucas's arm. "Here, let me help you with that." Jake took off his shirt again and ripped it in half this time and then wrapped it over Lucas's arm.

"Thanks." Lucas said. "But you didn't have to do that."

"Don't worry about it." Jacob said with a small smile.

"Listen Lucas, I can take you to my place and my dad can have that arm fixed." I said. When I meant my dad, I actually meant my grandpa Carlisle. How would I tell people that Edward's my dad when he’s in a form of a seventeen year old? We could pose as siblings, maybe even twins.

Lucas thought for a second and said, "Well if you insist. I just don't want it to be a bother to your father."

"Oh it won't be." I said. "In case you haven't noticed, my dad is a doctor and works at a hospital."

"Okay, if you say so." Lucas said with a smile. He looked around and picked up his bag. He must have dropped it during the incident.

"Nessie, why don't you and Lucas go ahead? There's something I have to take care of back at home." Jacob said.

"Um, sure Jake." I said. Weird he's not patrolling today so what could be so important that he has to go home for? Oh well, he'll tell me anyways.

With that, Jacob took off in the direction opposite of where my home was at and Lucas and I started walking the other way.

"So Lucas, what were you doing out there in the middle of the woods?" I asked.

"I was traveling around Forks. I guess I made a bad timing with the bear." Lucas said with a laugh.

"Where are you from?" I asked.

"I'm from Lacey. I started traveling since I graduated from high school a month ago." Lucas explained.

"Wow. That's cool that you graduated." I said. "I'm going to be a senior in high school." Luckily for Lucas, he doesn't have to repeat high school after graduation like my family do.

"That's nice." Lucas said. "So Nessie, you never tell me about yourself. Like you and Jacob for example. Hahaha. Okay, you don't really have to tell me that but really though."

I laughed. "Well I come from a really big family. That's all I can say but I'm sure you'll know more about me when we get there." I said as we arrived at my house house in five minutes where I know that everyone is inside since they can hear us with their vampire hearing. Time for Lucas to meet my family.

End Notes:

What do you guys think of this story so far? What’s gonna happen when Lucas meets everybody? Please review.

Meet The Family by FireRed21
Author's Notes:

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or anything Twilight related expect for the character Lucas.

Lucas is about to meet the Cullens. Let see what he thinks about them. Enjoy :)

Lucas’s POV

I really appreciate the help from Renesmee and Jacob did for my arm back there. Even more when she invited me to come to her place so I could get it checked. When I first met Nessie (she prefers to be called that. I agree since it’s a mouthful to say yet beautiful), I didn’t think it was impossible for someone like her to be this beautiful, I mean look at her with her long bronze hair in curls and high cheekbones and those eyes of chocolate brown. No I’m not what you would call, head over heels for her. I’m not the kind of guy who goes gaga over beautiful girls, no. Besides, I think her and Jacob are great together and judging the size of Jacob’s body, well let’s just say that I don’t want him accusing me hitting on his girl. I had that experience too many times, no matter how hard I try to avoid. Anyway,

We arrived at Nessie’s house and my mouth dropped as my eyes widened at the sight of it. What the! Would you really believe that the house I’m seeing is like that big? The sight of it must be like a three story house. They must have like hundreds of rooms in there.

“Whoa.” I said. “This is where you live?”

“Yeah.” Nessie said. I looked at her where she was laughing at the sight of my expression.

“Remind me again what your dad does.” I asked.

Once Nessie settled down, she said, “My dad’s a doctor. He works almost the whole day at the hospital. My mom works as an architect. She restores old houses so she makes some home improvements.”

“Damn.” That was all I could say. Now I feel really bad that I’m intruding. I just don’t like bothering people for help even if it’s serious.

“Come on.” Nessie said taking my uninjured arm. “I can already tell my family is gonna like you.”

I took a deep breath. She did insist that I get my arm some treatment and we are already here so there’s no turning back. Well what could go wrong? It’s not like they’ll attack me the moment they see me. I mentally laughed at the thought. “Okay, let’s do this.” I said.

Nessie led me inside the house. As we walked in, there were people here who noticed our arrival, who I assumed must be Nessie’s siblings. Seeing them really got my attention. I know Nessie is beautiful but her siblings are even more beautiful. What’s weird to me is that they are all pale skinned (must not got out in the sun that often I bet) yet they don’t look like they’re related. Actually one of them, the handsome boy here, actually has Nessie’s unusual bronze hair and the face looks similar to hers. The girl next to him almost resembles Nessie with her long straight hair and everything. Next to them were two blondes who I’m guessing are twins; one girl was very beautiful, I mean beyond beautiful and the guy looked like he’s in pain. They were both with a big, muscular, intimidating guy and a short pixie-like girl. I felt a little weirded out about these people but I’m not one to judge.

“Guys this is Lucas. Jacob and I found him being attacked by a grizzly bear.” Nessie explained. “Lucas, these guys are my brothers and sisters; Edward, Bella, Rosalie, Jasper, Emmett and Alice.”

“Nice to meet you.” They all said.

“Likewise.” I replied. “So you’re all Nessie’s siblings?”

“Actually we’re adopted by Carlisle and Esme who are our foster parents.” Edward explained. “Renesmee is my younger sister along with Alice who’s ten months younger than I am, and Emmett my brother, who’s the oldest of us.”

“And awesomeness!” Emmett added. That earned him a slap in the back of his head from Rosalie. “OW!”

“Rosalie and Jasper Hale are twins,” Edward continued. “And Bella is our families’ friend’s daughter who’d moved to France and left Carlisle and Esme as her legal guardian.”

Bella gave me a friendly smile as did everyone else. I nodded. Then I noticed how all the Cullens were close together, like well you know together, together, in a couple kind of way.

“Um… are you all like together or something?” I asked slowly. All the guys started laughing as all the girls giggled. That was embarrassing. I thought.

Bella, who was the only one not laughing but was amuse with my question said, “Yes, we are together; me and Edward, Alice and Jasper and Emmett and Rosalie. You probably already knew that Renesmee’s with Jacob.”

“Okay I’m just gonna avoid asking questions about this and pretend it’s not weird.” I said causing everyone including Bella to laugh even more. I do have a thing of making people laugh.

“Dude, I like you already!” Emmett said.

“What’s all the commotion?”

I turned around and saw a man with blonde hair. Like the others, he’s pale skinned and beautiful. He looks young probably in his mid twenties or thirties and not to mention he looks like the kind of person you would see off of People’s magazine.

“Lucas, this is my dad Carlisle. Carlisle, Lucas. I brought him here because he got a huge cut from a grizzly bear back in the forest.” Nessie said as she showed Carlisle my arm that was wrapped.

“Okay, why don’t we go in my room and see what I can do.” Carlisle said happily. I noticed how Carlisle didn’t react weirdly to the blood showing when the others did. When they first saw me, they looked as if they were holding their breaths. They probably faint when they see it I’m guessing.

Carlisle led me into his room with Nessie by my side holding my arm with assistance. She does know it’s my arm that’s broken, not my legs right? Nessie sat me down on the couch as Carlisle slowly unwrap my arm. The huge cut was showing and blood was still coming out, not much though.

“Nessie can you get me the dittany?” Carlisle asked. (A/N: I don’t know much on medication so forgive me). Nessie went up and handed Carlisle the small bottle of dittany. “This might sting a bit.”

He put a couple of drops that stung like crazy. They’re like raining fireballs that quickly spread. After that was over, Carlisle grabbed a roll and slowly started wrapping my arm in freshly band-aid.

“Lucas, can I asked why you were in the woods? It can be very dangerous out there especially with grizzly bears.” Carlisle asked kindly.

“I was traveling around from Lacey since I’m new in Forks. I had a bad run in with the bear when I was exploring the woods.” I said. “I was lucky that Nessie found me.”

“Oh come on. I said it was nothing.” Nessie blushed.

Carlisle finished band-aiding my arm and said, “Well you’re lucky you aren’t seriously hurt. Your arm won’t heal for a really long time. I suggest you be very careful.” He smiled. I really like Carlisle. I can see why he gets paid so much; he must be the best doctor ever.

I smiled back and said, “I will and thanks Dr. Cullen.”

“Please, call me Carlisle.” He said.

Just then, the door opened and a woman with a heart shaped face came in. Like the rest of the family, she was pale and very beautiful. She looks like one of those Disney princesses from the movies. Okay, they must be related if they look similar.

“I heard we have a guest.” She said smiling at me.

“Lucas, this is my wife Esme.” Carlisle said.

“Hello.” I said as she replied back.

“I was just about to make dinner for Nessie. Are you hungry?” Esme asked. As if on cue, my stomach made a rumbling sound. Way to tell everyone that. I thought to my stomach. “I’ll take that as a yes.” She smiled and left the room.

“Come on Lucas.” Nessie said pulling me off of the couch. “I think everyone wants to know more about you.”

I don’t know why, but I’m already loving this family.

End Notes:

Hi! I hope you guys already like first two chapters so far. I’m not sure I have any plans for new characters other than Lucas but I’m rolling along with it as I go. Please review :)

Loss Family by FireRed21
Author's Notes:

Now we get to learn more about Lucas. Let’s see how the Cullens react.  This might be long but I’m sure it’s worth reading. Enjoy :)

Chapter 3 – Loss Family

Renesmee’s POV

Lucas and I arrived at the kitchen with grandpa behind us. Grandma was already cooking something in the kitchen while everyone else was still in the living room. They looked at us as we came in and sat ourselves at the kitchen table. Grandma handed Lucas a plated of what appears to be pasta with Alfredo sauce. She handed me a plate of boiled eggs. As we said our thanks, my family soon came around the table.

“You don’t eat much do you?” Lucas asked me as he started eating.

“No I’m on a special diet.” I said taking a boil egg as I looked at my dad who silently chuckled. He told me how he gave an answer like that to mom when they went on their “first date.”

Lucas looked at my family who were all watching us. “You guys aren’t gonna eat?” he asked.

“We already ate earlier.” Mom said.

“So Lucas,” Uncle Emmett started. “Trying to steal Jacob’s girl?”

My daddy would usually get all tensed up about how boys get attracted to me but instead he laughed. I looked from him then Lucas who had annoyed look on his face.

“Okay, if you asked me that again, I swear I will kick your ass!” Lucas said. We all laughed at that statement plus his reaction.

“Now that I would love to see.” Aunt Rosalie laughed.

“Yeah like he ever will.” Uncle Emmett said grinning.

“Hey, I may be shorter than you by like a few inches, but you’re muscles are nothing compare to my fighting skills.” Lucas said.

“Are you a fighting expert?” Uncle Jasper asked.

“I’m a black belt in taekwondo and aikido.  I’ve been learning since I was eight. If you want, I can show you a few moves if you want to shut him up.” Lucas said pointing at Emmett. That made me and everyone except him, laughing even harder.

“So what made you come to Forks?” Aunt Alice asked.

“I just like to visit new places. Forks just have my attention.” Lucas said. “I’ve been traveling for a month since I left high school.”

“You looked like you’ve been traveling for days.” Grandpa said seeing Lucas’s clothes a bit worn out.

“I stayed at a motel once but didn’t have enough to stay since then.” Lucas said as he scooped pasta in his mouth.

“What about your parents?” I asked. “They didn’t give you anything when you left?”

At that moment, he dropped his fork leaving a clatter sound on the plate. I noticed that he was shaking and his eyes were closed like he was fighting back tears.

“I – I’m sorry, I didn’t mean -”

“My parents… are... gone.” Lucas said sadly. The whole room was silent.

I placed my hand on his. “I’m so sorry.”

“Forgive me for asking, you don’t have to tell us, but what happened?” Grandpa asked after five minutes of silence.

“It’s okay.” Lucas explained. “It happened a few weeks before graduation. I was on my way home at night from a friend’s white out party. When I got home, I saw the place in flames. The fire department was there as well as the police. I was able to find my parents and my little sister on stretchers. By the time we arrived at the hospital, they died. My sister Lilly was only seven. After I graduated, I left Lacey hoping to find some meaning in my life but so far nothing.”

My family and I didn’t know what to say. There were sad looks on everyone’s faces. I might have tears showing, even though I’m half human. Next thing I know, grandma came over to Lucas and hugged him and he hugged her back. I should’ve known my grandma has such love for kids. I mean she loves us all so much like her own children ever since she lost her son.

“Lucas I know we met and all, but I already consider you a part of the family and developed a great liking to you.” She said.

“Thank you Esme.” Lucas said hugging her even more tightly. He settled a few seconds later, probably Uncle Jasper’s doing, and broke apart from grandma.

“Listen Lucas, if you need somewhere to stay, you’re more than welcome to stay on our home.” Grandpa said.

“Oh n-no sir, you don’t have to do that. I mean I don’t want the place to be so crowded.” Lucas said. I saw him go a little red.

“Don’t be silly Lucas. We have plenty of room for everyone.” Grandma smiled.

“Yeah come on man, it’ll be fun having you around!” Uncle Emmett said.

“If you mean Lucas winning in a fight against you, then yes it will be fun.” Aunt Rosalie said causing Emmet to smirk at her. Everyone else seems to agree for him stay here.

“Please Lucas? Stay with us.” I said. Lucas turned to look at me and he was staring at me in a special way.

“Okay if you insist.” Lucas said smiling as everyone cheered.

I heard Aunt Alice squealing with excitement. “This means shopping!”

I saw mom and Uncle Jasper rolled her eyes. I don’t blame them since Aunt Alice always goes crazy when it involves shopping.

“There’s a room upstairs for you. You can use that as yours.” Grandma said.

“Thank you Esme.” Lucas said as he got up. Grandpa came back to retrieve Lucas’s bag he left in his room.

“Lucas, I can take you to your room if that’s okay.” I said.

“Sure Nessie.” He replied. I looked over his shoulder and noticed that dad was looking at Lucas like he was trying to study him. “What’s wrong daddy?” I thought to him.

“I’ll explain it to you and everyone about it later.” He thought. His mind reading gift has been developed so that he can now communicate with us with his mind reading instead of the one way.

Okay first Jake left for something ‘important’ and now my dad. Guess I’ll find out. Lucas and I left the kitchen as I lead him upstairs to his room.

Lucas’s POV

I find it too hard to be true. I mean first I get attacked by a bear, and then I meet the Cullens who not only were kind enough to help me with my arm, but to also allow me to stay with them. I never met a family like them. It’s was like when my old family was gone, the Cullens were reborn from them. I guess you can say that faith led to them. Nessie and I continued up the stairs until we reached the next floor and soon led me to a nice room that has a nice bed and a small balcony with a very nice view of the forest. Almost reminds me of my old room.

“Well, this is it.” Nessie said. “The bathroom is over there next to your closet. A little warning for you, Alice doesn’t mess around with fashion so be careful with what you wear.”

I laughed. “I’ll try.” There was silence when we just stood there a bit awkward until I said, “Thanks Nessie… for everything.”

“It was nothing really.” Nessie said looking down trying not to make such deal. When I looked at Nessie, I noticed that she reminds me so much like my baby sister, (okay not a baby anymore), Lily. Nessie’s long hair, soothing voice and the eyes were almost the same as Lilly’s. Seeing her made me feel like I have my little sister back.


I came home from visiting with my friends. As I went into my room, I heard a small giggle. I smiled. I know that giggle anywhere. I tiptoed all the way to my closet and wrenched the door open and there she was laughing as I picked her up out of the closet and threw ourselves on my bed.

“Okay, why were you in my closet baby sis?”  I asked as I laugh. “Trying to sneak up on your big brother?”

“Maybe and I’m no baby, I’m almost seven.” Lilly said.

“That made be true but you’ll always be my baby sister.” I said. She pouted. “Oh come on. You’re not mad at me are you?”

She looked at me and smiled as she said, “No, I can never be mad at you big brother.”

She gave me a kiss on the cheek as I said, “Well if you were, you couldn’t be mad when you get a visit from the tickle monster.” I grabbed her and started tickling on her sides than to her tummy. She started squealing and laughing.

“S-s-s-stop!” Lily laughed. I did as she said. When I laid down thinking she gave up, she was on top of me the next second.

“Oh hey no fair!” I said as she started tickling under my arms. I couldn’t help myself as Lilly was giggling for finding my ticklish spot.

End of flashback

“Lucas, are you okay?”

I snapped myself back to reality. “Oh yeah, I’m just… thinking about things.”

Next minute, Nessie gave me a hug as I hugged her tighter. My heart was filled with happiness. I have never felt so much love from a family I don’t even know. Yet they already love me like I was a part of theirs.

“I’m always here for you, you know.” Nessie said.

“Means a lot Nessie, thanks.” I said. “Well I’ll just go to bed then. Tell your family I said thanks.”

“Sure Lucas.” Goodnight.” Nessie said.

“Night.” I said. With that, she left and closed the door behind her. I sat down on the bed as I took out my locket that was in my shirt and opened it. I looked at the photo of me, Lilly and my parents. It was us next to our Christmas tree and we couldn’t be happier. Who knew that was my last Christmas with them. Fresh tears came however the first set of tears were from the sadness of my loss then the second set were happiness, happiness because of how fate led me to such an amazing loving family like the Cullens. Not bother to dress myself, I went straight to sleep when I lay down on the bed and my head hit the pillow.

End Notes:

Sad, I know. Hope you enjoyed it. Please review.

Cautions by FireRed21
Author's Notes:

We now get to hear what Edward has to say about Lucas. This will get you guessing. Enjoy :)

Chapter 4 – Cautions

Edward’s POV

I’m not sure what to tell my family about Lucas. They might think I’m overreacting. Heck, what I’m thinking about sounded stupid but that doesn’t mean I should just let it pass. Guess I’ll find out when I tell them. We were all sitting in the living room at night. Renesmee was helping Lucas to his room, Alice and Rosalie were discussing things about what to buy for Lucas (I feel sorry for him), Emmett and Jasper were watching something on TV, Carlisle and Esme were just finishing up cleaning the kitchen and Bella was next to me with my arm around her. As Carlisle and Esme entered the room, I heard Renesmee coming down the stairs. She arrived saying that Lucas went to sleep. That makes it a little easier for me to give the conversation without a problem.

She turned her head and squealed when she heard Jacob’s car outside. Why did she inherit that from Alice? As Jacob entered the room, Renesmee jumped into Jacob’s arms as he spins around. I’ll never understand why I accepted Jacob to be with my daughter.

“Alright Jakey, you have some explaining to do.” Nessie said when Jacob put her down. “What were you doing back home that was so important?”

 Jacob looked at me allowing me to read his thoughts as I said, “Something that I want to talk to you all about.”

Everyone looked at me and Jacob as he sat down at the nearest chair with Nessie on his lap.

“So what is it Edward?” Carlisle asked as soon as the TV was turned off.

I took my arm off Bella as I explained. “There’s something about Lucas that puzzles me.”

“What do you mean? What did you see in his mind?” Esme asked.

“Nothing. I couldn’t read his mind, that’s what puzzles me.” I said causing everyone else to be surprised.

“I couldn’t feel his emotions when he arrived. I was able to calm him down though back at dinner but other than that, nothing.” Jasper explained

“I didn’t even see him in my visions.” Alice said. “I mean I saw Nessie and it was weird how she came home in a strange position.”

“Do you think he’s a shield?” Bella asked.

“No this was different from reading your mind.” I said. “When I tried to read your mind, I couldn’t hear anything and that’s because your shield Bella, prevented me from reading your thoughts but when I tried to read Lucas’s mind, well I couldn’t even get into his mind first because it felt like he has a shield outside his body.” (A/N: Okay maybe it doesn’t make sense but stay with me people, you’ll understand soon enough.)

“So what, you think he’s a vampire?” Emmett asked.

“I know you have gold eyes and all Emmett but you shouldn’t be colorblind.” Jasper said. “I mean does he look all pale skinned or have red eyes to you?”

“Maybe he’s a hybrid like me.” Nessie thought.

“I don’t think so Ness.” Jacob said. “His scent is completely human but here’s what I found out. When Nessie and I first met Lucas, I notice he had some sort of substance that was around him that was very faint at that moment.”

“Does the pack know anything about this?” I asked knowing why he left Nessie earlier.

“Yeah, they’re not sure what to do not wanting to hurt an innocence being. So they want to know what you guys think.” Jacob said.

“You don’t think the Volturi have anything to do with him do you?” Bella asked about the foundation of our world. The last time we met the entire coven was during the confrontation when they were misinformed about Renesmee being an immortal child. We all know that the Volturi will someday attempt to avenge the humiliation they suffered after we had them scared with the allies we have along with the wolves. This could be the time.

“We haven’t heard anything from them for eight years but I highly doubt they have anything to do with it.” Carlisle said.

“Even if they are involved, we can always kick their ass.” Emmett said getting another slap on the back of the head from Rosalie. “OW!  What is this slap, Emmett Day?”

Rosalie ignored him. “So what are we all thinking here? Should we keep an eye on him to see if he’s some threat or something?”

“Oh come on, Rosalie you don’t really think like that about Lucas do you?” Alice asked.

“Well we don’t understand anything about him other than his trouble past, Alice.” Jasper said.


We all turned to see that it came from my daughter. “I know him well enough that he’s a really nice guy with a very sad life. There’s no way I would consider him a threat and you all know that too.”

There was silence then. “She’s right everyone. The last thing that young boy needs is having us judging him for what we’ve seen after what he’s been through.” Esme said. From reading everyone’s mind, including Bella’s who took down her shield for a second, we agreed with Nessie.

“Then it’s settled; until we find out more about Lucas, we accept him as a friend. And if things go well with him, we might consider making him part of this family.” Carlisle said.

With that, everyone got up. Nessie escorted Jacob outside explaining to him about Lucas earlier, Alice and Rosalie went upside to resume talking about their plan shopping trip, Esme, Emmett and Jasper said it was time for them to hunt and Carlisle went to his studies. Bella and I walked out of the house and took the path leading to our cottage.

“So what did you really think about him Bella? You know before the conversation we had?” I asked.

“The same way when I first met you.” Bella said causing me to smile. “I can tell he’s not a bad person. Just a guy who’s trying to find his way.”

“Well let’s hope he doesn’t do anything stupid like you did back then.” I chuckled.

“Hey, that’s your fault!” Bella stated while laughing.

“For a good reason.” I smirked. “But it all worked out in the end right love?”

Bella’s lip met mine as she said, “And I’m sure things will work out for him too. Once we tell him about the whole vampire thing.”

I laughed. I would love to see how he will react to that.

End Notes:

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Getting Along by FireRed21
Author's Notes:

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or anything Twilight related expect for the character Lucas.

We get to see how Lucas and the Cullens get along and the decision the Cullens make. A lot of character’s POV in this chapter. Enjoy :)

Chapter 5 – Getting Along

Lucas’s POV

I yawned as I woke up. As I stretched, I winced and look to see that my arm was still in pain from the bear attack. I sat up and look around at where I’m at. Yep, this is definitely the Cullen’s house, which means that yesterday wasn’t a dream, and neither were they. That made me happy. I got out of bed, grabbed my bag and took a long shower. I forgot what it was like to have the warm water washing over you. It’s like all the pain has been washed away. Not wanting to waste a lot of their water, I ended the shower after five minutes. I pulled some spare clothes out of my bag. Good thing I cleaned them at a nearby river few days ago. I put on dark jeans and a black long sleeve shirt with a hoodie (A/N: Don’t know much about clothing). My old grey long sleeve v neck was tossed aside from the cut and amounts of blood showing. I tossed my bag next to the bed as I got out of the bathroom. I looked out the window; it was mostly cloudy with a bit of sun. I didn’t expect much from Forks with the weather, Lacey weather is pretty much the same. I went downstairs to see Carlisle and Esme in the kitchen.

“Morning.” They both said smiling.

“Morning.” I replied.

“Did you sleep well last night Lucas?” Carlisle asked.

“Slept like a baby if that’s what you were expecting to hear.” I said with a little laugh.

“Would you like some eggs?” Esme asked me as I said yes. Five minutes later, she handed me a plate of eggs. Carlisle later left the table to his studies.

“So where is everybody?” I asked as I took a bite of my eggs.

“Well Renesmee just left a few minutes ago to hang with Jacob, all the girls went shopping, although Bella is not really pleased about it,” So Bella’s not much of shopper huh, weird. “And all the boys decided to take a walk in the woods. They’ll be back soon.”

“Okay.” I said. After couple more bites of my eggs, I asked, “Hey Esme, if you don’t mind me asking, what made you and Carlisle decide to adopt Renesmee and the others?”

Esme’s POV

“Hey Esme, if you don’t mind me asking, what made you and Carlisle decide to adopt Renesmee and the others?”

He asked me that question so innocently. I have no reason to refuse to answer his question. I’ve already loved him as another one of my children. It just hurts hearing how he lost his family at such a young age. This boy deserved to have a family who never wanted to leave him.

I took a deep breath and smiled. “Well if you really want to know Lucas, it happened before I met Carlisle. I ran away from my then-husband when I found out I was pregnant. You see, I didn’t want my child to live in such a dangerous place since he was so abusive to me. When I gave birth to my son, he died two days after due to lung fever. I was so devastated to lose him at such a short time.”

Lucas, whose plate was finished, sat there and I noticed that there was a tear coming from his eyes. “I’m-I’m sorry to hear that.”

“It’s okay.” I said. “My life was completely empty. I felt like I have no reason to live anymore. That was until I met Carlisle. Seeing him gave me… ‘a new life’ and we fell in love. Unfortunately, I was unable to have another kid. So we decided to adopt since then. I may be sad of what I’m unable to have, but I’ll always think of Renesmee and the others as my own.”

Next thing I knew, Lucas came up to me and gave me one the biggest hugs I’ve ever received. A human mother would’ve felt her heart melt from so much love.

“Esme, I’ve already consider you another mother to me.” He said. That just makes me wanna hold him tighter. I would’ve have tears if I was human again.

“That means a lot.” I said.

After a few minutes, we broke apart. Then Lucas said, “Here Esme, let me take care of these for you.” He picked up his plate and took them to the sink.

“Oh you don’t have to do that.” I said, though I was touched by his kindness. His parents must have really raised him well.

“No really, it’s the least I could do for you.” Lucas said with a smile as he started washing the dishes. That just makes me love him even more.

After he was done, my husband came in. “Lucas, when you’re ready, can you meet me in my room? I just wanna check on your arm to see how it’s doing.”

“Sure Carlisle. Just give me five minutes.” Lucas said as he went upstairs. Carlisle turned to smile at me and left.

Carlisle’s POV

Hearing Esme talk about her story to Lucas always really takes me back. Oh how much I loved Esme. Seeing how kind Lucas is to her really shows how much he already loves her. I’m not sure how I can live up to that.

I was sitting in my room waiting for Lucas so I can check on his arm when I heard a knock. “Come in.” I said.

The door opened and Lucas appeared. “Hey Carlisle.” He said.

“Hey Lucas.” I said. “As I said, I’m gonna check on the progress of your arm.”

He nodded as I started to unwrap his arm until I see the cut. It wasn’t bleeding anymore just badly scarred now. “It looks like you just need some ointment for the cut. As for the pain you’ve been having, you’ll be given some pain killers to ease up. All that should heal in a few days, alright?”

“Okay then.” Lucas said. I got up and went to the cabinet containing all the medications. I found what I needed and sat back down to start giving the ointment. After that, I gave his arm another wrapping, and then gave him the pain killers which he took.

“Thanks Carlisle, you really know your stuff.” Lucas said.

I smiled. “Just doing my job to help people.”

“I can tell you’re the best doctor Forks has. Not just from health and injuries, but with well, with their lives. I mean look at what you did for Esme. You gave her a reason to live, to love again. She’s very lucky to have you in her life and I know everyone in your family would say the same thing.” Lucas said.

I didn’t know what to say. His words hit me like a shower coming to my heart which such kindness. I’ve heard many compliments before but none like the one I’m hearing right now.

I placed my hand on his shoulder and said, “Thank you Lucas. It's pleasant knowing that thanks to what I can do, some people's lives are better because I exist.”

His hand was on mine which really touched my heart. “You keep doing what you’re meant to do. It’s what people need you for.” Lucas said.

“I will.” I replied.

Lucas got up and said, “Thanks again Carlisle.”

“No Lucas, thank you.” I said. He smiled and left the room. I knew that I had a purpose in life but I never expect someone like Lucas to think that highly of me.

Edward’s POV

I was walking all the way back to the main house. I was with Jasper and Emmett for a little brotherly time until Emmett played a little joke on Jasper. I left them while they ‘deal’ their situation if you know what I mean.

I entered the main house to find it empty. I can hear Esme’s thoughts outside so she must be doing some gardening. Carlisle must have left for work. Bella went shopping with Alice and Rosalie. I feel sorry for Bella; she always hated it, one of things I love about her. Nessie is with Jacob at La Push. Again, I don’t know why I let Jacob into my daughter’s life.

I was trying to figure out where Lucas is since I couldn’t hear his thoughts. I was walking around the house when I heard the sound of piano playing, not just playing but beautifully too. Odd, the only person I know playing the piano are me and Nessie. I should know, I taught her how. So who is the one that is playing?  I found the room and my question was answered.

There he was sitting there with his hands on keyboard. His fingers were dancing around the keys in great rhythm and the sound he makes is something I’ve never heard in all my life. When he was done playing, I started clapping which made him jumped.

“Edward!” Lucas said. “I’m sorry, I just, I mean, I knew this is yours and I didn’t want to play without asking but my instincts got the best of me and so…”

I chuckled. “It’s okay Lucas, I don’t mind. I was impressed with the way you played. You’ve done this?”

“Yeah, I’ve been playing since I was eight.” Lucas said as I sat down next to him.

“What was that you were playing? I’ve never heard anything like that.” I asked.

Lucas looked downed at the piano and said, “It’s called A Thousand Years. It’s a song I wrote to my… my girlfriend, Meghan. We’ve dated for two years. I wrote this to her to show how much I love her. I’ve never met a girl who loved me so much. She died five months ago when this guy I knew from school ran her over and snapped her neck.”

My hand was on his shoulders. “I’m sorry man. It must have been rough for you. I mean first your family and now your girlfriend; you must have gone through a lot.”

“Yeah.” Lucas said. “My life has never been the same since then. She was my everything. Playing this song helps me be close to her, like she never left. I do anything to be with her.”

“I know what you mean.” Lucas gave me a questioned look. “When I heard that Bella once jumped off a cliff, I thought she killed herself and I wanted to die as well. Without her, my life was nothing because I couldn’t live without her. When I was about to kill myself, she stopped me. I was amazed and so happy that she survived.”

“Wow Edward, I didn’t know you would go through so much for Bella.” Lucas said.

“Believe me; Bella does crazier things to be with me. She can be very stubborn.” Lucas and I laughed.

“I guess women are willing to do anything to get our attention, huh.” Lucas said as he continued laughing. I didn’t need Jasper’s power to know that Lucas was starting to cheer up.

“Yeah I guess so.” I said. Once Lucas and I calmed down, I asked “Can you play that song again? I can show you a song I wrote for Bella.”

“Sure.” He said smiling. He started playing A Thousand Years which was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. After that, I played Bella’s lullaby. I haven’t been able to play that in awhile but it sounded just as beautiful as it always has.

“Edward, that was beautiful. Bella must’ve loved it.” Lucas said.

“She did.” I said. I really started to grow a fond of Lucas. Not only for having an interest in music, but for how he deals with a loss love.

Jasper’s POV

I was walking back to the main house after that little situation with Emmett. Let’s just say he’s taking a little swim down the river. I laughed, that’s what he gets for playing that little prank on me. As I continued walking, I stopped noticing Lucas and Edward were out as well. Edward was standing with a look of interest observing Lucas. This ought to be good. I thought.

Edward must have heard me as he said in my head. “It is. Check it out.”

I stood where I was looking very excited. At that moment, Lucas started doing some form sort of martial arts as he threw many kicks and punches in the air. He moved his arms in great form of offense and defense. Then Lucas started running to the nearest tree and climbed with his feet. My mouth dropped with amazement. I never expect a human to be this skilled and so agile, especially when he started jumping from tree to tree. During in-between jumps, he threw more kicks in midair making me speechless. On the last tree, he pushed off and did a couple of flips before he landed perfectly in such great form. Wow.

“I know right!” Edward said to me.

“Hey Lucas.” I yelled.

He looked around until he saw me. “Oh, hey Jasper. Were you watching all that?”

“Yeah, I saw everything. Those were really nice moves you got there.” I said as I walked over to him and Edward.

“Thanks man. I haven’t practiced in awhile though. That’s why I decided to do it just now. I might have been a little rusty though.” Lucas said as he scratches his head in embarrassment.

“Don’t be modest Lucas. From what we’ve seen, you were amazing.” Edward said smiling.

Lucas tries his best not to feel pleased about it but I knew he couldn’t.

“Any chance you could show me a few moves?” I asked.

“Sure.” Lucas said.

“Be careful Jazz.” I heard Edward thought.

“Don’t worry; I got this.” I thought to him.

Lucas and I were several feet apart. Edward stood by leaning on tree, arms crossed and looking very excited. Without any of my vampire speed and strength, I charged at Lucas. He dodged to my side. I turned to strike him but he grabbed my fist like he was expected that. Man this human paced can be annoying but what else can I do. Lucas, who still has a hold of my fist, then grabbed my arm and flipped me over landing on my back, I got back on my feet as he started coming at me with kicks and punches. I dodge and blocked every one of them until he went down and swift kicked me causing me to fall down again.

“Okay, you won that time.” I said causing him to laugh.

“Hey you were good yourself. You really anticipated my moves pretty well.” Lucas said as he held out a hand.

“Well I have been watching.” I said as I took it and got up. Edward came up and joined in.


We turned to see Emmett walking to us. He was soaked and pretty pissed to my amusement.

“What happened to you?” Lucas asked, although I could tell he was trying hard not to laugh.

“Jasper here thinks it’s funny to throw me into the river!” Emmett said as Edward, Lucas and I laughed.

“Well that’s your fault.” I said.

“Wait a minute; Jasper actually threw you in the river?” Lucas asked causing him to laugh even more. Probably thinking how a big guy like Emmett can be tossed so easily.

“Hey he caught me off guard!” Emmett defended.

“Whatever you say.” I said. Then a thought came to me. I heard a laugh knowing Edward heard what I was thinking. “Hey Emmett, I bet Lucas here can take you on. He did say he would kick your ass.”

Emmett’s POV

“Hey Emmett, I bet Lucas here can take you on. He did say he would kick your ass.”

Now it was my turn to laugh; Lucas kicking my ass? It’s too funny to even think about it. Don’t get me wrong, I admire his guts and all but there’s no way he’s got bite.

“Him, yeah right.” I said.

“I wouldn’t judge him so quickly Emmett, Lucas got serious skills.” Edward said smirking.

“Pff, puh-lease.” I scoffed showing off my muscles.

“Then I bet you a new car that Lucas is able to take you down, how’s that?” Jasper asked.

“Oh you’re so on!” I said cracking my knuckles. I can totally see myself in a new jeep.

“Don’t use your vampire abilities.” Edward said in my head.

Dude, I can take him on without it, no problem.” I thought.

“We’ll see about that.” Edward smirked at that sentence. I rolled my eyes. How tough can this guy be?

Lucas and I were several feet apart ready for action. Edward and Jasper backed up, both smirking at me. We’ll see who smirks in the end.

“Don’t hold back.” Lucas said grinning.

“Wasn’t planning to.” I said grinning as well. Lucas held out his hand telling me to come at him.

“Oh it’s on!” I thought. I started running at him, in human pace though, and made a grab for Lucas but he got down under me, pressed his arm to my stomach and flipped me over his shoulder as I landed on my back. I quickly got on my feet and charged at him again until he jumped over me. I turned around to strike him only he ducked and swift kicked me to fall on my back again.

I heard Edward and Jasper laughing at my irritation.

 Okay no more mister nice guy if you know what I mean. I thought. You know what they say, when you’re about to admit defeat, cheat.

I grabbed Lucas’s feet as I got up and held him upside. I watched as he struggled and try to hit me which he barely made contact. I would’ve won the bet, if he hadn’t tickled my stomach causing me to let go of him. He swift kicked me again as I landed on my back for the third time. Just then, Lucas came up to me so fast he pinned one hand on my arm and the other one tighten coming to my face. I closed my eyes and looked away, knowing it won’t really hurt. Nothing happened. I opened my eyes slowly seeing that Lucas’s fist was only a few inches away from hitting my nose.

“Gotcha.” Lucas said smirking. Edward and Jasper were still laughing from watching the scene. Lucas held out his hand for me which I took.

As I got up, I said, “You flipped me about three times so easily, played dirty when I had you and almost got me fooled thinking you were gonna punch me in face!” I glared at him making him feel uncomfortable. My glare turned to a smile.

“Get over here!” I said as I got his head under my arm ruffling his spiky brown hair of his and let go. “You got guts man, I like you for that.”

“Um thanks.” Lucas said.

“You owe me that new Audi.” Jasper said as he and Edward calmed down from laughing while walking up to us.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” I said.

“Nice job Lucas.” We looked around and saw Rosalie, Alice and Bella coming to us, must have return from their shopping trip.

“Were you all watching us?” I asked.

“Alice saw a vision of you getting your ass whooped. We assumed it was Lucas since she couldn’t see him.” Rosalie whispered to me as she came over and kissed me.

“Looks like I was right and we came in just in time to see you almost getting sucker punched.” Alice said hugging Jasper.

“You were amazing Lucas.” Bella said as Edward kisses her.

“Thanks guys.” Lucas said.

“Yeah you were great, but next time you won’t be so lucky.” I said.

“We’ll see.” Lucas said smirking at me as I smirk back.

Alice came up to Lucas and grabbed his hand. “Yeah we will see but right now Lucas, you need to try on the new clothes I got you.”

“Um, okay – whoa!” Lucas was soon being pulled by Alice leading him to the house. Oh man, I feel sorry for the poor guy.

This is going be so much fun with him hanging around.

Alice’s POV

I walked into the house with Lucas in one hand and a lot bags in the other. I saw what he wore yesterday and the clothes in his bag. Yes, I snuck into his room last night to see what he had. I can’t see him in my vision remember. I mean he’s got nice clothes and all, minus the one that got so much blood, but if he’s gonna be living with us, he’s got to dress like us. And that’s what I’m here for; Alice to the rescue. When we entered Lucas’s room, I threw him on his bed.

“You know I could walk myself.” Lucas said but I ignored him.

“Okay time for you to try these bad boys on.” I said as I toss him one of the bags in my hands. He pulled out some of the dark grey cotton shirt inside and I saw his mouth opened in amazement.

“Are these Levis?” He asked.

“Yeah, you’re familiar with it?” I asked excitedly.

“Yeah, I shop most of the time there.” Lucas explained. “I usually shop when I have free time, you know find things that interests me. I know, sounds weird for a guy but I got to look good on some occasions.”

I squealed excitedly. “No I totally get it. There’s nothing wrong with finding clothes for everything. Oh you and I are gonna be such great friends.” I ran up and hugged him as I was jumping up and down.

“I look forward for that but you need to calm down and can you let go of me now? I-can’t-breathe!” Lucas said as he was gasping for air.

“Oops, sorry.” I said letting go of him. Lucas tried on every clothes I bought for him for the next half hour and I’ll say he looks amazing in every one of them. Once we were done, Lucas, who was wearing a dark grey cotton shirt and dark faded jeans, started putting his new clothes in his closet and drawers.

“Thanks for all this Alice, but you really shouldn’t have done it.” Lucas said.

“Don’t be ridiculous, I love doing this. Especially when I get to dress people up. They love it too, they just won’t admit it.” I said smiling. “Also if you need clothes, don’t hesitate to ask me.”

“Okay but next time you go shopping for my clothes, I’m coming with you. In case you haven’t noticed, plain grey is not exactly my color if you didn’t see.” Lucas said.

“Well that blood took care of the last one right?” I said laughing at my little comment. Lucas seems to be laughing too.

I may not be able to see him in my visions, but I know he and I will be best of friends. Well, best of guy friends.

Rosalie’s POV

I’ve been in the garage for the past half hour working on my car; nothing wrong with my convertible, just making it even better. As I was finished, the door opened and Lucas came in.

“Oh, hi Rosalie, I didn’t you know you were in here.” He said.

“Hi Lucas.” I said. I looked at what he was wearing and smiled. “I see Alice had fun playing dress up with you.”

“If you mean being dressed up as a Barbie doll, then yes, she did have fun.” Lucas said.

“Then next time, let me help you with that. I love shopping as much as Alice but I don’t go that overboard like she does.” I said with a little laugh.

“So what were you doing?” Lucas asked.

“Just working on my vehicle, you know just making some enhancements.” I said.

“I didn’t know you do mechanics.” Lucas said very impressed.

“What, do you expect, a beautiful girl like me to be all girly and stuff?” I said sarcastically laughing.

“Hey I’m not one to judge. Believe it or not, a guy like me who’s this good looking,” I laughed at his little humor. “Is a nerd.”

“Well I find that hard to believe.” I said.

“I did swimming instead basketball and knew every secrets and cheats in every videogame I played. Try and deny that about me being a nerd.” Lucas said.

“I bet girls would go head over heels for you despite what you do.” I said once I calmed down the laughing.

“Well girls just judge me too easily. They hardly care about what I do, just how I look.” Lucas said. “I never had one proper girlfriend except when I had Meghan.” There was a hint of sadness as he said that name.

“Yeah, Edward told me how you lost her. I’m very sorry.” I said walking up to him.

“It’s okay.” Lucas said.

“You know Emmett wasn’t the first guy I dated.” I said.


“Yeah. I dated this guy Royce once. I thought we were meant to be, until I noticed how he never really loves me like my friend’s boyfriend does. Then one night, I was walking home from work and saw Royce with a couple of friends. They were idiotically drunk. I try to get away from them but I wasn’t fast enough to evade them. Next thing I know, I was left alone on the streets after Royce and his friends had their little fun. Luckily, I had them taken care of and things went well when I met Emmett. But that night with Royce really gave me nightmares, I could never get over it no matter how happy I try to be.”

There was silence until Lucas said, “Rosalie, you deserve to be with Emmett and I can tell that he loves you dearly. And Royce was a complete idiot for how he treated you. I think the only reason you keep having those nightmares was because you’re letting him get to you. You should try your best to forget about him and show yourself that you’re ready to move on with your life, especially with Emmett. I suggest listening to some break up songs.”

I was amazed at his advice. “Wow, Lucas, no one says that to me. Thank you and I know you’ll find girl who will love you just as Meghan has.”

Lucas smiled and said, “Thanks Rose. Well I’ll just let you finish your car. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Yeah, see you later.” I said and with that he left. Just then my phone rang and I answered.

“You know I could’ve taken out that bastard for you back then if he were still here.” I heard Emmett said.

“I’m sure you would babe.” I said.

“You okay now?” Emmett asked.

“Actually, I’m all good now.” I said smiling. After talking with Lucas, the darkness that’s been haunting me has disappeared like he was able to cure me from what I was facing.

Bella’s POV

I decided for some alone time. Renesmee came back from La Push since Jacob has to work plus she wants to spend quality time with her father. That warms my heart seeing how Edward bonds with our daughter. I chose to go take a walk to mine and Edward’s meadow. It’s just one of our favorite places when we’re together. I arrived at the beautiful scenery when I noticed that I wasn’t alone and I smiled to know who it was; it was Lucas.

“Hey, Lucas.” I called walking up to him.

Lucas, who was sitting down, turned around to see who called until he saw me. “Oh, hey Bella. What are you doing here?”

“Well, this happens to be the place where Edward and I spend time together away from our family. It’s sort of our meadow.” I said.

“Oh sorry, I had no idea. I didn’t mean to trespass on your area.” Lucas said feeling embarrassed.

I chuckled. “It’s okay.” I said as I sat down next to him. “So what are you doing here?”

“I don’t know, I was just taking a walk when I came across this place. Never notice how beautiful it is. I just wish Meghan was here to see this.” Lucas said. Of course, Edward told me about his lost love. I would’ve been crying in tears if I was still human.

“You really miss her don’t you?” I asked.

“Yeah.” He said. “I never show a picture of her to you guys have I?” He pulled what appears to be a small locket from in his shirt and handed it to me. I opened it; on the left side of his locket shows Lucas with a group of people who I assumed must be his family then on the right is him and Meghan very close together. Her name doesn’t lie what a beautiful person she is; with her long dark brown hair down to her shoulders, her smile shows her teeth of pearly whites, flawless skin for a human and judging from her expression, she was madly in love with him, the same way I am for Edward.

“She’s beautiful.” I said.

“If she were still here, she would appreciate that.” Lucas said smiling as I handed the locket back to him. “You know when I first came to this place, I almost felt like I could see Meghan clearly, like she never left me but she disappeared when I approached her. I guess coming here brought back sweet memories.”

“That happened to me too you know.” I said. “Once Edward left me and I was depressed for like months. I felt like there was a hole in my chest spreading so much pain. Then one time, I heard Edward’s beautiful voice when I notice a motorcycle group that I came across awhile back. This might sound crazy but I think that I could hear Edward the more I put myself in danger even though I promised him not to do anything stupid or reckless.”

“And that’s why you did cliff diving?” Lucas asked. “Edward told me you did something like that. No offense but that wasn’t exactly a very smart move.”

We both couldn’t hold our laughs. “Yeah it was a bad timing to do so. It was worth it though. But you should know that the ones we love are never gone, they always here with us and always watching. You may not be able to see your family and girlfriend for real but you know they are here, in your heart.” I said.

Lucas gave me a hug as he said, “Thanks Bella. You’re right you know, what you said earlier.”

We let go of each other as I said grinning. “Can you tell Edward that? I get tired of him when he says that he’s always right.”

Lucas laughed as he said, “I’ll try but you should know that I don’t like getting dragged in the middle of things between my good friends.” I felt touched at his kind words. He already considers me and my family his friends. I don’t think of him as just a friend, I think of him as a brother.

Jacob’s POV

“Let me get this straight, you were on full speed, the car flipped on the right side, obviously, and crashed into a tree?” I asked in disbelief.

I was talking to guy who looks like he’s seventeen and believe me, he looks like he’s into only two things; cars and girls but mostly cars.

“Look can you fixed the damn thing or not.” He asked. I looked at his car and saw that it had a huge dent to the side, the headlights were busted and smoke coming out the engine. How is it even standing here, okay?

I sighed as I explained. “Yeah but it does cost over a thousand to replace the engine and get it repaired.”

“Doesn’t matter, use my mom’s card.” He said giving me his mom’s credit card. Man shouldn’t he take responsibility to his own hands. I gave the card back to the guy after I charged him and he left afterwards without even a thank you. I rolled my eyes in disbelief.

I returned to the garage from my office where Quil and Embry are working. Right now in the garage there are only two cars; one which is almost done and the other one is in progressed.

“So how serious was it?” Quil asked coming out from underneath the car.

“What does $1600 sound like to you?” I asked smirking.

“Damn that much? We just keep making money more and more by the day.” Embry said working on the other car.

My phone vibrated in my pocket. I took it out saw a message from my girlfriend Nessie.

Coming over to see you. Bringing Lucas with me. Be there in about five mins. Miss you! Xoxoxo – Nessie

So Lucas is coming huh? I feel a little uncomfortable about this. I mean, I’m not showing hate to the guy but after the conversation with the Cullens, I can’t be sure. The best I could do now is to at least get to know him.

Cool, see you two then. :) Miss you too! Xoxoxo – Jacob

“Texting Nessie again?” Embry asked. 

“Yeah she’s coming over with Lucas.” I explained.

“That guy you and the Cullens were talking about?” Quil asked.

“The same one.” I said. Exactly five minutes later, my Nessie arrived with Lucas behind her.


Nessie jumped into my arms and I hugged her. God I miss her so much even if it has only been a few hours.

“Hey come on Nessie, some people need to work.” Embry said. I rolled my eyes as I put Nessie down. Embry would say that since he hasn’t imprinted someone. Him, Seth and Leah as far as I know. I don’t know the update on Brady or Collin. Seth still has time at his age and so does Embry. We still have no clue about Leah since she’s the only and first female to have ever phased. Sucks for her.

“Hey Jacob!”

“Hey Lucas.” I said.

“So this is what you do as your job?” Lucas asked looking around.

“Yep. It’s pretty much what we do all day.” I said politely. I motion the guys to come over. “Lucas these are my friends and co-workers Quil and Embry. Guys, this is Lucas.”

“Nice to meet you two.” Lucas said holding out his hand.

“Same here.” Embry and Quil both said shaking his hand.

“So what are we up to tonight?” Nessie asked me.

“Well I was thinking after work we could take another walk around La Push if you like.” I suggested.

“It doesn’t matter as long as I’m with you.” Nessie said giving me a kiss.

“Then it’s a date.” I smiled.


Nessie and I looked to see Lucas running up to the finished cars with his face in amazement.

“Is that a 2013 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL?” he asked excitedly.

“You recognized it?” Embry asked in shock.

“Of course.” Lucas said.

“How do you know so much about cars?” I asked looking surprised.

“My uncle’s a mechanic and he always spends time at home finding old cars and doing some upgrades with engines, sound system etc. My family buys the cars from him.  He taught me a bit when I was young.” Lucas explained. Now that I’m impressed. “What’s that over there?”

I looked to see where he was pointing at and noticed one of the cars we haven’t finished.

“That’s a 2000 Toyota, Corola.” Quil explained. “We’re doing some modifications to it. It’s sort of a side project when we have some free time in the shop.”

“Right now there are a few parts we need but we don’t have any and they don’t have it in Forks.” Embry said.

“I know a couple of friends of mine in Lacey that can get you those parts.” Lucas said.

“Really?” I asked stupidly. This guy impresses me by the minute.

“Yeah you just give me the price and let me handle it. I know how to make a good deal like these.” Lucas said.

“I like you!” Quil said.

“Dude you should work here!” Embry said. I didn’t know what to say because those two took the words right out of my mouth. I look to find Nessie looking very dumbstruck at what had happened which made me laughed.

After ten minutes, Lucas got off the phone to say the deal’s been set at the exact price we offered and will arrive in a few days. We closed shop at seven and I told Nessie that tonight was my turn to patrol and that I’ll see her later tonight. She and Lucas left as we said goodbye.

“Okay I don’t know what you guys were talking about. Lucas is a great guy.” Quil said.

“Hey you were having doubts about him too.” Embry said.

I laughed as I listen to those two arguing. Okay, I admit, Lucas really impresses me about himself.

Renesmee’s POV

Lucas and I were walking home from Jake’s workshop. I still can’t believe Lucas knows so much about cars. Is there anything else I don’t know about him? I mean my dad told me he’s good on the piano and took out Uncle Emmett without a sweat and he loves to shop like Aunt Alice. This guy’s full of surprises. I turn to see Lucas, who turned his head quickly, looking at me in a way which is weird. He’s been like that on way to Jake’s and it doesn’t look like he’s crushing on me. This got me curious.

“Lucas, are you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah I’m fine.” He said.

“I know you were looking at me.” I stopped where I was at. “Care to tell me why?”

He stopped too with his hand over his head. “Y-nah, it sounds silly.”

“Oh come on, I won’t laugh. Please!” I said putting my puppy face. It always works when I want something. Thank you Aunt Alice.

He looked at me and I can hear his heart making a sound as if it was melting. Wonder what’s that about?

“Lilly did the same thing to me when she wants to play dress up.” Lucas said. “To be honest Nessie, you remind me a lot like my sister, not in a bad way though. She laughs when she’s happy, her eyes are the same shape as yours as well your hair. Talking to you always make me feel better the same with Lilly. Seeing you, it’s like I have my little sister back. What I’m trying to say is that I think of you as my sister and I’m always gonna be there for you if you need me.”

I threw my arms around him so fast he didn’t see it coming. Tears were coming out eyes as I held him so tight. I had no idea he would think of me as his sister. I mean, I pretend to people that my families are my siblings, but Lucas is being a real brother to me.

“Lucas, I already think of you as my big brother.” I said. We let go of each other and then Lucas gave me a kiss on the forehead. He looks like he felt guilty for doing it. I giggled understanding why. I’m sure Jake will understand.

“Come Lucas, everyone’s probably waiting right now.” I said.

“Yeah okay.” Lucas said. We came home inside and saw my family is here. Dad looked at me. “Carlisle wants to talk to us and Jacob about Lucas once he goes to bed.”

“Okay.” I wonder what it is about.

Once Lucas and I finished dinner grandma made for us, Lucas decided to go bed and wished everyone good night. Jacob arrived an hour later and once we heard that Lucas was asleep, grandpa began.

“So judging what has happened to you all today. You spent the day getting to know Lucas and he shows a great effect to you all. You believed him not to be some sort hazard but a great person with a great heart and such talent.” Grandpa explained. “I did say if things go well with Lucas we would officially consider him as part of this family. However I believe it’s fair that we put a vote to it. So, what do you guys think?”

“Yes.” Grandma said immediately.

“Definitely yes.” Daddy said.

“Are you seriously giving me a choice to say no? Yes!” Uncle Jasper said.

“I say hell yeah!” Uncle Emmett said.

“Uh hello of course I say yes!” Aunt Alice said.

“I say yes.” Aunt Rosalie said.

“How can I say no to him? Yes.” Mom said.

“I would be an idiot to say no. So yes.” Jake said.

“I’ve already consider him as family. Yes.” I said.

“And I vote yes.” Grandpa said. “So it’s official, we tell Lucas the good news tomorrow.” Everyone agreed.

“I see party!” Aunt Alice squealed and took off. No doubt shopping plans.

“I think we should also tell Lucas about who we really are. Just so here knows.” Daddy said.

“Oh I love to see that.” Uncle Emmett said smirking.

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Accident by FireRed21
Author's Notes:

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or anything Twilight related expect for the character Lucas.

The Cullens are planning telling Lucas the good news however it wasn’t how they plan it.

Chapter 6 – Accident

Renesmee’s POV

It was eight in the morning and my family, Jake and I decided to plan a little party for Lucas, big in Aunt Alice’s case. That’s when we’ll tell him the big news. I could hardly hold my excitement. The house was empty except for me where I was sitting alone in the living room and grandma who’s in the kitchen. She is cooking something big for the surprise party.

I was waiting for Lucas to wake up; see the plan is that I take Lucas away from the house for the day where we hang out at Jacob’s while everyone sets up the big event. Once we come home, that’s where the surprise comes for Lucas. Half an hour has past and Lucas still hasn’t woken up. My phone vibrated in my hands.

The pack has been notified and they gave the okay. See you soon. Love you! – Jacob

I texted back.

See you soon. Love you more! – Nessie

No way! :) – Jacob

I smiled. This is gonna the best day ever! Now all we need is for Lucas to wake up.

Lucas’s POV

I woke up feeling quite exhausted. Yesterday was amazing; I really bonded so well with every one of the Cullen family and Jacob. He and his friends even offered me a job at their garage. I really like the Cullens; they are such kind and loving people. Never in my life have I met a group of people like them.

There was something that got me curious though. I mean, pale skinned, everyone except Nessie I noticed never eats and are cold, Jacob feels hot and I saw how they all have gold eyes. That’s not normal, but then again the world isn’t and besides I’m not one to judge people. I already love the Cullens and they seem to like me too then again, I feel like I’m in the way of their lives.

No, no Lucas quit putting yourself down. You should know better than that. I thought shaking my head. I got out of bed, washed myself and wore the clothes Alice bought me. I really admit, that girl knows her style. I went downstairs and Esme and Nessie are the only ones in the house. I understand Carlisle has work and all but where is everyone, not that it’s any of my business but where do they go at this time? I said morning to them as Esme made me breakfast. After I was done and did the dishes for Esme again, Nessie came up to me.

“Lucas, would you like to hang out with me at La Push? Jacob and his friends will be there.” She asked.

“Sure, sounds like found.” I said.

“Oh it will, trust me.” Nessie said. I noticed that she winked at me. I wonder what that is about. I shrugged.

Nessie and I left the house and started heading to La Push. We arrived fifteen minutes later and Jacob was there along with Quil and Embry. There are other people with them; from what I’m gathering, they are Sam, Emily, Paul, Seth and his sister Leah, Claire, Rachel, Jared, Brady and Collin. Okay first the Cullens and now Jacob’s friends, what is with Forks? When I got to them, I couldn’t help but feel like that some of them like Leah, Paul and Collin looked at me as if they’re uncomfortable of my presence. The others however like Seth and Emily welcomed me with a smile, well Seth was really enthusiastic about me when he shook my hand. He invited me and the guys to a soccer game. They were impressed how good I was despite never being a soccer player and the conversation I had with Leah really made her open up to me. At least I’m feeling comfortable now with everyone especially with Emily; she’s as good a cook as Esme. It was two in the afternoon now, wondering what to do now.

As if she read my mind, Nessie said, “I know what we should do next. Come on Lucas.” She took my hand and took off with Jacob, Quil, Seth, and Embry right behind us.

Renesmee’s POV

I took Lucas as Jacob, and some of the guys follow us to the top of cliff. What we planned next with Lucas will be fun.

“Okay, so what is it that you guys decided to drag me up here for?” Lucas asked as we made it to top. “Which I have to say, looks beautiful.”

“Cliff diving!” We said.

“Say what!”

“It’s what we do for fun.” Jacob explained as he and the others took off their shirts and I was soon in my one piece swim wear.

“It is fun. Look,” I said as I pointed Lucas out to Quil who started running and jumping off the cliff. We ran up to the edge to watch Quil make a splash as he hit the water.

“It’s okay to feel scare but that what makes it such a rush. Lucas?” I notice Lucas wasn’t at my side. The others noticed as well. We turned to see Lucas running as fast as he could as he took off his shirt. As he ran passed us, we’ve noticed that he was not at all scared or nervous which surprises us especially when he went wild and took a huge leap in to the  water.


We watched as Lucas did so many flips as he made a splash, we were all opened mouthed as we couldn’t believe what happened. I decided to go after him.

“Okay please don’t tell me you’ve done this before.” I said as Jacob and the others followed.

“Only on the swim team. We like to mess around on the diving board.” Lucas said with a grin on his face.

“Is there anything else you haven’t told us about?” Jake asked.

“That depends.” Lucas said as we all laughed. We made it back to the others on the beach after a couple more dives. When we got back, I saw that it was four. It’s time!

“Lucas we should get on home.” I said. Lucas nodded.

“I’ll be with guys soon.” Jake said. With that, Lucas and I said goodbye to everyone and left. We left La Push taking the path leading to the main house.

“That was a blast. Thanks for inviting me Nessie.” Lucas said.

“You’re welcome. I’m glad you had fun.” I said. We just reached a road where on the other side is where home is when Lucas suddenly stopped. I looked at him as he looked down and had his hands in his pockets.

“Lucas?” I asked.

“Nessie, listen,” He started. “I don’t know why but I know that there’s something different about your family.” I froze in my place. Does he actually know?

“I don’t know what it is exactly but I don’t care. I already love you guys and I consider you as my family. For that, I am thankful for having you all in my life.” I remained silent but was smiling. He was smiling as well. I’m so glad Lucas feels that way but I’m sure Lucas will be even more pleased when we get home.

I was distracted at what he said when he tensed up.

“Look out!” Lucas yelled as he pushed me out of the way. I was on the ground when I looked up to see a car hit Lucas causing him to crash into the windshield and soon on the ground.

“Lucas!” I cried. As I came to him, the car that hit him just took off. The nerve of that guy. Not only for crashing into him but for just going off like that. I want nothing more than to just rip that person apart but my thoughts were on Lucas who looks unconscious. I can hear his heart beat slowing down. I felt my color draining. No, he can’t be.

“Lucas. LUCAS!”

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Change Him by FireRed21
Author's Notes:

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or anything Twilight related expect for the character Lucas.

Lucas has been hit by a car pretty badly. Can the Cullens save him in time?

Chapter 7 – Change Him

Jacob’s POV

Nessie and Lucas left us where he thinks he’s just going home like any other day only to see the Cullens are throwing a surprise party for him along with allowing him to become a part of their family. Once they were gone, I turned to my tribe.

“I take it you guys like Lucas.” I said.

“Like him? I love him!” Seth said.

“He’s okay I guess.” Leah shrugged but I can tell she didn’t want to admit that she likes him as well. Everyone else seems to like him too, heck I love the guy.

What was I thinking accusing Lucas of something suspicious? The guy has heart, guts, knowledge about cars and a good sense of humor. We were all getting ready to leave when suddenly I heard a tire screech and a thud along with a cry. I froze where I stood when I heard him. No, that did not sound like…


“Jacob, what’s wrong?” Sam asked me but I didn’t answer because I started running until I phased. I heard my clothes ripped off but I didn’t care. I continued running with many scenarios popping into my head. What happened? Is Lucas hurt? What about Nessie? Did someone attack them? That’s what I feared most as I furiously ran as fast as my legs could go. I was at the road where on the other side leads to the Cullen’s house when I heard,

“Lucas. LUCAS!”

I turned my head to see Nessie on her knees next to, my eyes widened in horror at who was on the ground, Lucas. I ran up to them and Nessie saw me coming, she was crying. I looked at Lucas; he was out cold, he looked like most of his bones were broken and a drop of blood fell from his head. I looked at Nessie asking to know what happened. She placed her hand to my face and showed me.

From what I’ve seen Lucas pushed Nessie out of the way as the car bumped into him at such high speed. I was furious at how that asshole just took off like nothing happened but I shook it off. As grateful I am for Lucas risking his life to save my Nessie, he shouldn’t be so stupid to do that. He must have gotten that from Bella. I lowered myself telling Nessie to hop on. She picked up Lucas and placed him on my back. As soon as she was on, I took off straight to the main house.

Renesmee’s POV

Jacob was running as fast as he could go but I wish he went faster. I could still hear Lucas’s heart beat but it was beating very slowly. Why did he do that? He shouldn’t have risk his life for me like that. Sure I may be half-human half-vampire but he’s human. If I wasn’t so distracted, I would’ve saved us both by now. I looked at Lucas again who was still unconscious.

“Hang on Lucas.” I said to him. “You’re gonna be okay. Just stay with us. Stay with me.” You just got to.

Bella’s POV

I looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a strap blue dress bought from, you guessed it, Alice. Why does Alice go overboard with, well, everything? Well with birthdays, weddings and celebrations, there’s just no stopping her. I sighed. If Edward says that I look beautiful in it, I have no reason to argue with him.

I came downstairs to see everyone in the main house. Alice, Rosalie and Esme were also wearing dresses as the guys wore their fancy shirt and tie. The table was set with food and cake. There was a banner that reads ‘Welcome to the Family!’ with all our names signed. I smiled as I came over to Edward who put his arm around my waist as I put both of mine around his. I am really excited for this. The look on Lucas’s face when we tell him that we are inviting him be officially part of our family is a look I’ll never forget and it’s not due to my vampire memory. It was ten minutes to five and Nessie and Lucas should be on their way home now. I heard a gasp as we all turned to see it was Alice. Judging from her blank expression, she just had a vision. I felt Edward tense up. Why doesn’t that look good?

“I just saw Lucas.” Alice said when she came back.


“Alice, what did you mean you saw Lucas?” Jasper asked. “I thought you were unable to.”

“I don’t know, I just did somehow.” Alice said.

“Well what did you see?” I asked although I got a bad feeling about it.

“Carlisle,” Edward said to him as Carlisle seems to understand now. “They’re coming.”

We heard the door burst opened and a cry. “HELP!”

We turned to see Nessie coming in first with Jacob carrying Lucas. We were all shocked by Lucas’s appearance as he was unconscious in Jacob’s arms.

“Carlisle it’s Lucas, he’s in pretty bad shape.” Jacob explained.

“Bring him here.” Carlisle said leading Jacob to his room as we all followed. Jacob laid Lucas down on the couch and step back as Carlisle examined him.

“Nessie, how did this happen?” Carlisle asked. Nessie placed her hand on his face. When she let go, he immediate went to Lucas and checked his condition.

“What is it?” I asked my daughter. I felt my husband shaking like he was in pain as Nessie placed her hands up to my face. My eyes were widened with such horror as she let go and showed it to everyone except Jacob and Edward who must have read her mind. This boy risked his life for Nessie? He shouldn’t have. But he did.

“How is he Carlisle?” Esme asked.

Carlisle was silent, the whole room was silent except for my daughter sobbing, and I mean really silent. That’s when our worst fears came. No. He couldn’t be. I looked at Edward and his face says something that I wished I haven’t seen.

Carlisle turned his head to us and said, “His heart….. stopped.”

Edward’s POV

The words just hit me like thousands of bullets that are unwilling to stop. I never felt so much grief in my life. From what everyone saying in their heads, they didn’t want to believe that Lucas is dead. My daughter didn’t take it so well.

“NO HE CAN’T BE DEAD!” She cried as she pushed Carlisle out of the way so she could put her arms on Lucas body.

“Lucas, wake up! Wake up please.” Nessie said as she shook his body.


“HE CAN’T BE DEAD!” Nessie cried as she sobbed over Lucas’s body. “He just can’t.” We all stood there not moving an inch as we watched Nessie continue with her sobbing. I don’t blame her for how’s she behaving because we all are feeling the same thing. Like Nessie, Lucas made a huge impact in our lives and now he’s been taken away from us. After what felt like hours but actually ten minutes, Bella broke the silence as she took my arm off her and walked up to Nessie.

“Nessie, come on.” She said. Nessie refused to leave Lucas but she reluctantly stood up and came to me as she and I were in each other’s arm.

Just then I heard a beat and I looked up in surprise. “Did you hear that?”

My family looked at me and then at Lucas. There was another beat, and another. More heart beats came but it was very slow. Nessie gasped when she heard it. Carlisle went to him and listened very closely.

“Definitely a pulse. He’s living but… I’m not sure how long.” He explained.

“No.” I heard Nessie said quietly.

“Carlisle you have to change him.”

We all turned to see it was coming from Jacob. I wasn’t expecting Jacob to allow us to bite a human. The treaty said that there won’t be war between us and the wolves as long we don’t go on their lands and bite humans unless the Alpha gives the command. Since Jacob became the Alpha of his pack, he gives the command.

“Jacob, are you sure?” Carlisle asked.

“Yes, please. He doesn’t deserve this, not when he’s about to have a new life. Please.” Jacob said.

Lucas’s heart was slowing, there’s no time. Carlisle came close to Lucas as I hear him whispered in Lucas’s ear. “Lucas, you’re gonna be okay. I’m gonna save you. You might experience some pain but you’ll wake up as a whole new person.”

Carlisle sank his teeth into his neck as we all hear Lucas screaming with such pain. I tried to look away but hearing him scream reminds me when I was bitten. Carlisle soon stopped as Lucas’s body was screaming from the venom that is inside him. After a few minutes have passed and soon Lucas’s body stopped moving. He is now in the process of his transformation. We all left the room since he won’t wake up in three days.

“Some party he was gonna have.” I heard Emmett said.

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