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Author's Chapter Notes:

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or anything Twilight related expect for the character Lucas.

Lucas has been hit by a car pretty badly. Can the Cullens save him in time?

Chapter 7 – Change Him

Jacob’s POV

Nessie and Lucas left us where he thinks he’s just going home like any other day only to see the Cullens are throwing a surprise party for him along with allowing him to become a part of their family. Once they were gone, I turned to my tribe.

“I take it you guys like Lucas.” I said.

“Like him? I love him!” Seth said.

“He’s okay I guess.” Leah shrugged but I can tell she didn’t want to admit that she likes him as well. Everyone else seems to like him too, heck I love the guy.

What was I thinking accusing Lucas of something suspicious? The guy has heart, guts, knowledge about cars and a good sense of humor. We were all getting ready to leave when suddenly I heard a tire screech and a thud along with a cry. I froze where I stood when I heard him. No, that did not sound like…


“Jacob, what’s wrong?” Sam asked me but I didn’t answer because I started running until I phased. I heard my clothes ripped off but I didn’t care. I continued running with many scenarios popping into my head. What happened? Is Lucas hurt? What about Nessie? Did someone attack them? That’s what I feared most as I furiously ran as fast as my legs could go. I was at the road where on the other side leads to the Cullen’s house when I heard,

“Lucas. LUCAS!”

I turned my head to see Nessie on her knees next to, my eyes widened in horror at who was on the ground, Lucas. I ran up to them and Nessie saw me coming, she was crying. I looked at Lucas; he was out cold, he looked like most of his bones were broken and a drop of blood fell from his head. I looked at Nessie asking to know what happened. She placed her hand to my face and showed me.

From what I’ve seen Lucas pushed Nessie out of the way as the car bumped into him at such high speed. I was furious at how that asshole just took off like nothing happened but I shook it off. As grateful I am for Lucas risking his life to save my Nessie, he shouldn’t be so stupid to do that. He must have gotten that from Bella. I lowered myself telling Nessie to hop on. She picked up Lucas and placed him on my back. As soon as she was on, I took off straight to the main house.

Renesmee’s POV

Jacob was running as fast as he could go but I wish he went faster. I could still hear Lucas’s heart beat but it was beating very slowly. Why did he do that? He shouldn’t have risk his life for me like that. Sure I may be half-human half-vampire but he’s human. If I wasn’t so distracted, I would’ve saved us both by now. I looked at Lucas again who was still unconscious.

“Hang on Lucas.” I said to him. “You’re gonna be okay. Just stay with us. Stay with me.” You just got to.

Bella’s POV

I looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a strap blue dress bought from, you guessed it, Alice. Why does Alice go overboard with, well, everything? Well with birthdays, weddings and celebrations, there’s just no stopping her. I sighed. If Edward says that I look beautiful in it, I have no reason to argue with him.

I came downstairs to see everyone in the main house. Alice, Rosalie and Esme were also wearing dresses as the guys wore their fancy shirt and tie. The table was set with food and cake. There was a banner that reads ‘Welcome to the Family!’ with all our names signed. I smiled as I came over to Edward who put his arm around my waist as I put both of mine around his. I am really excited for this. The look on Lucas’s face when we tell him that we are inviting him be officially part of our family is a look I’ll never forget and it’s not due to my vampire memory. It was ten minutes to five and Nessie and Lucas should be on their way home now. I heard a gasp as we all turned to see it was Alice. Judging from her blank expression, she just had a vision. I felt Edward tense up. Why doesn’t that look good?

“I just saw Lucas.” Alice said when she came back.


“Alice, what did you mean you saw Lucas?” Jasper asked. “I thought you were unable to.”

“I don’t know, I just did somehow.” Alice said.

“Well what did you see?” I asked although I got a bad feeling about it.

“Carlisle,” Edward said to him as Carlisle seems to understand now. “They’re coming.”

We heard the door burst opened and a cry. “HELP!”

We turned to see Nessie coming in first with Jacob carrying Lucas. We were all shocked by Lucas’s appearance as he was unconscious in Jacob’s arms.

“Carlisle it’s Lucas, he’s in pretty bad shape.” Jacob explained.

“Bring him here.” Carlisle said leading Jacob to his room as we all followed. Jacob laid Lucas down on the couch and step back as Carlisle examined him.

“Nessie, how did this happen?” Carlisle asked. Nessie placed her hand on his face. When she let go, he immediate went to Lucas and checked his condition.

“What is it?” I asked my daughter. I felt my husband shaking like he was in pain as Nessie placed her hands up to my face. My eyes were widened with such horror as she let go and showed it to everyone except Jacob and Edward who must have read her mind. This boy risked his life for Nessie? He shouldn’t have. But he did.

“How is he Carlisle?” Esme asked.

Carlisle was silent, the whole room was silent except for my daughter sobbing, and I mean really silent. That’s when our worst fears came. No. He couldn’t be. I looked at Edward and his face says something that I wished I haven’t seen.

Carlisle turned his head to us and said, “His heart….. stopped.”

Edward’s POV

The words just hit me like thousands of bullets that are unwilling to stop. I never felt so much grief in my life. From what everyone saying in their heads, they didn’t want to believe that Lucas is dead. My daughter didn’t take it so well.

“NO HE CAN’T BE DEAD!” She cried as she pushed Carlisle out of the way so she could put her arms on Lucas body.

“Lucas, wake up! Wake up please.” Nessie said as she shook his body.


“HE CAN’T BE DEAD!” Nessie cried as she sobbed over Lucas’s body. “He just can’t.” We all stood there not moving an inch as we watched Nessie continue with her sobbing. I don’t blame her for how’s she behaving because we all are feeling the same thing. Like Nessie, Lucas made a huge impact in our lives and now he’s been taken away from us. After what felt like hours but actually ten minutes, Bella broke the silence as she took my arm off her and walked up to Nessie.

“Nessie, come on.” She said. Nessie refused to leave Lucas but she reluctantly stood up and came to me as she and I were in each other’s arm.

Just then I heard a beat and I looked up in surprise. “Did you hear that?”

My family looked at me and then at Lucas. There was another beat, and another. More heart beats came but it was very slow. Nessie gasped when she heard it. Carlisle went to him and listened very closely.

“Definitely a pulse. He’s living but… I’m not sure how long.” He explained.

“No.” I heard Nessie said quietly.

“Carlisle you have to change him.”

We all turned to see it was coming from Jacob. I wasn’t expecting Jacob to allow us to bite a human. The treaty said that there won’t be war between us and the wolves as long we don’t go on their lands and bite humans unless the Alpha gives the command. Since Jacob became the Alpha of his pack, he gives the command.

“Jacob, are you sure?” Carlisle asked.

“Yes, please. He doesn’t deserve this, not when he’s about to have a new life. Please.” Jacob said.

Lucas’s heart was slowing, there’s no time. Carlisle came close to Lucas as I hear him whispered in Lucas’s ear. “Lucas, you’re gonna be okay. I’m gonna save you. You might experience some pain but you’ll wake up as a whole new person.”

Carlisle sank his teeth into his neck as we all hear Lucas screaming with such pain. I tried to look away but hearing him scream reminds me when I was bitten. Carlisle soon stopped as Lucas’s body was screaming from the venom that is inside him. After a few minutes have passed and soon Lucas’s body stopped moving. He is now in the process of his transformation. We all left the room since he won’t wake up in three days.

“Some party he was gonna have.” I heard Emmett said.

Chapter End Notes:

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