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Author's Chapter Notes:

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or anything Twilight related expect for the character Lucas.

Lucas is about to meet the Cullens. Let see what he thinks about them. Enjoy :)

Lucas’s POV

I really appreciate the help from Renesmee and Jacob did for my arm back there. Even more when she invited me to come to her place so I could get it checked. When I first met Nessie (she prefers to be called that. I agree since it’s a mouthful to say yet beautiful), I didn’t think it was impossible for someone like her to be this beautiful, I mean look at her with her long bronze hair in curls and high cheekbones and those eyes of chocolate brown. No I’m not what you would call, head over heels for her. I’m not the kind of guy who goes gaga over beautiful girls, no. Besides, I think her and Jacob are great together and judging the size of Jacob’s body, well let’s just say that I don’t want him accusing me hitting on his girl. I had that experience too many times, no matter how hard I try to avoid. Anyway,

We arrived at Nessie’s house and my mouth dropped as my eyes widened at the sight of it. What the! Would you really believe that the house I’m seeing is like that big? The sight of it must be like a three story house. They must have like hundreds of rooms in there.

“Whoa.” I said. “This is where you live?”

“Yeah.” Nessie said. I looked at her where she was laughing at the sight of my expression.

“Remind me again what your dad does.” I asked.

Once Nessie settled down, she said, “My dad’s a doctor. He works almost the whole day at the hospital. My mom works as an architect. She restores old houses so she makes some home improvements.”

“Damn.” That was all I could say. Now I feel really bad that I’m intruding. I just don’t like bothering people for help even if it’s serious.

“Come on.” Nessie said taking my uninjured arm. “I can already tell my family is gonna like you.”

I took a deep breath. She did insist that I get my arm some treatment and we are already here so there’s no turning back. Well what could go wrong? It’s not like they’ll attack me the moment they see me. I mentally laughed at the thought. “Okay, let’s do this.” I said.

Nessie led me inside the house. As we walked in, there were people here who noticed our arrival, who I assumed must be Nessie’s siblings. Seeing them really got my attention. I know Nessie is beautiful but her siblings are even more beautiful. What’s weird to me is that they are all pale skinned (must not got out in the sun that often I bet) yet they don’t look like they’re related. Actually one of them, the handsome boy here, actually has Nessie’s unusual bronze hair and the face looks similar to hers. The girl next to him almost resembles Nessie with her long straight hair and everything. Next to them were two blondes who I’m guessing are twins; one girl was very beautiful, I mean beyond beautiful and the guy looked like he’s in pain. They were both with a big, muscular, intimidating guy and a short pixie-like girl. I felt a little weirded out about these people but I’m not one to judge.

“Guys this is Lucas. Jacob and I found him being attacked by a grizzly bear.” Nessie explained. “Lucas, these guys are my brothers and sisters; Edward, Bella, Rosalie, Jasper, Emmett and Alice.”

“Nice to meet you.” They all said.

“Likewise.” I replied. “So you’re all Nessie’s siblings?”

“Actually we’re adopted by Carlisle and Esme who are our foster parents.” Edward explained. “Renesmee is my younger sister along with Alice who’s ten months younger than I am, and Emmett my brother, who’s the oldest of us.”

“And awesomeness!” Emmett added. That earned him a slap in the back of his head from Rosalie. “OW!”

“Rosalie and Jasper Hale are twins,” Edward continued. “And Bella is our families’ friend’s daughter who’d moved to France and left Carlisle and Esme as her legal guardian.”

Bella gave me a friendly smile as did everyone else. I nodded. Then I noticed how all the Cullens were close together, like well you know together, together, in a couple kind of way.

“Um… are you all like together or something?” I asked slowly. All the guys started laughing as all the girls giggled. That was embarrassing. I thought.

Bella, who was the only one not laughing but was amuse with my question said, “Yes, we are together; me and Edward, Alice and Jasper and Emmett and Rosalie. You probably already knew that Renesmee’s with Jacob.”

“Okay I’m just gonna avoid asking questions about this and pretend it’s not weird.” I said causing everyone including Bella to laugh even more. I do have a thing of making people laugh.

“Dude, I like you already!” Emmett said.

“What’s all the commotion?”

I turned around and saw a man with blonde hair. Like the others, he’s pale skinned and beautiful. He looks young probably in his mid twenties or thirties and not to mention he looks like the kind of person you would see off of People’s magazine.

“Lucas, this is my dad Carlisle. Carlisle, Lucas. I brought him here because he got a huge cut from a grizzly bear back in the forest.” Nessie said as she showed Carlisle my arm that was wrapped.

“Okay, why don’t we go in my room and see what I can do.” Carlisle said happily. I noticed how Carlisle didn’t react weirdly to the blood showing when the others did. When they first saw me, they looked as if they were holding their breaths. They probably faint when they see it I’m guessing.

Carlisle led me into his room with Nessie by my side holding my arm with assistance. She does know it’s my arm that’s broken, not my legs right? Nessie sat me down on the couch as Carlisle slowly unwrap my arm. The huge cut was showing and blood was still coming out, not much though.

“Nessie can you get me the dittany?” Carlisle asked. (A/N: I don’t know much on medication so forgive me). Nessie went up and handed Carlisle the small bottle of dittany. “This might sting a bit.”

He put a couple of drops that stung like crazy. They’re like raining fireballs that quickly spread. After that was over, Carlisle grabbed a roll and slowly started wrapping my arm in freshly band-aid.

“Lucas, can I asked why you were in the woods? It can be very dangerous out there especially with grizzly bears.” Carlisle asked kindly.

“I was traveling around from Lacey since I’m new in Forks. I had a bad run in with the bear when I was exploring the woods.” I said. “I was lucky that Nessie found me.”

“Oh come on. I said it was nothing.” Nessie blushed.

Carlisle finished band-aiding my arm and said, “Well you’re lucky you aren’t seriously hurt. Your arm won’t heal for a really long time. I suggest you be very careful.” He smiled. I really like Carlisle. I can see why he gets paid so much; he must be the best doctor ever.

I smiled back and said, “I will and thanks Dr. Cullen.”

“Please, call me Carlisle.” He said.

Just then, the door opened and a woman with a heart shaped face came in. Like the rest of the family, she was pale and very beautiful. She looks like one of those Disney princesses from the movies. Okay, they must be related if they look similar.

“I heard we have a guest.” She said smiling at me.

“Lucas, this is my wife Esme.” Carlisle said.

“Hello.” I said as she replied back.

“I was just about to make dinner for Nessie. Are you hungry?” Esme asked. As if on cue, my stomach made a rumbling sound. Way to tell everyone that. I thought to my stomach. “I’ll take that as a yes.” She smiled and left the room.

“Come on Lucas.” Nessie said pulling me off of the couch. “I think everyone wants to know more about you.”

I don’t know why, but I’m already loving this family.

Chapter End Notes:

Hi! I hope you guys already like first two chapters so far. I’m not sure I have any plans for new characters other than Lucas but I’m rolling along with it as I go. Please review :)

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