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You asked me for this so here it is...

Hmmm – this was discussed in chapter 19 of PLU


Esmé had been very busy that day. She was sitting in her home office on the bottom floor of her and Carlisle’s home, Cullen Crest.  The winery had been in Carlisle’s family for 4 generations and he and Esmé had decided to move onto the estate after his father had died.

It had been a wonderful place to raise their three children and Napa Valley had some good schools. It had been suggested that they send their children away to boarding school, but Esmé had refused point blank. She loved being a mother and when she had found out that she was pregnant at the tender age of seventeen, Carlisle had asked her father for her hand in marriage.

He had been a senior in high school and much to her delight, her father had agreed, on condition that he never set eyes on his daughter again. She had to disappear and not embarrass her family again.

Carlisle’s parents had been shocked but they had recovered and had taken her in as if she was their own child. When Emmett had been born, her mother-in-law, Irene had looked after the baby while Esmé had gone to college.

So here she was at the age of 46 with three wonderful children. She was in partnership with her daughter-in-law Rosalie who was a very talented architect and she was an interior designer. And she lived in a winery. How lucky could one woman get?

She smiled as she stood at the French doors that looked out onto the vineyards. Of course, being married to the sexiest doctor in the world was just a bonus!

She frowned as she sat at her antique French desk and poured her tea. Carlisle had been working long and hard hours in the past six months.  It was as if they were like ships passing in the night. He was gone when she woke up in the mornings, his good-bye kisses a distant memory and she was often asleep when he came home.

If he did come home at a decent hour, he was tired and cranky.  Then of course there was the winery business that he had to check on.

They had very competent staff that managed and oversaw the day to day running of Cullen Crest. Carlisle liked to keep his hand on everything so of course he had weekly meetings with his staff and then he frequently toured the vineyards and checked on the restaurant, Esme’s, that he looked in on as well.

Esmé felt a lump in her throat. She missed him. He was her very best friend. He was her wonderful and very demanding lover. She missed him.

She had never felt this lonely before. The children hadn’t lived at home for sometime, but she had never felt like this. Deserted. Hurt. Angry even.

Yes they still had sex. Usually it was in the middle of the night, when he snuggled up behind her and she could feel his hard cock pressing into her back and she was only too eager for some human contact that she would force herself awake and he would slide into her. He always made her come, he was a good lover. Great even. But then sleep would overtake him and the moment would be lost.

Esmé felt the tears on her cheeks before she realized that she was crying. This had to stop. She was his WIFE for heavens sake! Esmé thought back to other times – happier times when he couldn’t get enough of her. Not even the threat of the children coming home from school or college would stop him; she used to place a phone call to him and book an appointment...

AN APPOINTMENT WITH THE DOCTOR!!  Esmé wiped the tears away. That’s what they both needed.

She picked up her phone and dialled the small hospital that Carlisle ran.

“Green village Hospital”

“Hello Edie, its Esmé Cullen. Is Dr Cullen available?”

“Hi Mrs Cullen. I haven’t spoken to you in a while. I think he is free, just a moment.”

“Esmé? What’s wrong, Darling?” she bit her lip at the sound of his voice. Dare she go through with this?

“Doctor C, I need to see you.” She could hear the tremble in her tone.

There was silence. Oh Shit! He didn’t want this...

She heard him clear his throat, “Really, Mrs Cullen? When do you need this appointment?” Esmé felt her knees grow weak at the deep tone in his voice. Pure Velvet. That’s what she secretly had called him for years.

“As soon as possible please” she whispered and felt the tears well up in her eyes again.

There was a short silence again. She knew that he was concerned. He knew her. This was like her putting out a big sign that said “HELP!”

“Please meet me in my home office in an hour. I am a busy man, Mrs Cullen; it will not bode well to keep me waiting.” Fuck me!

“Yes, Doctor. I hope you can be on time as well. I too hate to be kept waiting!” she retorted. She grinned as she heard him disconnect the call.

She had an hour.

Esmé put the hour to good use. She was dressed and ready for him. She wore a black pencil skirt with a grey blouse. Her dove grey French lace high cut bikini panties and push up bra were on underneath. She wore stockings and black high heel court shoes.

She felt good.

At 2.55 she walked into Carlisle’s office which was across the hall from her office. He had an examination room off his office. He used this for any winery staff emergencies that occurred from time to time. When the children were little, they spent more time in there, especially Emmett. He was always falling or jumping off things.

Carlisle’s office had two sides lined with books from floor to ceiling. It was wood panelled and the massive leather topped desk sat in the middle of the room. One wall was made up of windows and the other wall was covered by family photos, paintings and artwork that Carlisle had collected over the years.

Esmé sat in one of the big hunters green leather arm chairs that face the desk.

She heard the front door open and felt her hands get clammy.

He opened the door and walked past her and sat down behind his desk.

He looked at her for a moment and she knew that he missed nothing. His seemingly innocent gaze had seen the slight droop of her shoulders. The slight redness of her eyes. Her trembling mouth.

His mouth tightened slightly in self anger. Fuck! How have I neglected her for so long? How did I not see this coming?

He had a hard on that was almost painful. He had left the hospital still wearing his white coat so that the nurses at the front desk wouldn’t notice his discomfort.

He turned his attention to the beautiful woman in front of him.

“Well, Mrs Cullen, what seems to be the problem?” he steepled his hands in front of him.

Esmé blushed slightly; it had been too long since they had played this game. His cock twitched.

“I-I am having a problem w-with dryness. Down there.” She was scarlet and she wouldn’t meet his eyes.

“Are you dry all the time?” She was trying to kill him!

“Um...pretty much. My husband doesn’t seem to notice when we...you know”

“Mrs Cullen, I am sure he does notice. How often do you make love?”

Now she met his gaze. Her eyes were slightly accusing, “We haven’t make love in about four months, we HAVE had sexual relations - about once a week”.

Carlisle was feeling angry and defensive. WHAT? What the fuck did she mean they hadn’t make love?  Is THAT what she thought, that they were essentially FUCKING?

He forced himself to calm down and focus on Esmé. He needed to hear her. He needed to give her this.

“Okay, Mrs Cullen, does your husband have a problem getting an erection? Does he have a problem performing?” He couldn’t help but smirk at this question. His very well endowed sons took after him. The Cullen men had NEVER had a problem in THAT department.

Esmé looked at him and gave him a shrug. Carlisle’s eyes almost fell out of his head. WTF?

“No...Not um, really. But he is getting on in years and you know...some things don’t work....for as long...or as often as they used to”.

She wanted to laugh out loud. Carlisle looked as if he was going to have a heart attack! This was too much!

He narrowed his eyes slightly, the children would have told their mother that this was a sure sign to duck and cover.

“Hmmm...Alright Mrs Cullen, we are going to have to perform an exam – just to check that everything is working...you know as it should...” he was staring at her with an innocent smile on his face.

An outsider would have believed that warm and gentle demeanour. Not so Esmé. Oh no. She knew him. He was furious with her. He was looking for payback. Shitshitshit!

She shook her head as he came around the desk and took her hand gently. “I don’t think...”

“Don’t worry my dear, I will do the thinking.”

He led her to the exam room and gently pushed her inside, “Please remove all your clothes, including underwear and be ready in five minutes. There is a paper gown behind the door.” He closed the door and went to get a bottle of water from the bar fridge in his office.

Esmé got undressed but decided to leave her panties on. She put on the awful paper gown and sat on the edge of the table.

The door opened and Carlisle stepped in. He had his stethoscope around his neck. He stood in front of her and opened the top tie of her gown.

Esmé realized that she was holding her breath when he put the stethoscope to her neck.

“You need to breathe, Esmé. May I call you Esmé?”

“Y-yes” she stuttered and let out a breath.

He moved the stethoscope down to just above her breasts. The back of his fingers brushed across her nipple and she gasped.

He pulled back slightly, “Sorry if my fingers are cold...” he murmured.

He parted the gown a little more her breasts were uncovered now. Esmé felt her juices begin to leak out of her.

“Hmm...Well your lungs are healthy. Tell me Esmé, do you examine your breasts?” He was staring at her breasts and she felt her nipples harden under his keen gaze.

“No?”  Oh my.

“Tsk. You should, seeing as we are here, I need to check.”

He put his hands over her breasts and he brushed his palms across them. He squeezed them lightly and Esmé thought she would faint.

He took hold of her nipples and rolled them between his fingers and thumbs. Esmé stifled a moan.

“Look at how your nipples are puckered and asking for attention. It really is very remiss of your husband to neglect these beauties. Do you see how dark your areolas have become? They are far too pretty to be neglected. See how hard they become when I do this?” He pinched them and twisted them.

Esmé arched her back pushing them out for more attention. Carlisle’s eyes darted up to her face. Her eyes were closed and her head was thrown back. Her cheeks were pink and her beautiful plump lips were parted as she panted slightly.

He smiled to himself at her response.

I’m sorry, my Darling, it’s been too long…. He took his hands away and she whimpered in disappointment.

“Lie back please. Make sure that your legs are over the bottom of the table.

She turned around and lay down. It was then that she noticed that Carlisle had put the stirrup attachments on. Esmé felt her pussy leak even more.

Carlisle adjusted the table so that she was half sitting up. He told her to hold on to the hand rails and he dropped the bottom part of it. She was now sitting on the table with her legs dangling down.

“Put your feet in the stirrups, please.” 

She placed her feet in the stirrups. She felt exposed, open, and vulnerable.

She took a shaky breath.

“I see that you haven’t been as obedient in following my instructions as you should Esmé. Why are you wearing panties?”

“Um...I’m a little shy. No one has seen my nether regions in a really long time...”

He frowned down at her. “Well we could have done this the easy way. But it is too late now.”

He turned away from her and she bit her lip. Shit! She liked these panties – she had just bought them the week before on a shopping trip with Alice.

He turned back to her and he placed his hand on her stomach. “Lie still.” He stroked her flat stomach softly. His eyes met hers. Esmé felt her breathing pick up.

“You seem a little worked up, Esmé. You need to relax. No, don’t close your eyes. Keep them on me.”

He was brushing his fingers across her hips with his one hand. From one side to the other. Her eyes began to close again and Carlisle pinched her hip. “Eyes open, Esmé.” He told her quietly.

Suddenly she heard a snipping sound and then the cool air hit her. Her eyes shot open and she saw the scissors in his one hand and her panties in his other. He looked at her with one eyebrow arched. He was daring her to say something, “Like I said, we could have done this the easy way...”

She glared at him, “I hope you are going to reimburse me?”

He smirked, “Oh, I’m sure we can sort some sort of payment out...”

Oh. My. God.

“Now I need you to relax. I want you to watch what I am going to do.”

He was stroking her legs from her knees up to her upper thighs. Gently. Softly.

His fingers moved higher. His thumbs brushed her lower lips. He could see her juices leaking out of her. He was so hard now, that it was painful.

He parted them slightly and let his thumbs slide inside her. He could see her laboured breathing.

“Hmmm...Your labia looks...healthy. Pink, pretty. I see no abnormalities at all here.”

He rested on hand under her ass, gently stroking it and he used one finger of his other hand and was teasing up to her clit and then down again to her entrance.

“Can you feel this, Esmé? Can you feel my finger on your pussy? Do you need more?”

Esmé was trying not to writhe on the table, “Please Doctor. I need more...”

“More what?”

“I need to feel more pressure...there... you know...”

“No. I don’t know, where do you need the pressure?”

 Oh good grief this was too much! He was going to force her to say it?

“On my...c-clit”

 “Do you mean your clitoris? Here?” His finger moved up and he just pressed down on her swollen clit.

Sweet baby jesus!!

“Please...please touch me properly.”  She would beg if she had to.

“Like this?” he used three fingers and covered her clit as he applied even pressure and moved his fingers in a circle.

“You seem to be rather ....wet. How does this feel?”

“Hmmm, like heaven”. 

“Look how this pretty pussy is leaking for me. You are leaking onto my table...look at this” He scooped up some of her juices with two of his fingers and showed them to her.

“Have you ever tasted yourself?” He asked. His voice was gruff.

She looked at him with big eyes and shook her head.

He lifted his hand to her mouth and brushed his fingers over her lips.

Instinctively, she licked her lips and tasted her sweet musky taste.

“Is it good? “

She nodded again.

“I would like to taste as well” He said and stuck his fingers into his mouth. Esmé was wetter than ever. She watched as he sucked and licked them clean.

“Mmmm – this is sooo good. I think that I need more though...” His intense gaze held her captive.

“I think that you should try a little self examination of your breasts in the meantime. Put your hands over your nipples...that’s good. Now move your palms in small circles – that’s right. You need to increase the pressure slightly...very good, Esmé. Now use your fingers and your thumbs to draw the nipples out – make them stand out for you. That’s very good. Now you need to pinch them a little...come on you can do better than that...hang on, I have something that may help you here.”

He turned away abruptly and opened a drawer in the little apparatus table that stood to one side.

She heard the chink of metal and her eyes grew big.

He came and stood next to her and his hands covered hers as she continued to pinch and twist her nipples into hard points.

“Hold still and breathe in for me...”

Esmé felt the pinch of the little clamps as he attached one to each nipple. She could feel her climax building to new heights.

Carlisle tugged gently at the chain of the nipple clamps. “Oh my god!” Esmé exclaimed.

“Now this will help in keeping the circulation flowing in your breasts. You need to keep hold of the chain while I finish my examination, Esmé. Can you do that for me?”

“y-yes” she whimpered.

“Very good.” He moved back between her thighs. “I see some moisture down here. That’s very good. You are positively dripping with cum!” He slapped his hand down over her pussy and Esmé jumped. She inadvertently pulled on the delicate chain and the painful pleasure sensation was almost too much.

Carlisle had to be inside her! He undid his pants and his cock sprang free like an angry beast. He stroked himself and almost barked out “Look at me! I want you to see what you do to me.”

As she watched him, he stroked his cock a few times getting closer to her entrance.

“You need to stay still for this next part.” He positioned himself at her entrance and slowly pushed his throbbing cock into her core. Esmé came with a shout.

Carlisle ignored her and kept on pushing into her until he was buried deep inside her.

“What do you want, Esmé?”

“FUCK ME!” she shouted.

Carlisle snapped.

He pumped into her relentlessly. His hands gripped her hips to hold her as he fucked her with long, deep, hard strokes.

“Can you feel who is fucking you? Are you wet enough now? Tell me!”

“Fuck Carlisle! Only you! Only you can do this to me! I’m so close...please...”

He pinched her clit and she came again. “Oh! Doctor C...I love you. I love your cock!”

Esmé thought she heard a noise outside the door but didn’t have the energy to look or care.

He felt his cum shoot deep inside her and he pumped into her a few more times.

“Fuck me!” he groaned as he lay across her chest.

“Oh Carlisle...that was ...that was...unbelievable.” she whispered to him.

He laughed and stood up. She groaned as he pulled out of her and came to stand next to her again.

“Deep breath.”

He took the gold clamps off her breasts and immediately began to massage her nipples, easing the pain as the circulation returned.

The 9 karat gold nipple clamps had been a birthday present from him a couple of years ago. There was a time when he had kept them under her pillow and it would be a part of their nightly lovemaking.

He turned and picked up a soft cloth and run it under the water at the small basin in the corner. He washed her pussy and thighs gently and then cleaned himself off.

Esmé lay on the table with her eyes closed. A little smile played around her mouth.

Carlisle took her legs out of the stirrups and rubbed them.

He pulled his pants, socks and shoes off. He had taken off his coat and shirt at some point before hand. He scooped her up into his arms.

Her eyes opened in shock. “What are you doing?”

He smiled down into her face tenderly. “Oh I am putting you on bed rest for the rest of the day!”

“But...we can’t do that! I have work to do and I am sure that you have to get back to the hospital!” she protested and tried to push against his chest.

“No!” He said firmly.

He ignored her protests and strode through the house and up the stairs to the master suite.  Once inside he kicked the door closed with his foot and put her down in the middle of their bed.

Esmé moved to get up, but Carlisle was faster and had her pinned beneath him before she got very far.

He pushed her down into the mattress, his one hand pinning both of hers above her head. His other hand stoked down the side of her face.

“Esmé I am so very sorry that you have felt neglected in the past few months. I promise that it will never happen again. I am going to show you just how much I love you.”

He kissed her tears away and nuzzled his face in her neck.



“Did you hear a car arrive while we were busy?”

“Darling I couldn’t hear much above your moans!”

She smacked his shoulder and giggled as he growled and rolled her over.

There was a soft knock at the bedroom door.

“WHAT?” Carlisle was not happy with the interruption.

They heard a snigger and then “Hey there ‘Doctor C’, I came to visit you and ‘Mrs Cullen’ – so are you going to be a while?”

They looked at each other in shock.


Esmé felt her self go scarlet.

Carlisle started laughing into her shoulder.


“Yes Mom?”

“You know that I love you right?”

Snigger from outside the door.

“Yes Mom?”

“So I hope you understand when I say please go away. You can come back tomorrow.”

It sounded as if he was laying on the floor laughing.

“See you tomorrow – ‘Mrs Cullen’ and ‘Doc C’!”

“You know he’s going to be on the phone to Emmett and Alice about this don’t you?” Carlisle laughed.

Esmé pulled away to glare at Carlisle. “Don’t you dare say a word! I still have to give you your examination – and you’ve been a bad boy!”



A/N: I will never look at them the same way after this!! I hoped you enjoyed this little trip with our King and Queen. Who knows, maybe there will be another one. Emmett and Rosalie will be next.



















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