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I like to read and I cannot lie... You other brothers can't deny... LOL Anywho, I am silly. I love life. I dislike drama. I am opinionated. I love Twilight. That about covers it :)



My TWITTER: if you feel like following. I am pretty random though, I must warn you!

My Facebook: if you want to friend me or something. (For some reason my profile only shows if you are already logged in to Facebook)



MY BLOGS: Stories' Blog: Here I post all of my stories as back up in case decides to pull them or something like that.

You can see a list of all the places where I post my stories by clicking here.

My Blog for Blinkie/Banners: If you want to see Blinkies/Banners I've made.



My thoughts on translating fics: I prefer it if you don't translate my Fics... I know I'll probably never find out if you do, but as someone who has studied translation I know that being fluent in a language is almost always not enough to translate. You need special training. So, please if you care about my wishes do not translate my stories. Like I said, I know I can't stop you but I would really love it if you didn't translate any of them.

About downloading my stories, feel free to download if you want to read them on your e-reader (kindle, etc) I'm not against it at all, and I'm not naive enough to think I can stop it. Once it's online I have little control over them. However, please don't go around and say you wrote any of my stories. That I would consider an affront and it would make me real sad.

Please don't take the fun out of this hobby for me by plagiarizing any of my little fics. :(

Thank you in advance.




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