Penname: Lady Luciole [Contact] Real name: Lucie V
Member Since: 03 Apr 2010
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  1. Date of birth : 20th April 1987

  2. Nationality : French

  3. Gender : female ... but I prefer the saying "in the ladies' team"

  4. Country living : FRANCE, Alsace, near Strasbourg.

I'm actually working as a Quality employee in a pharmaceutical factory.
Formers diploma (or degree) state that I'm a major in Biology and Chemistry in pharmaceutical and food process with a focus in Quality! I'm not very sure for my degres' translations...
In short, I will not be a regular visitor !

I don't write any story but I'm quite a bookworm who read a lot of fanfictions...

I have discovered this place following the story "The Perfect Wife" by Rmcrms5.

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Favorite Authors
1. BertieBott

Excellent originals Xovers...

2. clpsuperstar

Bella & Edward stories !!!

Million Dollar Baby was an excellent story !! Contains sex, domination, and an excellent plot... Send an Angel was also very original. Presence of an unique gay character called Gabe ! I'm waiting to read more of your original work !

3. Dr Harleen Frances Quinzel

Excellent Xover mainly about avengers & Twilight (Bella).

4. eternally addicted
5. idream3223

Excellent True Blood / SVM fandoms...

6. Kittyinaz

The more you write stories the more i spent time glued to my computer. I'm so fond of them : you have a knack for it ! Amazing plots, lemonies goodness, interesting twists... Don't lose it ! Keep writing !

7. KittyTylz

Excellent author : I love all 4 of her story. Just too much waiting for the next chapters ! LoL Her scenery : the mob families or gangstar life !

8. mistressjessica1028

Excellent True Blood stories !!

9. rmcrms5

As I have allready write you : I find your work amazing and fascinating. I can't wait to read more of your work. I must confess that I have a really huge soft spot for Bella & Edward... Your descriptions of their love story is great!

10. Robshandmonkey
11. TammyDevil666
12. WeeKittyAndTAT

I love everything their minds push them to write !!!

13. ysar

I really really like your work : quite originals plots ! I would have like some lemons ! But it's up to you to know if they fit in your stories !      ;-)