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I LOVE vampires from Bram Stoker's Dracula to Anne Rice to J.R. Ward and everything in between.

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Favorite Authors
1. CullenGirl09
2. Jennmc75

Love the ending. Glad everything is working out for the three of them. 

3. jenny0719

I downloaded this on my ereader and I just finished it. It was fantastic. I laughed, I cried and got frustrated at times but I enjoyed every word. I'm glad I read it now that it's finished. I would have gone crazy waiting for updates. I was cheering for them from that first meeting. Then after the first kiss in the rain and through all their ups and downs. The accident and a rehab was a real tear jerker but I loved the emotional aspect of those scenes. Most of all, I loved reading about the great bond and that connection they had to each other. The use of the names from the book was funny at times. At first I wanted to kill the James character but I'm glad he turned out to be a good guy in the end. I'm tired of James always trying to hurt Bella and getting into a confrontation with Edward. I liked that Jacob was not in competition with Edward for Bella's love. This is a new version of Renee and I totally understand why she has those feelings about marriage but it was still painful to read the reaction her words had on Bella. I'm glad things worked out for them later.  Most of all, none of the girls were called Renesme. :-) I've put you on my alerts so I could read your future stories. I love your style of writing and although you had lots of lemons :-) they were not too graphic and porn like. It was tastefully done. I hope you keep writing and if any of your stories get published let me know so I could support you. 

4. Jojo23

love your Twilight stories on Fanfiction. Just found the site. Spent all weekend reading your stuff. Followed your link to here. looking forward to reading more of your stories.

5. nails233