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Hey everybody, so just a heads up.

After all the fuss over some other sites I decided I'm going to start updating my stories here too.

Just in case you're wondering this is The Irish Cullen from, but I made this account before I came up with that user name, hence the name difference.

General disclaimer I don't own anything except the scenarios these characters find themselves in. 

I'm not into all the drama and politics that tend to coincide with these websites so I don't keep up with feuds/dramas.

I'm just in it for the writing, I know I'm not the best, my stories have grammar mistakes and sometimes and missing consitency and I'm trying to rectify that. But don't get too bugged down on that, I'm just a little small fry who does this for the fun. So like, don't like I'm not going to sit up crying all night over flamers. I can take it, but I wouldn't any of you to waste your time.

Also because I'm Irish I may use Irish phrases, spellings or behaviours, different to your country. I respect some cultures have different understanding such as nodding your head for yes and shaking your head for no. Feel free to make not of that and I'll try and make it more universal so its more enjoyable for everyone. Don't contact me and tell me I'm spelling 'color' wrong. Because in my head and the spelling books I had as a child 'colour' is correct.

Other than that it's pretty much plain sailing from there.

Happy reading!!!


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