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Our names are Deb & Jenny, otherwise known as drotuno & JenRar, and we have a...somewhat unhealthy love of all things Twilight. We have each been writing fanfiction for over 15 years and have been friends for over 10 years!

In January 2012, Jenny went to Deb with a vague idea for a story, and as Deb made a few suggestions, we realized we could co-write the fic and it would be a lot more fun and a lot more interesting than the original vision for the story. After months of working on it, we finally posted! Jenny wrote the Bella chapters, while the Edward chapters were written by Deb...but the whole story of Coming Home is full of love by both of us.

Then, in January of 2013, another story idea was born in Jenny's imagination, and that's how our new fic, In Pursuit, came about. Again, Jenny wrote Bella's POV, while Deb wrote Edward's, but there was a ton of collaboration between the two of us. (That fic has been pulled and the first of 3 stories published on Amazon as In Pursuit of Safety.)

You can find all our own stories on our profiles. Just click our Favorite Authors on our for links! ;)

Disclaimer: Twilight and its characters belong to the fantastic Stephenie Meyer. The plot and original characters belong to us, and we kinda like that!

We have a huge list of people to thank for Coming Home:

Coreen - for not only the banner, but for always answering Jenny's many questions.

SqueakyZorro - for giving our story the red pen.

Cara, Goober, Angie, & Inkedupmom - for pre-reading and keeping us in line.

To all our readers who anxiously waited the story and then, once it started posting, read, reviewed, and recommended it six ways to Sunday. We love you guys!

We love all our readers and can't wait for you to join the awesome ride!

- Jenny & Deb

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