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I am known by Ellie, that is my name. I am in love with Paul and Sam from the pack, as well as several other vampires *cough* Jasper, Felix, Peter and Alistair *cough*

I am not a Edward fan, I have written a handfull of Edward/Bella's my first one and the others for Fandoms or Comps. Otherwise, Alice AND Edward die a horrible death in the majority of my fics. Sorry Edward & Alice fans.

My fave twilight and cross couples have gotta be:

Stories that have won Awards -

The Beginning - The Enegizer WIP awards - 2nd place 'Most Promising Crossover Fanfiction'
Love Lost at Midnight - First Time Anon Contest - 3rd Judges Overall Choice and Matt Lutz Judge Choice.
Fighting for Survival - Tales from the Void2 - 2nd Place Public Vote, Fave Male Lead and Fave Female Lead
Vadhara - Tales from the Void2 - Most Original Judges vote, 2nd Judges vote and 3rd Public Vote
Along the Desert Road - Mix-n-Match - Most Original Plot

Author Awards -

First Time Anon Contest - most promising author
The Non-Canon Awards - First in Judges only Section - WhiteWolfLegend


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