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My story is called Beautiful, Dirty, Rich and I like to think its smuttastic and I hope you enjoy.

Le Twitter where I stalk peoples=

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich is now available on Twilighted!

BDR Forum on Twilighted:

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich also available now on My Vampfiction


About me:

I'm 27, I can pass for 22....this is now a lie as I'm now 34 can probably pass for 27 

I grew up in Oz (Take that however you will- I still call it home- Qantas adverts make me homesick) I live in the UK.

I write my fic on my favorite thing in the world ever- Jack the Mac- he is awesome and I love him. Windows can blow me.

Im one of those healthy living people who love kale, running and Pilates but also has a penchant for Haagen Daaz. I have a blog that motivates me to put the ice cream down.

I like cats (yet to have any of my own)



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