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Logan has already survived much more than a normal seventeen year old ever should. Unfortunately, life isn't fair and keeps throwing him challenges: Aaron just won't go let go, he doesn't know how to handle the aftermath of his mother's death that continues to throw him for loops, and the inequality of Neptune continues to rear its ugly head. Fortunately for Logan, he has Veronica by his side and the growing support of a family of his own creation. How will these things affect him and how will he handle the challenges that life continues to throw at him? Sequel to jacedesbff's For the Sake of a Friend.

Categories: Veronica Mars
Characters: Veronica/Logan
Genre: Drama, Friendship, Mystery, Romance
Language: English
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Chapters: 7 Table of Contents
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[Report This] Published: 01 Jan 2020 Updated: 18 Mar 2020