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What’s in a name? Team66fan…

I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA (which relates to my FF sign-on name and the town's hockey team – the Pittsburgh Penguins – owned by former player & team captain Mario Lemieux #66). I am a huge sports fan. Special events/sports tournaments and party planning is my line of work. I am a planner yet, have no life plan of my own...other than endlessly loving my three beautiful four-legged "furry kids" - rescue greyhounds and former racers.

I got hooked on Twilight, later in the mix after getting it for Christmas in 2008. Now I am addicted to all things related to it. I am a 30-something, single female and married to my day job. I love world travel [Ciao, Italia, SCUBA diving/underwater photography and watching NHL hockey, beading and gardening. I can’t cook/bake worth crap…probably the reason my dad was a volunteer fire fighter, so I wouldn’t burn the house down!

I am a total proof reading nerd, so it is challenging for me to not read stories and edit at the same time. Force of habit, I guess. I am typically the person in my office that everyone brings their correspondence or marketing materials to proof read or critique. I think it was all of the years of proof reading (and often writing) many of my brother’s papers in high school and college! My biggest pet peeves are improper spelling or use of: their vs. there and whether vs. weather! Also, when someone says something illogical like... “Join us for the 'first annual' golf tournament.” A first time function/occurrence is INAUGURAL event; it isn't ANNUAL until it happens for a second time! Just saying…think about what the word ‘annual’ means. Moving on!

I give props to all of those authors out there that are brave enough to share their imagination, creativity and thoughts with the general public. I am still trying to gather confidence enough to throw my thoughts into the wind.

Happy reading and writing everyone! Please pass the lemons : )

- Team66fan


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