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So, I'm rather new in the fanfiction world. As I do with everything, I really jumped on the train though.

This past few months I've been reading stories like a true addict and I've learned a lot.

I only read Twilight related stories. As happened to me in the past with other things (literature/movie related but also in other areas) I was rather late in jumping on this train. I saw Twilight for the first time last december (2011). By the end of the month, I had seen 4 movies (Breaking Dawn in cinema) and read 4 books. I'm also proud owner of a few 'side products' (soundtrack cds, director notebooks, t-shirts, beauty products, ...). I'm an addict and I'm proud of it!

Thanks to fanfiction I've learned to like, maybe even love, other story lines than the one in the books. I must admit that, addicted as I am to the original, I often found myself frustrated because SM's books are so... (I'm looking for the right word here) 'proper'.

Anyways, as for my fanfiction preferences, I just read about anything. Except Bella/Jacob stories. I really could never ever live with that. Yeah, I'm a team Edward chick all the way! But apart from that almost everything is possible for me. I've read some pretty dark stuff as well so far. Doesn't bother me. I don't see me writing such a thing, but reading it is ok. Same with slash. I love Edward/Jasper stories. They get me. Don't know why, but they are a great match! Riley has become one of my favourites as well. Other characters I love: Jasper (oh Jasper, my dear Jasper, I love you!), Emmet, Seth, Alice, Quil, Charlie, Rosalie. I seriously dislike: Leah, Renee, Laurent, Mike.

As far as writing goes... I finished a E/B one shot, inspired by Cannes. ;) I hope to post it soon! I'm writing a Riley/Rosalie one shot. And I have an idea for a B/J multi chap story but I'll have to think about that one a little more.

On the personel level: I'm 28 as we speak (August 2012). I have 2 children of my own with my husbandtowhomI'mnotmarried (;-p) and he has a son with his ex girlfriend. He (the son) lives with us parttime as well. I work in a travel agency and run my own business of cake decorating classes. Needless to say that I'm one busy girl! ;-)

Once I completed a decent amount of chapters of my multi chap story, I will post it!

Feel free to ask me anything you want.

Also, if there are any Dutch writers looking for a beta... I still have 0 stories posted, so I can't sign up officially, but you can send me a message! I know my grammar and I'm not afraid to tell my opinion. :-)

I'm on facebook as Lot Twi Ffn-Fan and on Twitter as @xxxLOTxxx1



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