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I'm a 38 yr old married mother of 3 who is obsessed with Twilight, Glee, Dark Angel, Roswell, Supernatural, True Blood, Hunger Games and Lost. I don't update as often as I would like. I have 3 kids that are 14, 13 and 8 years olds. So I don't get to write as much as I would like. My guilty pleasure is reading fanfiction when I get home from work. Its an obsession. My husband has almost banned me from fan fiction. I almost threw something large and heavy at him.

I love Twilight. Obsessed isnt the word. my husband thinks i'm sad. I wasnt to happy with Breaking Dawn but it was alright and I threw New Moon against the wall when Edward left. I am all about Team Edward in the books. But my favorite Cullen is Emmett. Really dont like Jacob or Reneesemee or how ever you spell it. So when I do write more stories I hate to tell all the Jacob lovers out there that he will be the bad guy in my stories. But anyway Love twilight and Emmett

I absolutely love Glee. Am totally into Noah and Rachel together.

Totally love Supernatural. I can not get enough of Jensen Ackles. I still remember when he played Eric on Days of our Lives. Okay now I am dating myself. LOL Anyway that man is just way to yummy for words, and I think that I would actually leave my husband for him if I stood half a chance. Yeah probably not but its a nice thought. LOL I love my husband but I am sure that if Deborah Ann Wall gave him half a chance he would leave me too. LOL

True Blood is my favorite show now that Lost is over. Alexander Skarsgard enough said. He is another man that is just way to yummy for words. Anyway...

One thing that I hate about other writers is when they "update" and its a preview from another story they are writing. I mean come on I am reading that story and want to see where that one goes I dont want to read about some other story that you are writing. Another thing that bugs me is when people write stories without doing any type of research. Honestly people it is not that hard. If you are going to write a story about a woman who has to have a c-section do the research. You are not up and walking around that same day, you spend the entire day pretty much just trying to get your toes to move because they have numbed the entire bottom half of your body. Trust me when I say I know this because I have had 3. Just please do your research. Another thing many of my stories are rated M for a reason. If you are not over 18 please dont read them. If you do and you are not over 18 do not leave comments on them saying rude or nasty things. I gave them the rating that they have for a reason.

Anyway about me, my favorite kind of ice cream is mint chocolate chip. My favorite color is purple. I absolutely love daisies. There is just two many books out there that I love and can read over and over to name them. Right now I am currently reading one of my favorite author JR Ward. My husband and I are addicted to movies. Its bad. LOL We are exteme movie buffs. You name it and we have probably seen it and quite possibly will be able to quote from it. I love all things vampires. Sometimes I seriously feel like I am a vampire. I'm pale, burn in the sun and can't sleep at night. My husband jokes because he likes werewolves and that we are so different from each other that he is a werewolf and that I am a vampire. And how the hell did the two of us get married. He is a dork I know but I love him. He is the love of my life and my children are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Anyway enough about me. Good Luck and Happy Writing.


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Believe it or not but Edward Cullen is not my soul mate. I havent met him yet. Maybe a new start in a new town with one of my best friends in the world he will finally show up. Oh my best friend you know her as Sookie Stackhouse. As long as Mr. Right is not a freakin vampire

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