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Featured Stories
The Road Not Taken by Whatif-ifonly
Summary: Everyone wonders from time to time what their life could have been if they had made different choices...
Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarhalf-star
Categories: Criminal Minds

Changes and Surprises by lmw
Summary:  Bella is moving back home to work with her father at his medical practice. She and his best...
Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Twilight, Non-Canon Pairings, All Human

Beneath the Undertow by arkin1
Summary: Dreams past, circumstance and sacrifice... young Edward and Bella bravely smile through the tears on...
Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Twilight, Canon Pairings

From Afar by ange de l aube
Summary:   Summary: Edward is a reclusive College freshman. He holds back from making contact with...
Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Twilight, All Human, Canon Pairings

Cheers Darlin' by TaniMar
Summary: Their love was unexpected but filled with so much passion. He never wanted to fall in love with the...
Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Vampire Academy, All Human

Most Recent
Shifting Gravity by TishTish11
Summary: Lord Voldemort has been defeated and life in the Wizarding World slowly returns to a semblance of normal...
Rated: T
Categories: Harry Potter

Testing Faith by heartfortwilight
Summary:   Summary:  Edward Cullen thought his life in the playroom was over, when his leg was amputated...
Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Twilight

It Takes a Village by Payton79
Summary:   created by the wonderful heartfortwilight     Summary: Nowadays, families come...
Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Twilight

Baby Daddy by merri92
Summary: Bella Swan is a first grade teacher at Oakwood Elementary School. She had pined over her Reading Buddy...
Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Twilight, Canon Pairings

Stepping from Shadows by momatu
Summary:   On an ordinary Friday in an ordinary town an ordinary boy meets an extraordinary girl. 
Rated: M starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Twilight, Alternate Universe

The Boot by California Kat
Summary: (Sequel to The Trunk) With the Jackson trip having ended very differently than it could have, Sookie...
Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood, Canon

Ever After by AgoodWITCH
Summary: Princess isabella has been hidden away for her own safety since she was a child, but once she returns...
Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Twilight, Alternate Universe

Defiance by heartfortwilight
Summary:   Carlisle Cullen is ruthless Don of the Cullen Crime Family, but his wife Esme doesn't want...
Rated: M starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Twilight, Canon Pairings

Please, Take My Daughter by StillDreaming85
Summary: Charlie owes the mob an obscene amount of money and  it’s time to pay up. The problem is...
Rated: M starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Twilight, Canon Pairings, All Human

A Royal Duty by MarieCarro
Summary: If you were born into royalty, is there anything you wouldn't do for your kingdom and its people? Even...
Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar
Categories: Twilight, All Human

Random Story
The Road To You by angelisis7
Summary:   Liz and Jason have been dancing around one another for awhile, will...
Rated: NC-17
Categories: General Hospital, Canon

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Update 2 (5/10/17): I will start posting chapter updates in the STARS Library FB Group for any story I get a reject notice for.

Update 1 (5/6/17): We've gotten them to go up to 200 per hour, but we are still getting rejects of exceeding that.

STARS Readers/Authors:, We are having issues with our email provider. For some reason, we are being limited to 100 emails per hour. It sounds like a lot, but its not esp when stories from popular authors get updated. We are working to resolve the issue and we apologize for the inconvenience.

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Site News - Jan 2016

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1. Info about Banners, Story Titles and Summaries: Story titles and banners can be seen by everyone including minors!!! Any words stronger than damn, to include but not limited to derogatory names for men or women, cannot be in your title.

Titles and/or summaries that include adult language or lemons, and banners that are too adult in nature, include nudity or partial nudity, or include strongly adult language WILL BE EDITED OR DELETED without notice! This means the banner or language, not the story

Anything showing breasts, butts, penis, etc cannot be in your main story banner/summary area. Reasonable bathing suits are fine (no thongs). You are MORE than welcome to put them in your chapters since you have to be logged in AND have age certification statements checked for anything T rated or above which these things would be on.

2. Stories with Sexual Content: Just a quick reminder to authors with lemons in their stories:

Underage sex is fine so long as both parties are underage, but adults having sex with underage children/minors (below the age of consent for the country/state of the story) is considered pedophilia which is against our terms of service/submission rules. Stories violating this rule will be deleted.

In general, the age of consent in most states/countries is 16. The only exception would be a Romeo/Juliet defense where they had a prior relationship while both were underage at the time before one became an adult.

3. Ratings Questions:

Authors often ask how to pick a rating for their stories. Our ratings are K, T, M, and NC17. If you compare them to movie ratings, it would look something like this:

K = G Clean. Something...

--Admin Team on 16 Jan 2016 12:39 AM

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