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Submission Rules

1. This site is a story archive for original fiction and fanfiction. Only these submissions will be allowed. Submissions that are editorials trying to pass as fiction stories will be deleted.

2. All submissions must be accompanied by a complete disclaimer. If a suitable disclaimer is not included, the site administrators reserve the right to add a disclaimer. Repeat offenders may be subject to further action up to and including removal of stories and account.  This applies to the overall category of your story.  If you use poetry, song lyrics, and the like in your story, you should give credit in the chapter itself or in your author's notes.

Sample Disclaimer

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

3. Stories must be submitted to the proper category. Please choose first the appropriate Main Category and the proper Subcategory for your story. The submission form allows you to choose multiple categories for your story, and we worked very hard to add that functionality for you. So please do NOT add your story multiple times!

4. Category Options – Choose the Main Category for your story from the options available (i.e. Twilight, Harry Potter, Original Fiction, etc.). Then choose Canon or NonCanon depending on your pairings.  You should only list the Main Pairing of the story, NOT every pairing of the story.  The subcategories will automatically popup under your chosen Main category. Now click the > button to add the Main Category to the Selected Categories* box. Now that your Main Category is selected, choose your subcategory and click the > button again to add it to the Selected Categories* box under your Main Category.

· Main Categories:

1. Canon: Traditional character pairings from book/movie.

2. NonCanon: This is for any pairing that is not consistent with movies/book

3. Crossover: Fanfiction that merges the worlds of different fandoms.  May or May not use cross pairings as well

· SubCategories:

1. All Human: This should be used as a subcategory tag in addition to Canon and NonCanon if the story is all human characters.

2. Alternate Universe: This should be used as a subcategory tag in addition to Canon and NonCanon if the story is used for deviations from standard plot of book/movie. For Example: Edward doesn't come back in New Moon (Twilight) or Harry's Parents both didn't die (Harry Potter)

3. Crackfic:  Fanfiction that has totally lost the plot and is strictly humorous and fun.

5. Please use good judgement with story titles, summaries, & banners posted in summaries, as these can be viewed by members of all ages. Titles and/or summaries that include adult language or "lemons," and banners that are too adult in nature, include nudity, or include strongly adult language WILL BE MOVED to chapter 1 without notice! Anything showing breasts, butts, penis, etc cannot be in your main story banner/summary area, nor anything that implies nudity or sex.  You are MORE than welcome to put them in your chapters since you have to be logged in AND have age certification statements checked. Any words stronger than damn, to include but not limited to derogatory names for men or women, cannot be in your title.

6. "Please read", "Untitled", "Please buy", "I'm selling" etc. are not acceptable story/chapter titles or summaries.   Posting a chapter that is not part of your on-going story is not allowed and will be removed.However, if you wish to post a link or give us a little information in an Author Note on an existing or new (real) chapter of your story, that is fine, but please do not create new chapters for that purpose alone.

7. A number of authors have requested that fans refrain from writing fan fiction based on their work. Therefore submissions will not be accepted based on the works of Diana Gabaldon, P.N. Elrod, Raymond Feist, Terry Goodkind, Laurell K. Hamilton, Anne McCaffrey, Robin McKinley, Irene Radford, Anne Rice, and J.R. Ward. For a more complete list of authors who support and do not support fan fiction please follow this link .

8. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If the work you are submitting is not yours it will be removed and you will be banned from the site.

9. Actor/actress (including any celebrity or athlete) stories are not permitted...not even if they're visiting an alternate reality.

10. Correct grammar and spelling are expected of all stories submitted to this site. The site administrators are not grammar Nazis. However, the site administrators reserve the right to request corrections in submissions with a multitude of grammar and/or spelling errors. If such a request is ignored, the story will be deleted.

11. Stories with multiple chapters should be archived as such and NEVER as separate stories. Upload the first chapter of your story, then go to Manage Stories in your account to add additional chapters. If you have trouble with this, please contact the site administrator or ask a friend to help you.

12. As much as possible, spoiler warnings are expected on all stories. For categories with serialized content, such as series of books or television series, spoilers are mandatory for the current season and/or most recent part. An appropriate spoiler warning to place in your summary would be: Spoilers for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. DO NOT do anything like this: Spoilers for the one where Spock dies.

13. All stories must be rated correctly and have the appropriate warnings. All adult rated stories are expected to have warnings. After all, they wouldn't have that rating if there wasn't something to be warned about!   Stories with a lower than appropriate rating will be deleted. The site administrators recognize that there is an audience for these stories, but please respect those who do not wish to read them by labeling them appropriately. We, at TWCS, do not condone any law breaking activities, but we do permit people writing about them.   We do reserve the right to remove stories at the discretion of the administration team.    Stories involving beastiality or ongoing pedophelia will be removed.

Ratings Guide

K: Intended for general audience 5 years and older. No cursing, described violence, or adult themes should be included under this rating.

T: Suitable for teens, 13 years and older, with some violence, minor coarse language, and minor suggestive adult themes. NOTE: Stories that have expletives used with a sexual connotation should not be included under this rating -- they should be rated M.

M: Not suitable for children or teens below the age of 16 with possible strong but non-explicit adult themes, references to violence, and strong coarse language. Lemons are NOT allowed under this rating.

NC-17: Content is only suitable for mature adults, ages 18 & up. May contain explicit language and adult themes. All lemons should be in this category

*Ratings definitions from

Submissions found to be in violation of these rules may be removed and the author's account suspended at the discretion of the site administrators and/or moderators. The site administrators reserve the right to modify these rules as needed.