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This is the portion of CHAPTER 58 that prompted all the requests for this outtake.



Esme felt her husband's eyes on her as she looked across to where Alice and Rosalie were in deep conversation with the show's coordinator. After a moment, Esme saw Riley McGovender approach the trio and he steered his employee to a corner of the gallery. Esme felt heat rise in her cheeks as Carlisle's eyes bored into her.


She took a deep breath and look up at him.  His blue eyes glittered dangerously, although his face remained impassive.


She smiled at her husband with what she hoped was reassurance.


Bella had moved away from them and was currently talking to Paul and Emily. Bella turned back to her surrogate parents, but when she saw the look passing between them, she decided to leave them be.


Carlisle hadn't moved.


"Are you alright, my Pet?"  He asked.


Esme nodded and her hand moved to touch the beautiful gold ‘slave' bracelet that she wore on her arm with the Cullen crest emblazoned on it.


Carlisle smirked.


"Yes, I'm fine thank you, Carlisle." Esme said quietly.


They had agreed that Esme would be ‘collared' for the event.  Esme understood that Carlisle needed to feel in control of the situation in some small way and it had been Esme that had suggested that the broad ‘cuff-bracelet' that had been her mother-in-law's, be used as her collar.


Carlisle loved the idea of Esme submitting to him by wearing a symbol or ‘brand' with his family crest on it.


Carlisle and Esme had taken Garrett's advice and had begun to attend BDSM classes, or as they were called Sexual Freedom Classes.  The classes were run by a couple that Carlisle and Esme had known for some time, Jane and Dmitri Conti, who had settled in the Napa Valley after Dmitri's father had passed away, to carry on running a small but lucrative rambling inn aptly named Villagio Inn.


When Carlisle had first phoned the number that Garrett gave him, he had been shocked and more than a little embarrassed to find out that it was Dmitri and his wife and slave, Jane that ran the classes.


However, Dmitri had assured Carlisle that their classes were small and discrete and were held on their property, just outside of Yountville.


Only first names were used and each person had to sign a blanket ‘gag' agreement before they stepped inside their soundproof attic/playroom/instruction room.


Carlisle and Esme had enjoyed the two sessions that they had been to so far.  His eyes came back to rest on his wife.  He reached over and ran his hand down her back. Esme was wearing a demur and elegant black dress with black stockings and a medium black shoe.


Carlisle smirked as he felt the tight corset underneath her dress.  Esme had discovered much to her ire and Carlisle's delight that she enjoyed wearing clothing that bound her or restricted her in some way. 


Esme now had three chastity belts, several corsets made from various materials such as satin, cotton, lycra, some had underwire, bones, while still others were cup less, so that Carlisle could attach and playfully tug on her favorite nipple clamps while they enjoyed a late dinner in their on-suite dining room.


Carlisle leaned forward so that his lips brushed Esme's ear, causing her to shiver, "Remember Pet, you are not to move from my side tonight. If you do so without permission, you will regret it."

Esme sighed and nodded. 


Alice walked over and took Esme's arm, "Come on Mom, you have been shadowing Daddy all night like you are attached at the hip! Come and look at this one painting that I saw... Dad, you don't mind do you?"  Alice asked innocently as she looked between her father and mother.


Esme's eyes met her Master's. She could see the challenge in them. He wanted her to ask for permission! Esme narrowed her eyes, she wasn't that submissive!


Esme smiled and kissed his cheek, "We won't be long Darling. Do you want to join us?" she said as she lifted her hand and wiped her lipstick residue off the corner of his mouth.


Carlisle captured her hand and he stared down at her.


You should never challenge me, Pet. He thought to himself as he smiled at her.


"No my Darling, I want to have a word with Kate about something, we will pick up our conversation later." He said quietly.


Esme wondered at the wisdom of challenging her Master's instruction when Carlisle gently kissed her bracelet and let her hand fall to her side.


The unspoken promise was plain for her to see.










Esme finished her Skype conference with Rosalie and one of their newest and probably most difficult clients and she wasted no time in shutting her laptop down.

Her eyes fell on the note that she found on Carlisle's pillow that morning.


It's later. (Hint - your disobedience at the art exhibit.)

Bedroom tonight 6 p.m. -for dinner.

Don't bother getting dressed.

We are going to be discussing your defiance and lesson 2.

Every action has a reaction - cause and effect

Master C

Esme had not been able to concentrate on much since reading the words.  She had no idea how she managed to get through her day. What she ate for lunch was a mystery to her. All she could think of was Carlisle and how he ignited the roaring flames within her body!

If anyone had asked Esme, even a year before, she would have told them that she and Carlisle had always enjoyed a wonderfully satisfactory sex life. From early in their relationship, Carlisle had been adventurous and he had encouraged his wife to explore her sexuality. Nothing had been taboo between them and together they had explored each other's and their own bodies extensively.

Esme checked on dinner and when she saw that it was ready, she turned everything off and put the serving dishes into the dumb waiter, which she sent upstairs to their private dining room. 

When Carlisle and Esme had first moved into the Cullen Crest homestead, Carlisle had insisted that they take over the entire suite of rooms of the master suite. They had redecorated and renovated and the suite now comprised of a private dining room and kitchenette, complete with one of the two dumb waiters that they had fitted. There was an enormous bathroom, with a hot tub, a couple's bath and a double shower.  Carlisle and Esme each had their own dressing rooms and there was also a sitting room with a balcony. Their bedroom also had its own balcony with a wrought iron table and a couple of chairs where they sat if the weather permitted in the mornings to share refreshments and talk about their day ahead.

The rooms were decorated primarily in cream and black with splashes of eggshell blue in cushions, throws, and vases.

Esme didn't see any of the surrounding beauty as she walked through to the bathroom and stripped her clothing off and threw the trousers and blouse into the hamper.

She brushed her hair and quickly pulled it up into a bun, and secured it with bobby pins.

"Pet" Carlisle's voice rang out.

Esme hadn't heard Carlisle come in and she jumped and hurried through to their sitting room where he was waiting for her. Esme's breath caught.

Oh dear Lord...

He was wearing a pair of black jeans with nothing else.... Low slung black jeans that hugged his hips like a jealous lover...

Fuck... Esme didn't swear often, but there were times when it was complete appropriate...fuck...

Carlisle was standing in front of the enormous fireplace that dominated their bedroom. He was frowning at her with his hands on his hips.

"You are late Pet. I said 6 - it is now 6.03... you disappoint me Pet." Carlisle's voice was smooth and devoid of emotion.

Esme shivered slightly. Excitement with just the right dose of apprehension cruised through her.

"Get into position. Now!"

Esme dropped to her knees in front of her Dom.

Her knees were wide apart and Carlisle felt his cock harden to the point just below pain as he smelt and saw her arousal.

"Back straight, Pet! Now, eyes up." Hazel eyes met ice blue ones.

"Is dinner ready?"

Esme nodded. She had learned the hard way about talking out of turn.

"You will serve me and then you may serve yourself. You do not deserve to sit beside me, so you will sit at the window seat and eat off your lap."

With that, Carlisle turned and walked out of their bedroom and through the sitting room to the dining room.

Esme quickly got up and followed him. She held out his seat for him and once he was seated, she placed a napkin on his lap.

She crossed over to the small kitchenette area and took the food out of the lift.

Thankfully, she had set the table earlier and all she had to do was to set Carlisle's plate in front of him. She poured him a glass of water and stood next to him as he took his first bite of dinner.

"You may serve yourself." He said as he picked up his water glass.

Esme picked up her own plate and glass and carried them over to the window seat, which was directly opposite Carlisle's seat.

She kept her head down as she ate, mulling over the event which had brought them to this place.

She had known from the moment that she had defied Carlisle's instruction two nights prior at Bella's opening exhibition that she would pay a price.

She was relieved. Because if the truth was told she had felt sick at the sight of Riley arriving at the event.  His handsome face had been tense with anxiety as well as he was introduced to Carlisle and herself. No one outside of Bella, Carlisle, Anderson, and herself knew that she even knew Riley.

Riley had shaken Carlisle's hand and had turned to her with a look of trepidation on his face. He had been about to hold out his hand to her when Carlisle had growled deep in his chest.

Riley had jumped like a scalded cat and had stepped back from her. "Mrs. Cullen, it is nice to meet you. If you would excuse me, there are some last minute details that I have to take care of..." he had stammered and turned away before Esme could even respond.

Alice had looked between her parents and the fast retreating back of Riley and she had decided that she didn't want to know ...

Esme had been unable to meet Carlisle's glacier gaze and she had busied herself with picking imaginary pieces of fluff off her skirt, until she felt his hand wrap itself around her ‘collar cuff' as she called it.

"Pet, look at me..." Esme had raised her eyes almost fearfully. She didn't want to see a look of rage or pain; they had worked so hard to get to this point.

Carlisle's eyes were dark, stormy, but not hostile. "Do not leave my side unless you have to go to the bathroom, in which case you will have a problem, so I will go with you. And do not go near him! Do you understand? Answer me."

Esme's eyes showed her regret, "Yes, Master."

Twenty minutes later, she had done just that. She had walked away with Alice and they had  stopped right beside Riley and another couple.

Esme's eyes had widened when she had realized with whom she had brushed shoulders. Riley had turned and they had both jumped apart as if they had been tazered at the same time.

Alice's eyes narrowed, "Mom? What's going on with you tonight? ..."

Esme shook her head, "Nothing... nothing at all, where is your father? Can you see him?" Esme craned her neck to find Carlisle and she almost passed out from fright when she felt soft lips brush her neck.

"You were looking for me?"

Alice shook her head at her parents, "Dad! You scared Mom half to death! Look at her Dad; she has gone so pale. What is up with you two? I know that something's going on..."

Carlisle lifted his head and gave his daughter a piercing glare, "Leave it Mary Alice. This is between my wife and me, so stay out of it."

Alice nodded slowly. Rarely had she seen her father behave like this. "Okay, Daddy. I'm sorry. Excuse me..."

"Later, Pet." Was all he said as he put his arm around Esme's waist.

"When?" she asked with a trembling voice.

"When I say it's later..."



"Pet!" Carlisle's voice shot the word out and Esme's eyes snapped up to meet his.

Carlisle shook his head in mock despair, "What am to do with you, Pet?"

Esme could feel her frayed nerves stretch even tighter. The glass in her had shook.

"Come here..." Carlisle said quietly.

Esme put her plate and water on the table and she walked towards him.  She wished that he would just do something! Anything! The waiting was driving her crazy. She had been waiting for two days for him to do something, or say something!

Finally, the time was here!

Carlisle pushed his chair backwards and stood up. He crooked his finger at Esme and pointed to a spot in front of his feet.

"Assume your first position." He said and waited.

Esme dropped to her feet. Carlisle like her to link her fingers behind her head. He said that it put her tits out on offer to him.

"Up!" He used his hand to make a sign at the same time. It amused him to use the hand signals because Esme had had difficulty in catching on to them - and Carlisle had taken great delight in teasing her.

She straightened her back. The changed position brought her mouth almost in direct line to his zipper.

"You will stay in this position until I tell you to rest. Eyes up!"

"Now Pet, what did you do wrong? Answer me." his voice was smooth and cold - like marble.

"I left your side, Master C, after you told me not to..." her voice was breathless.

Carlisle cocked an eyebrow, "..., and..."

"Um...and ... I crossed paths with... with... him, when you told me to stay away, but it wasn't my fault! He was just there! We didn't even talk to each other! It's not fair..." Esme ended up saying and if she weren't so close to tears, she would have laughed, because she sounded just like their daughter.

Carlisle put a hand up to silence her.

"Enough with the excuses! What did you do wrong?" his voice was clipped.

"I disobeyed you, Master." Esme said in defeat.

This was the hardest part for her. Not being able to defend herself or to answer her Master back when she wanted to.

"I want your ass over the arm of the sofa. Head on the seat. Legs open and behind you, ass up. MOVE!" Carlisle barked out.

Esme wobbled to her feet. She had not been told to lower her hands. Carlisle helped her up and then he swatted her bottom with his hand. "For being so slow!"  He said.

Esme hurried to do as she had been ordered.  She was hoping that he would just spank her with his hand or the hairbrush and got over it. Nevertheless, she knew Carlisle and he was much more subtle in his punishments.

As Esme bent over the sofa, Carlisle smacked her rounded cheeks twice on each side. The sound rang out like shots.

Carlisle rubbed with both hands.

"That's just your warm up. Okay Pet, tonight you will be punished like this; I am going to fuck you from behind and as many strokes as it takes before I cum, that's how many smacks you will get with the riding crop. You would do well to milk my cock with that pretty cunt, Pet. You know that I can ride your ass for ages!"

Esme could not hold back her groan of despair. Carlisle had the most amazing control over his own orgasm! He could maintain a hard on for a long time.

She was so fucked!

Without further ado, Carlisle filled her to the hilt. He leaned down, "Make me cum, Pet..."

With that, he began to piston his dick in and out of her heat.

To his credit, he didn't cheat at all; each stroke was deliberate and deep.  Esme clenched her Kegel muscles around his thick girth and she tried to bring him off, but he just chuckled and picked up the pace.

"Fuck! This is so good. Your cunt is like a fucking treasure, Pet! Fuck! That's it, yeah, flex those muscles...so good...oh yeah...that's it..." Esme could hear in his voice that he was near.

She reached back to try and touch him and suddenly he was gone!

Esme let out a scream of frustration, her arm was pinned behind her in a flash and his lips brushed her ear as he growled, "That was twenty seven, Pet... so let's make this even more interesting, seeing as you can't keep your fucking hands to yourself."

"Stand up"

Esme pushed herself up.

"Arms out"

She lifted her heavy arms in front of her. Carlisle put a sheepskin lined cuffs with D rings on each wrist.


He walked into the bedroom.

Esme followed him until she looked up and then she stopped.


There were long cords of rope hanging from each of the four posters of their enormous bed.

"You are only making it worse for yourself. Get up on that bed now"

Esme obeyed him. She knelt in the middle of the bed and waited.

Carlisle moved about the room gathering the equipment that he needed.

He stood in front of Esme.

"Deep breath" and he gave her no time before he attached the small clamp to her nipple. This wasn't the gold clamps that he loving had created for her. No, these were functional. Little demon clamps that tightened as the chain between them was loosened. It had to be kept taut at all times to stay comfortable.

Of course, Carlisle dropped the chain as he attached the second clamp.

He held up the last clamp for Esme to see, "Surprise, Pet, meet your new little friend. Open your legs like a good girl and let me see that glittering clit...that's it.  This is going to hurt..." She yelped as the large clamp closed over the route of her clit.

Carlisle lifted the chain and the blood rushed back, causing Esme to whimper.

"Now my naughty Pet, keep this chain in your mouth. I am going to tie you up and you will receive twenty-seven smacks. Then I will fuck you until I cum. Not you. If you drop the clamp, I will not pick it up for you and you will have to wait until I untie you to get relief. Do you understand?'

All Esme could do was nod as tears of frustration leaked down her cheeks.

Carlisle put his thumb between her lips and he pushed the chain inside her mouth. Esme clamped her teeth around the metal until Carlisle gently rubbed her clenched jawbone. "It doesn't matter how hard you bite, Pet, as long as you don't drop it..."

He instructed her to turn around and helped her to get into position so that she was stretched across the bottom of the bed, facing the headboard with her knees on the black leather bed bench at the bottom of the bed, spread as wide as possible.

Next, he clipped the D rings in her cuffs to the karabiners at the end of the rope that was attached to the top railing of the four-poster frame.  Carlisle had done some moderate climbing and he was familiar with this equipment. In fact, he enjoyed shopping for the bondage portion of their play equipment rather too much, Esme said as he had shown her each piece of equipment enthusiastically.

Once he was sure that Esme could not move too much, as her torso was stretched tightly, he bound her ankles so that she could rise up on her knees, but they would be wide open.

"You can't count, so I will. Keep this bell in your hand. If you need to stop, you will drop it immediately, understand?" 

Esme nodded.

"Here we go Pet..."

Esme dared not move her mouth, which made her even more frustrated and angry. She knew that she should be repenting for her disobedience, but she could not bring herself to let go of her pride.

Esme's nose was running and her makeup had been completely washed off by her river of tears. Her ass was stinging and her clit and nipples were throbbing.

She almost dropped the chain when she felt the first blow across the cheek of her ass, but she managed to hold on.  Carlisle didn't linger or drag her punishment out. He made sure that he delivered each stroke evenly spread across her ass and the tops of her thighs. He could not resist landing a few between her spread legs.

Esme felt her eyes roll back as she felt the first swat across her wet pussy lips.

She had never felt any sensation like that before and was shocked at the tingle that she recognized as the first signs of her orgasm.

As a rule Esme didn't like pain, but this, this was different. Good heavens! This was different. Was it pain? Pleasure? Esme didn't know, but she did know that she wanted to feel it again. Carlisle didn't disappoint her and when the next blow landed square on her slightly gaping lower lips, Esme heard herself moan.

More! More!

Carlisle paused for a moment when he noticed the sharp increase in the heady aroma of Esme's arousal.

What the fuck? She likes this. Hmmm

To test his theory, Carlisle flicked the tip of the crop upwards so that it caught the edge of the clamp. Esme's response was immediate and left no doubt in Carlisle's mind about what she wanted.

She tried to buck backwards as the leather landed and the way she moaned, sent his cock into overdrive.


Thankfully, there were only two swats left and Carlisle delivered them quickly, landing one across her thighs and the last one he aimed for those pussy lips that he loved so much.

As soon as he was finished, he threw the crop down and very carefully, he eased into Esme's heated core.  He gripped her hips hand held her still until he could be sure that he wasn't going to shoot his load like a fifteen year old.

He was not going to last and he smirked as he thought of denying Esme her release right away.

It will serve her right! He thought to himself.

Three strokes later, and he could hear her beginning to mew with need. Carlisle pulled his cock out of her and without warning or a sound; he shot his cum all over her ass and back.

Esme screamed out as the frustration of being denied finally broke her stubborn streak and her pride.

She dropped her head to her chest, not even caring if she let go of the damn chain or not and she cried.

Carlisle stepped back and looked at the beautiful sight of his cum on his wife's reddened ass cheeks and her back.

"Hush, Pet, I will be back." Carlisle said as he walked to their bathroom and he checked the temperature of the hot tub.  He added some lavender essence to the water and then he dipped a soft cloth into the water.

He put a towel over his shoulder and walked back into the bedroom, where Esme was still crying softly.

He hushed her quietly as he wiped her down and dried her with the cloth. He rinsed the cloth off and returned to wipe her face and nose. Esme didn't fight him, but instead she tried to lean into his touch. Carlisle released her from her ties and he held her until she could balance on her knees before he released her ankles.

She stared at the bed with sorrow-filled eyes. The chain was still clamped between her teeth. Carlisle sat down on the bed in front of her.

"Eyes up, Pet" he said softly.

Esme raised her eyes to his, "Good girl, I'm going to release your clamps, but I want you to lie down first. Can you do that for me, Pet?"

Esme did not like to be disciplined - at all and certainly not as if she was a child! Carlisle found it very amusing that she ordinarily responded to his ‘reprimands' with a childlike pout followed by a long bout of sulking.

She would ignore him and Esme had become quite apt at being passive-aggressive. The only way that Carlisle had found to snap her out of this cycle was by threatening to punish her again.

It was frustrating, but Dmitri had explained that this behavior was quite normal and that submissives often reverted to a ‘little girl' mentality as they perceived the balance of power to be shifting.

This time however, Carlisle was surprised when Esme nodded slightly and then attempted to obey. She winced as the clit clamp tugged on her swollen bud.

Carlisle had to fight with himself not to rush in and help her. He balled his fists as she gingerly lay down and rolled over. She immediately opened her legs to avoid any friction to her clit.

Carlisle knelt between her legs and let his hands trail up her thighs and the sides of her abdomen. He lovingly brushed the undersides of her breasts with his fingertips.

Esme watched as his fingers teased and stoked her breasts, moving closer to her nipples. As his thumbnails traced her areola, she arched her back and began to pant through her clenched teeth.

Carlisle felt his dick harden again as he caught sight of her cum juice which was trickling out of her and he watched as it ran between her ass cheeks.

He shook his head to clear it and focused on Esme's breasts. The nipples were impossibly hard.

"Deep breath and you can let the chain go, I've got it now."  He said quietly.

Esme nodded and he saw her grab hold of the comforter with her fists as she took a deep breath.

"FUCK!" Esme shouted as Carlisle released first one clamp and then the other.

He rubbed and massaged the impossibly sensitive tips of her breasts with his gentle fingers before he crouched over her and suckled gently on each swollen nipple in turn.

Esme buck upwards as his tongue laved her flesh.

"Car... Master, please...." Esme was almost keening with need and desire.

"Shh....Pet....easy...." Carlisle calmed her a little with his voice as one would a nervous animal or a child.

Esme was panting. She NEEDED to cum. Her body demanded it! She had never had to restrict or curb her orgasms before, in fact Carlisle had taken great delight in coaxing as many out of her as possible, and this...this fuckery was driving her crazy!!

"No, please, please, Master, PLEASE!!!"  Her voice was shrill with her cravings.

Carlisle sat up and glared at her. "Listen Pet; I may fucking tie you up and leave you here if I want to. You may not be allowed to cum for days! I may strap a fucking chastity belt on you and you will get no relief - is that CLEAR?"  Esme actually forgot to take a breath as she stared up into the face of the fierce man crouching over her.

His eyes were like two cobalt blue lasers as they pierced through her.

"I said: Is that clear?"  His voice was dangerously low.

Not a good sign. Esme knew this man and his steely control was never a good sign.

"Y-yes Master Carlisle. Please forgive your pet for disrespecting you, Sir."  Esme said quickly.

For a moment, Carlisle stared into her eyes. He could see the war that she was fighting against her own arousal, her frustration, and her anger.

His eyes narrowed as he deliberately faked dropping the chain and he watched as Esme braced herself for the pain that would surely follow.  When she realized that he had been faking, her eyes flashed in anger before she caught herself and lowered her lashes.

"Very wise move, Pet, do not fuck with me. Not now. You will obey me in this. You belong to me! Say it!"

Esme knew her husband well and she could still hear traces of anguish behind his command, and her heart swelled with love for him.

"I am yours. Only yours. Always yours. You are my Master."  She said quietly and she raised her eyes so that he could read the truth of her words.

Carlisle nodded, "Now, where was I? Aaaagh yes..." Esme saw the glint of mischief in his eyes just before he lowered his head and took a long swipe of her slit from the bottom to the top.

She screamed out as his warm tongue flicked the clamp.

Carlisle used his index finger to gently move in and out of her entrance.

Teasing her, making her juices flow even more. Fuck she was gushing now...Carlisle fixed his mouth over Esme's core and he drank the moisture as fast as he could.

His fingers were back, this time he used his thumb to tease her back passage as he sank two then three fingers into her, working in and out quickly and he licked and tickled her.

Esme forgot about the clamp and her anxiety of him removing it until she was on the brink of cumming, when suddenly Carlisle pinched her clit and removed the clamp.

"Now!" he shouted and it took a moment for Esme to feel the pain/pleasure of the rush of blood back into her nubbin.

Esme arched off the bed, almost dislodging Carlisle as she came with a ferocity that she hadn't felt in ages.

Dry wracking sobs could be heard through her babbling as Carlisle covered her body once more with his. He was not gentle; his hands closed over her breasts and Esme howled as his fingers pinched and squeezed; pulled and twisted.

"Cum again!" He ordered and she fell apart a second time as he followed close behind her.




Esme used her toe to trace the wet ridges of Carlisle's abdomen.  He mock glared at her as he caught her foot easily and he pretended to bite it. She giggled and rubbed her other foot against his flaccid cock and resting balls very gently.

Carlisle groaned, "Are you trying to kill me, Essie? I warn you, I have changed my will and the kids get it all...."

Esme laughed aloud as she pushed off from the side of the hot tub and she crawled onto Carlisle's lap. She wrapped her legs around his waist as she locked her hands at the back of his neck. She grimaced as her tender ass touched his legs and she smiled gratefully as his hands came around to cup her cheeks.

"I am trying to kill you? Ha-ha! That's a joke; you whipped me to within an inch of my life tonight, Mister Dominant!" Esme leaned forward and kissed his mouth softly.

"Are you okay? Seriously now." His voice was full of concern and Esme was reminded that he was not as sure of himself as he made out to be. Sometimes Esme forgot that they had not been doing this forever. 

Esme cupped his cheek as her eyes sought his. "Carlisle; of course I'm okay. I have never been more okay. You would never, ever hurt me against my will! Things got intense tonight, but I trust you with my life. Please don't ever forget that.  I know that this time has been difficult for us, and you have been wonderful. I promised you that I would safe word; and I will."

Carlisle's eyes darkened, "I love you so much, Essie, are you ready to get out? I need to do some aftercare." 

Esme's eyes darkened in response to the nudge that she felt between her legs, "I think that would be lovely, Doctor C..."

Carlisle sloshed water all over the floor as he stood up carefully, pulling her up with him.

"You have ten minutes to get yourself downstairs and into my office, Mrs. C... I believe it's time for your checkup..."

Esme made it in five and a half minutes flat.

A new record.




A/N: So that's what happened after the exhibition.  Now some of you asked for a peep into their lessons.  Do you want to see what happened there?  Let me know.  So see you all next week for the next chapter - although I must say, E & B are being very damn difficult about this chapter!

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