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My obsession is Twilight and it has been since November 17th when I purchased Twilight at Frys Food Store. I bought the book because I wanted to see the movie coming out that Friday and like most people I had just found out it was a book. So, I read it in two days, saw the movie, fell in love with Rob, read Midnight Sun...I was done.

Next thing you know I am on the internet looking up blogs, getting as much information as I possibly can, but as detailed as all that is, I couldn't tell you how I stumbled upon fan fiction. I know it was around May of 2009, but all the details surrounding it was a blur.

At first, I was all about canon stories and ALL in EPOV. I didn't think I would like all-human, because it was different, but the first story I read was Don't Sleep In A Strange Man's Bed...done! Hooked! It was all over for me.

Have been crazy for it every since. I never had intentions on writing. I had always loved to write, but I didn't think that A. I could pull it off or B. I could think of a story.

I did Jacob's POV canon for New Moon called Warm Son and that is still on Fan Fiction, I stopped writing that story and started Ethics Be Damned..Ta Da!

It drives my husband crazy because I am up all hours of the night writting. It can't be helped and he married for better or for worse..

Yep, my obsession in a nut, enough about me, tell me about yourself.

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