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For those of you who like to know a little about the person behind the words, here is a look at the Alley behind the Cat

- I was born on October 25th in Moscow, Russia. Mom says I was stubborn since birth and took over 24 hours before I finally decided to make an appearance.

- I moved to Israel when I was six, and I've lived here ever since. It's just a small dot on the global map, but I love this country. It has a little bit of everything - snow, mountains, green forests, and hot dry deserts.

- I began writing when I was about ten years old, and I hope I will never stop because I enjoy it too much.

- Buffy has been my love from the very first bite. I still remember watching the episodes as they aired in the 90s. My OTP Is Buffy/Angel; everyone else on the series can mix up all they want.

- I discovered Twilight quite late, and I like playing with the pairings there, but I'm definitely Vamp Team. Unless it's a crackfic, I probably won't be reading Bella/Wolf of any kind.

- Usually, I prefare the suernatural kind of fics, to read and to write, but I've been known to meddle with All-Human stories.

- I have my best ideas around four o'clock in the morning. They are probably the craziest ideas as well, but it's still my best time of day to be writing.

- Need to contact me? You can e-mail me: or find me on twitter: @IamTheAlleyCat.

Alley Cat.


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