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I'm a sophomore in college studying pre med with an emphasis on biology and chemistry. I love reading to the point of obsession. Reading is my escape from the harshness of reality and the stress of my daily life. While I love science fiction/ fantasy for this reason there is nothing like old world classic literature.  Of the 798 books listed in Harold Bloom’s The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages, I have read 82 of them and plan to read as many as I can before I die. I won’t read all of them as some hold no interest to me, some would be very hard to find and very costly in printed form and new books are constantly coming out that I must read too.

            Fan fiction has become a surprising new love for me to read and while I wish I could say it has become a new love for me to write, I must confess I do not possess the bravery it takes to write such stories. While I love writing short stories and the occasional analytical essay or journal I can’t say I’d make them available to other’s eyes. Most of the time the stories I write only serve one purpose and don’t survive for very long.  I only write to get it out of my mind and as soon as it’s fully manifested on paper I’ll take the notebook it’s in and (depending on the story) either store it to be later forgotten or destroy it as a final creative release. As strange as that all might seem it’s what I know and how I cope with my never ending stream of consciousness. So to the writers out there I thank you for the escape you provide and the courage you have to do so.


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