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Hello everyone I am a 43 as of 11/13/12. Mother of 3 children at home but 7 children total. I have 3 children in college, no grandchildren...YET!

I love reading fan fiction, and I am currently reading more stories then I care to admit. I tend to read more all human form. I love reading The Twilight Series, and have read it completely more times then I am comfortable mentioning, and I've listened to it as well. The Harry Potter Series books read them and loved them as well. I however have no desire to read or write Harry Potter fan fiction. My favorite author besides SM & JKR is Jackie Collins, and I have read everyone of her books to date, my favorite character of hers is Lucky, because that woman has bigger balls then most men I know.

I enjoy spending time with my kids when they are quiet (KIDDING!) I enjoy laughing (if you can not tell), bowling, movies, playing cards, going for drives, spending time with friends, and surfing the net. I tend to transpose letters when I type, and I am grammatically challenged, tense useage being my biggest issue. I am however writing, if I can do it so can you! I have a wonderful pre-reader her name is JESS2002 A HUGE THANK YOU to her she's a great friend and pre-reader! I also write with Jess2002 under the author name JessAndTAT. I also need to say a big thank you to Nikky (WeeKitty) she has become such a huge part of my life and I am grateful for our friendship. Nikky and I write together under the name WeeKittyAndTAT.

I hope that you enjoy reading my/our stories and please take the time to review and let me know what you think. Have a great day!


My Sisters 3 Banner made for the fandom for flood relief out-take Entry:

The out-take is centered at Edward and Bella's 27th wedding anniversary...find out about them and all their children.

Here is the link to see the banner!

The out-take is available through: Fandom fights Flood and is also now available here and TWCS.

Here is the links to see the celtic symbols engraved into the cuffs, from My Sisters 3: (might have to copy paste this one.)

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A Sub Search won first place one shot in the Dommell's Dungeon Contest fans vote here is the banner/award for that:

Banner for A Sub Search. Made by Christagbanners ... You can see her wonderful work by checking her out at

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