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<3 Twilight and Dark and Dominating Edwards!

Have you found my hiding spot? I am glad to be back and trying to revamp my stories, one by one. 

I'm on facebook and Have a group where i put teasers, and random fun stuff from the talented people i have been blessed to know. LunaEclipse/IvyLane Fics!! XOXO

~~~ To all the other fan fiction writers here ~~~

First let me say I love all of your work, and appreciate the time you all spend writing fan fiction for all of the avid readers out there. I hope I can contribute some stories that you will enjoy. My story is still developing so if you have any ideas which direction you prefer Edward, Bella or any other chars you would like thier viewpoint written in here, please let me know!! I hope you enjoy my attempts to entertain you all.


I always aspired to be a writer but unfortunately have not been able to publish anything of my own. I can never seem to get the time to write, but these fan-fics have given me a new outlet for my creative energy. Who knows, maybe you will see me publish a book of my very own one day.


FIC REC - I LOVE FallinginLoveinDecember's work!! She writes one of the HOTTEST MOBWARDS EVER!! Please check out her most recent WIP 



Books ~ I love Romance Novels (YA THINK?)  - mainly historicals but since joining the fanfiction revolution i can read current and other variations now as well. I swoon over Alpha Males (old fashions knights, Indians, gansters, and cowboys are HAWT!!), and I adore those bi-polar and stubborn women. After reading probably at least 500 of these types of books, i found three authors that I absolutely love, and i still collect all of their books: Virginia Henley, Johanna Linsey, and Catherine Coulter. They are great writers folks; I highly recommend them. My all time favorite is Virginia Henley ~ LOVE HER WORK, especially The Falcon and the Flower, The Hawk and the Dove, The Raven and the Rose, and The Dragon and the Jewel. I could (and have) read them over and over!! 


FAVORITE FF Authors (currently writing)  - Tufano79, StillDreaming85, Cristina, MeteorOnaMoonlightNight, LillianBroderick, MarieCarro, Alyscia, HeartforTwilight, IBACULLEN... I can go on and one here peeps!! And there are some real treats on fanfiction . net that do not post here such as Bitterharpy, MissLiss15, FallinginloveinDecember, Maplestyle, and more !! 

Past Favorites ** their work is magic** SexyLexiCullen, Silverblossom Jordan (now published as Jordan Silver now), feathersmmm (now published as Alice Clayton), Hunterhunting (np as Helena Hunting) ... Can you see a pattern here? Catastrophia, Nyddi, ... oh how I love you ladies!! 


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