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Second Chance by Louise Clark Rated: NC-17 starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 62]

Months after the Volturi have left, there's no denying Emmett and Rosalie's marriage is on the rocks. They have grown distant because of the time she spends with Nessie. Or has someone else drawn her away?

The Cullens, sans Nessie and Rosalie, help the Quileutes with a fundraiser held on their lands. Emmett meets someone. After all, he's a natural flirt.

A second chance at love presents itself, but will he take it? Will she take hers?

Is it possible Emmett and Rosalie never were each other's true mate? 


photo from Twilght Eclipse and quote


The entire story is written in Emmett's POV. It is AU/Vamp, post-Breaking Dawn, so the story begins in late summer 2007.

Rated NC-17 for cursing and lemons. (There is not a lemon in every chapter.)

Warning: This may be difficult to read if you're a Rosalie/Emmett canon purist!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with or related to Stephenie Meyer, she alone owns the Twilight saga. I am just a huge fan and this story is my personal dream influenced by her characters. I am also not affiliated with or related to anyone employed by Little, Brown, and Company OR Summit Entertainment.

All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author.  The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise.  No copyright infringement is intended.

Since I DO own this story, please do not copy, translate, plagiarize, duplicate, or misuse my work in any way.

Thank you.

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Categories: Canon Pairings, Twilight, Alternate Universe
Characters: Emmett/Rose
Genre: Drama
Language: English
TWCS Romance Contest: None
Series: Emmett Stories
Chapters: 24 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 95104 Read Count: 6691
[Report This] Published: 11 Jun 2010 Updated: 23 May 2013
Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 21 Mar 2013 Title: Chapter 18: Chapter Sixteen

My dearest,

How you tease! Again, my teasing is not comparable, as I learned it from YOU! So blah! ;-P

I was afraid that Em would throw the bowling ball through the back wall. Lmao. The man has got some control! 

Speaking if control... Sex? Direct me to it please...?





Author's Response:

My lovely Quinn, 

Yes, yes. I tease. ;) Ha ha ha ha, my tease padawan! LOL! ;P

Mmm hmmm, don't you love his control? So hawt! Gah! ;)

?? Sex? LOL, we're practicing restraint right now, baby! ;) LOL! No sex until the honeymoon! ;P

Love ya! 


hunk half naked

Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 21 Mar 2013 Title: Chapter 17: Chapter Fifteen

*Oh! i was confused about who was painting the room! lmao!! That's what I get for reading between helping customers. ;-P

Oy vey. 

Okay, first of all: SWEET TEA! Yay! Hahahaha! I knew we were writing soul mates! ;-)

Second: Emmy is so sweet, helping her with the seafood and all. What a wonderful guy!

Third: when do the lemons come in...? ;-P 

I love you!


Your Quinn

Author's Response:

My dear Quinn, 

That's what you get for reading at work! ;) LOL!

Yes, I like sweet tea. Very much in fact. LOL, thank you! ;)

I hope I did the seafood scene justice. I've never had Klarissa's experience, so I was totally fantasizing that! ;)

Lemons, lemons, lemons...they keep piling up to make that big pitcher of lemonade, huh? ;)


Love you, too, babe! xoxoxoxo

Henry Cavill sans shirt Skylar Astin shirtless

Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 21 Mar 2013 Title: Chapter 16: Chapter Fourteen

OK. ROFLMAO on Emmett's jab at jake at the end. I always wanted to say something like that! Hahahaha!

Anyhoo... So Marcus came around. He was always my...favorite?...of the Volutri. He seems like a decent person...well, vampire... ;-P 

I'm glad they painted Em's room. He needed the fresh start and it's amazing what a coat of paint can do. 

Love his club idea! Going to be exciting!!


your Quinny-poo ;-P

Author's Response:

Hello, my dear Quinny-poo! ;)

OME, I love that jab at Jake! :D 

Yeah, well, see the only way Marcus could escape the Volturi is because Chelsea was killed. Chelsea had the ability to influence the emotional bonds between people. She made Marcus feel loyal to the Volturi, thus keeping him under Aro's control. With Aro beheaded, Chelsea and Renata destroyed, Marcus and the others fled. 

Yes, quite the metaphor, huh? 

Ha ha, nothing like bringing a bit of Vegas to Port Angeles! ;) 

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! Love your reviews! 


Henry Cavill in the Tudors

Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 09 Mar 2013 Title: Chapter 13: Chapter Twelve

I love how he interacts with her family. It makes me so glad that he has someone who wants him so completely and a family who welcomes him so openly. I always took issue with the way Rose treated him, so you bring it together completely for Emmett. :) wonderful as usual. :)))

Author's Response:

Hello my dear Quinn! 

I enjoyed this interaction as well. It was fun to write! :D

The rather rough interrogation was typical of my father, which is who the fictional character of Conrad is modeled after. 

And I know I don't have to tell you how much I dislike/hate Rose! ;)

Thank you my dear! Glad you're finding the time to read and review! 


Kellan and pillows

Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed
Date: 09 Mar 2013 Title: Chapter 14: Chapter Thirteen

Well, again... I'm going to be forced to make stew in bread bowls today... ;) it'll be nice with the snow. 

I love her day's quip about Emmett having a silver spoon up his ass. I've thought that a time or two about the Cullen's. LMAO. 

SO happy for Em that he's able to start moving forward and taking steps to release that part of his life with Rose. 


Your dearest Quinn

Author's Response:

Hello, my dear! Two reviews in one day? I feel special! ;) No rating though, so did you not like it? Maybe you're just being nice leaving a review? ;)

You know what? Stew in bread bowls is the bomb! LOL! Very yummy!

Hahaha, yeah, well Mary likes to shoot from the hip, that's for sure! And anyone who didn't think of the Cullens like that must have silver spoons of their own, in my opinion. 

Yep, Emmett has definitely turned a corner. :)

Thanks for the lovely review! ;)

Aren't you anxious to read more? I mean, that was quite a cliffie, right? LOL


Working out on the beach




Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed
Date: 04 Jul 2013 Title: Chapter 24: OUTTAKE - Klarissa's Journey

What a beautiful dress!

And that ceremony! 


Author's Response:


Thank you, thank you. 

Yes, now you know why I don't want to write anymore weddings, LOL ;)


Henry, b&w photo

Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 04 Jul 2013 Title: Chapter 23: Chapter Twenty-One

I thought you said that they went on their honeymoon in Morraco? LOL Monaco is way different! LOL


That was so sweet. 

I'm glad it worked out for him and he was able to find happiness. 

Love your Emmy, bb!!

Author's Response:

Yeah, well, sorry. I get confused in my old age! ;-P

Yes! *sigh* Me too! ;D


Henry Cavill flag

Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 04 Jul 2013 Title: Chapter 22: Chapter Twenty

OOH! Look at that ring! 

And she's a vampire now. :)

At least they'll get to live happily ever after!

Author's Response:

Yes, the ring is so beautiful! :D

Of course she is! You didn't think I'd let her die, did you? 

Yep! Exactly! :D

Henry Cavill in leather jacket

Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 04 Jul 2013 Title: Chapter 21: Chapter Nineteen

Well, she knows. 

Who is calling though??

Author's Response:

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh the date, LOL! 

Yeaaaaah, this chapter had ended up sooooo different than its original when I first wrote this YEARS ago. LOL

*ring ring*

Henry Cavill mag shot

Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 04 Jul 2013 Title: Chapter 20: Chapter Eighteen

So sad. :(

But another shout out to your father. <3

I'm glad you can remember him through your writing.


Author's Response:

It definitely is my attempt to honor him. :) 

Thank you for reading. :)

Henry Cavill

Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed
Date: 18 Jan 2013 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter Two

I love the way you described her eyes. Stunning sapphires. Beautiful. It's very interesting that Paul and Emmett are friends. He imprints on R, right? I'll drop a line next chapter, too! 



ps. Since I've read it before I skipped around a little and read that outtake from Rose. Now I'm reading straight through. ;p

Author's Response:

Ha ha! Naughty, naughty! Reading like that! ;P LOL  *ahem*

Why thank you. I don't think I've ever seen blue eyes described like that before, and sapphires are my fave gemstone, so I went with it. :D

LOL, well, Eclipse (movie) was released when I was rewriting this story. The scene where Emmett narrowly misses Victoria and ends up in the river on Quileute lands inspired me. Paul's the wolf that growled at him, so my imagination took off! Yes, Paul imprints on Rose, lol. A bit unconventional, I know. Unexpected. Shocking. :D

All right, sounds good. I look forward to it! :)

Thanks so much for rereading! ;)


Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed
Date: 18 Jan 2013 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter Three

I love that zombie moment. Too funny! 

I know where this is going, so I'm not worried... I can't help feeling bad for Rose and Emmett, though. BUT, I know everyone will be fine. ;)



Author's Response:

LOL, I didn't want it to be cliche or anything. Hope it was original enough. *shrugs*

And for the record, I strongly dislike zombies! Ick! But I thought, "What would Emmett do if he was one of the scare actors at say, Universal Studios when they do the Halloween Horror Nights?" And I figured he'd go all out as a zombie, LOL!

Yeah, I felt bad for Rose and Em's marriage falling apart. To me, though, she's such an artificial person, and I personally hate that. 

Of course things will be fine, Emmett will get HEA. :D

Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)


Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed
Date: 13 Jan 2013 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter One

I love Emmett's mind. I think a lot of people who wrote an Emmett make him out to be sort of...dumb? slow? oaf-ish?...but I love that you didn't do that at all. 

Looking forward to reading more! :D


Author's Response:

Hey, QuinnLark! 

Aww, thank you for the compliment. I love Emmett - he's undeserving of the bad rap he's gotten in most fan circles as well as in other fics. This story is my attempt to show what a strong character he really is, the leading man in my heart. 

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. I look forward to hearing what you think of the rest of the story. I marked it Complete yesterday, tho I have an outtake I may post if there's a demand.

Kellan on ski lift

Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed
Date: 15 Jan 2013 Title: Chapter 5: OUTTAKE: Rosalie and Paul's Torrid Affair

Well... Damn, girl! That was awesome!!... I don't even know what to say. :) the way their dialogue plays into the sex is perfect!

Author's Response:


Thank you, QuinnLark! :D


I have to admit that I have yet to come across another Rosalie/Paul pairing. I'm a fan on non-canon as well as canon fic. I like reading nearly anything! :D It just has to be well-written. Would you believe this outtake, as well as the pairing, came at me from left field? I just ran with it and didn't look back!

Glad you liked it, though. And thank you for mentioning the dialogue woven in with the scene. I remember working hard on that. The end result is much better than how it was turned in to Project Team Beta, LOL. I remember wanting to just write Rosalie and Paul straight out of a porn scene. Glad I was convinced otherwise.

Thanks for reading! You're moving right along! Thank you so much for your kind words and leaving a review.

'Til next time,



Alex Meraz VF photoshoot Nikki Reed photoshoot 


Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed
Date: 16 Jan 2013 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter Five

"It felt like we were both saying goodbye."

Agh. And you said you can't write angst?! 

I'm rereading most of the story. I read it on Twilighted awhile ago, until I lost my password information and had to start fresh. *laughs* *shrugs*

Love it!

Author's Response:

Really?! Wow. I'm so glad you're here then and re-reading! Yay! Oh, and that explains your different author name over there, too. LOL! Eh, been there and done that. I now keep a word doc with all my usernames and passwords. Especially since I have a separate twitter and facebook, lol. (Real life and Fic)

*pshaw* That line isn't really angst in my book. If you've read "Wide Awake" by AngstGoddess003, then you've angst! Gah, that story kills me. But thank you for the compliment never the less. :) I just didn't want Emmett to be a dick, which would've been so easy to do. In an earlier edit of the story, he and Klarissa did the dirty deed already. (the night of the hayride) There was no Rose/Paul affair. 

Thanks so much for re-reading. ;) Glad you're enjoying it! :D Thanks for the reviews as you go along, too. It means so much... well you know this yourself now. ;)

See you soon!

Sharni and Kellan

Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed
Date: 18 Jan 2013 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter Four

Gosh, I'm so torn over feeling Rosalie's pain and being on Emmett's side. You can tell she is upset, obviously... But she'll get her chance soon. :) 



Author's Response:

Aww, you're a better person than I am! LOL ;) But I'm biased. :D

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. They're very good. ;)




Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed
Date: 18 Jan 2013 Title: Chapter 7: Chapter Six

So wait.. Rose and Paul were sleeping together before Emmett ever met Klarissa? I don't feel bad for her anymore. ;p I love Emmett reaction to finding out. He beat himself up over it and then finds out Rose did it first. Too funny! 



Author's Response:


Whoa, huh? LOLOLOL

*claps* Yes, Quinn, you've hit the jackpot! ;) 

LOL, dropping Paul from his five was inspired from all those old cell phone commercials from that time period the story takes place in. hee hee ;)

The f-bomb in the forest was a nod to Five Finger Death Punch's song, "Under and Over It". 

Poor Em. :(


Thanks so much again, hun! Loving this!



Gstaad at night

Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed
Date: 18 Jan 2013 Title: Chapter 8: Chapter Seven

Holy crap! ... I don't know what to say?!



Author's Response:

Oh no, you're speechless! Medic!


Um, if you didn't already know, I really dislike Rosalie. :D LOL!

And what are you speechless about, exactly? I like this chapter, LOL! I worked very hard on it. Mrs. Meyer had some major holes in Em's story, and I was trying to fill them in. And the sex scene with Rose was much longer and more detailed. I was reined in. *shrugs* Maybe you didn't like Emmett's thoughts in italics? Or perhaps that Rosalie jumped into a full cable car? hmmm 

Thanks for reading. Now I'm kinda nervous to see your next review. ;)

cable car in Switzerland

Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed
Date: 18 Jan 2013 Title: Chapter 9: Chapter Eight

I wonder if he'll find her?! Here I was wondering if you killed off Rosalie so you could have Emmett for yourself.... ;p




Author's Response:

LMAO! ;) I like how your mind works. tee hee hee

Funny you suggest Em finding her. He did in a previous version, but then the Volturi had her killed. So I figured this time, I'd kill her for good, LOL! 

Why prolong the inevitable? 

Yeah, I would love to have Emmett all to myself. I admit it. ;)

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! :D



Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed
Date: 18 Jan 2013 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter Nine

Oh, my god... Does she not survive?! Aghh! This is angst! I'm telling you! 

I can't remember how far I got over on Twilighted, before I lost everything, so now I feel like I'm reading it all again! I'm on pins and needles, here! 



Author's Response:

My dear Quinn, 

No, I'm sorry. Rosalie's gone. I'm sorry if this upsets you. It was meant to happen. 

I'm glad you're reading it here on TWCS. I prefer this site out of them all. 

*helps you off bed of pins and needles*

Thank you reading and leaving a review! :)



Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed
Date: 21 Feb 2013 Title: Chapter 11: Chapter Ten

My dear,

They've shared theirs "I love you"s. awwwww

I'm waiting for a certain scene with a certain band (which we previously discussed. ;)) 

At least the family is supporting him.  :D "I'm just not emo like he was..." LMAO!!! Soooooo true of Edward. HA!!


love you, babes!


Author's Response:

Hey, sweets!

Thank you so much for reading and leaving a review. I know how busy you are! :D

Oh, I love this chapter. They are so sweet. Love Em! ;)

Well, I guess you're halfway to the chapter you're waiting for! ;) 

Yes, it was really important to me show the support that Emmett's family is providing. Of course I had to dig at Edward a bit! ;) LOL!

Thanks again, hun, I really appreciate your support!


Louise xoxo

Kellan with a guitar

Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed
Date: 07 Mar 2013 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter Eleven

He's the sweetest. I love your Emmett. He's full of life (yes, even for a technically dead vampire). 

How do you get into his head like that? Isn't he just the perfect guy? 



Author's Response:

Hello, my dear Quinn! 

IKR?! *swoon* 

I love, love, love Emmett! Glad it shows in this story! :D

I don't know how that happens, but throughout this story, there were dreams. Some were vivid, while others weren't. I think that's why it took me so long to write and maintain a quality story. *shrugs* Yes, he's definitely my ideal man. ;) I also credit my husband. Both he and Kellan are romantics. ;)

Thanks for reading and writing a review! :D

 Kellan and Sharni


Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 02 Jul 2013 Title: Chapter 19: Chapter Seventeen

OMG! It was going so yummmmmmmy in the beginning and then WHAM! Hit us with that Conrad stuff!? NO!

*folds arms and huffs*

*and then hangs head in shame for not getting back to this sooner*



Author's Response:

Oh yes, Emmy Lollipop Time at the beginning, LOL ;)

I think that was the first BJ scene I ever wrote. Wow, how time flies! ROFLMAO!

Love you too! Glad to see you reading this again. I thought you gave up on it, LOL! 

~ L

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent

Summary: Past Featured Story

When Bella Swan begins her career halfway across the country, it quickly becomes more than she expected. Teamed up with Emmett "Bear" McCarty, she is the voice of reason on Kansas City's lewd and popular morning radio show. Sparks immediately fly between the two hosts, but fate adds another person to the mix-- one of the show's surprise guests, jumpstarting more than just her heart. 


Follow Bear, Bella, and the morning show crew through the fun and exciting world of being a local celebrity. See how tragedy unites them and how love heals them.


Rated NC-17 for language, gratuitous sex in every chapter, and rock & roll! 


AH, NON-CANON, OOC. Bella/Emmett, Bella/Tanya, Bella/Emmett/Tanya, Leah/Jacob, Leah/Riley, Angela/Demetri, etc.


WARNING: Does contain femmeslash and polygamic relationships.


rock music inspired collage


A Yellow Grape Tomato Award nominee (Best Slash/Femmeslash OneShot) of the 2011 Tomato Soup Awards! 


Categories: Twilight, Non-Canon Pairings
Characters: Bella/Emmett, Bella/OC
Genre: Drama, Erotica, Femme Slash, Romance
Language: English
TWCS Romance Contest: None
Series: Emmett Stories, Entertainment Biz Buzz
Chapters: 12 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 41576 Read Count: 19573
[Report This] Published: 04 Aug 2011 Updated: 02 Sep 2013
Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 22 May 2013 Title: Chapter 9: Chapter Nine

Aw! You're my bestie too!


1. Rockfest is going to be awesome!!!

2. Madi sounds like a total babe. I wonder where you came up with her... ;-P

2 1/2. Jon Astin sounds HOTTTTTTTTTT! (Wonder where you came up with him?! ;-P)

3. Love how you incorporate Lot44 (in several chapters). You're such an awesome fan!

4. Mike is a creeper.

5. I love Riley and Leah. Cannot wait for the spinoff, it's going to be AWESOME! (Still putting up those balloons. Out of breath.) ;-P

6. You're so awesome. Good job with everything you've written... Can't wait for the next chapter and the spin-off!

7. I LOVE YOU, bestie!!!!




Author's Response:

Hey, sexy! ;)

1. Yes, RockFest will absolutely be the hottest concert of the summer! ;) tee hee hee

2. She does, doesn't she? Such an inspiration! What a great muse! 

2.5 My bestie made me do it! ;-P LOL

3. Eh. *shrugs* Just doing what I can. :-D

4. Yes, he is! I like what I did here with him. 

5. ROFL Thanks for decorating for the baby shower! ;-)

6. Nah, you're more awesome. You're so much better at this writing thing than I am! ;)

7. LOVE YOU, TOO, best friend! LOL 



baby and daddy

Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed
Date: 18 Mar 2013 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter Six

My list of "Gahhhh!'s":

You're an dirty, sexy angel. I swear. 

The things in that head of yours...gah!

I have to tell you that Leah is my FAVORITE character. She is so awesome, strong, and fun. Good for her for standing up to Jake's mom.

And Ri... gah! (again with the Gah!'s, yesssss...) I love him. What a guy... And Brit accents!!!! GAHHHHH! 

Bella and Emmett are married now! Gah! 

And Tanya is back! GAHH! 

JOHN AINSWORTH! Yesssssss! <3

I know there is so many GREAT things to come! Yayayayayayayay! 



PS. Are they going to go to Vegas at some point? I'm sure that would be wild! 


Author's Response:

Hahahaha! Oh, my dear friend, Quinn! ;D

I love your list of Gah's! LOLOL 

Yes! I love love LOVE Leah, too! Seriously considering a spinoff with her and Riley! :D Love them together so much! LOL, I hope I'm doing the accent right! 

Whew! Thank goodness that's over with! ;) LOL! Glad you're not mad I didn't go into intricate details on the wedding. Did that in Second Chance, and this story's pace is much quicker, so I opted not to go heavy in the deets.

Of course Tanya's back! ;) 

Hahahahaha! Caught that did you? ;) I should've included a link to his site in the author notes. Maybe everyone reading that's curious about him will google him?! That would be so awesome! :D John Ainsworth ROCKS! 

And of course, Zepp and Lepp also in this chapter! Can't have a rock & roll themed story without the rock & roll! ;)   \m/ 


Oh, you want the Bunny Ranch visit, huh? ;) LOL


<3 tee hee hee, love ya, bb! <3

Thanks so much for your support! Loved this fun review! Let's do it again next chapter. There's a certain character you may be interested in: Jon Astin. ;D 


Skylar Astin at Pitch Perfect premiere

Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 07 Sep 2013 Title: Chapter 11: Love of a Lifetime: the Bear and Bella In the Morning Epilogue

This is an amazing epilogue. I watched/read as you wrote this a grew to accept the ending of this awesome story, and I can't even tell you how lucky I am to be by your side through it. 

Their story was fascinating - sexy and awesome as can be. 

I'm so happy that they got their happily ever after. 

Can't wait to the R & L's story. ;) 

You're the best bestie, bb

Author's Response:

Aww! Thanks, Quinny! Love you, bb!

Yes, their story is really fascinating. Definitely a great work by my imagination! :D LOL! 

Me too! You know how I struggled to wrap the story up! All good things must come to an end, though. 

R/L's outtake is a few months away! Sorry to make you wait, but it's the rules! ;-P




Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed
Date: 12 Apr 2013 Title: Chapter 7: Chapter Seven

You amaze me every single day. And not just with the surprising things I see on my phone screen when I wake up, either...

first: JON ASTIN!!!!! I swear to GOD!!!!!!!! You know me so fucking well! You're my bestie for a reason! 

Second: all the anal play is hotttttttt! But you already know I feel this way, since I preread it. ;-P heehee

third: I cannot wait to see how this twist turns out. Actually, THESE TWISTS! 

Have I told you lately how much I love Ri and Leah? Well, I do!

And if the blog is anything to go on, we're in for some heat with B & T!


love you, angel!


Author's Response:

Tee hee hee hee hee hee, yeah, that's still embarrassing! *blushes*


First: Thank you, I thought it was fun, LOL! Glad you like it so much! ;) *hugs* 

Second: Staaaaap! LOL, I thank you. I value your opinion and trust you, bb! :D 

Third: Round and round, over and under we go! ;)

Fourth: *sigh* IKR?? Can't wait to write their O/S for the Fandom4LLS compilation! ;) (As well as the collab piece with you!)

*fans self* Yeah, gawd yeah we are! I'm loving all the research, too! ;) Earning my new nickname, lemme tell ya! 

Love you, too, bb! *squishy hugs*


girls kissing

Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 03 May 2013 Title: Chapter 8: Chapter Eight

How is it possible that I didn't review this yet?!

I'm getting my comments on the preread confused with the chapter. I also blame the sickness and the moving. It's kicked my ass. So, I sincerely apologize for not submitting a review! UGH. *shakes my finger at you* You should have said something!! ;-P


I'm fascinated with the way you have created main characters out of sub-characters. I think it is absolutely unique and amazing. Each of your stories does this amazingly. 

I am SO excited by the future of Tanya, Bella, and Bear. Despite what ANYONE else thinks, this is going to be awesome! 

And I REALLY cannot wait for the next chapter!! ((You know why...))


LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Author's Response:

Hahaha, Quinny, it's okay! ;) After all, it's taken me a couple of days to reply! ;) No apologies necessary! I know you've been busy!

Careful, I'll grab that finger! ;) No, I wasn't going to say something! You kidding me?

Anyhooooo, LOL!

I am fascinated with this whole remark. ;) Thank you! I think it's because of my love for the underdog, lol! Seriously, though, I love that about fanfiction. I also love writing non-canon. I think it's more creative and more fun. No offense to you, of course! I love your work! I'm just not one of Eddie's girls, I guess. *shrugs*

I'm very VERY happy with how this has all turned out. I had no intention of this being a poly story when I started working on continuing the O/S, LOL, so I think it's amazing, too! Thanks! :D

tee hee hee, I do! Glad you love it! ;)

Aww, love you, too, Quinny! XOXOXOXOXO

~ Weezy

Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 28 Jan 2013 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter Three

Oooh!!!!!!!! No cliffies! Not nice! We've talked, so I think I know where this is going...which is going to blow everyone's freaking mind!!! 

I love when Jake and Leah are together, in stories. :) 


Thank you for the shout-out, my dearie! You rock! My numbers are jumping! 

Love you! 




Author's Response:

tee hee hee

What's wrong with cliffies? ;)

Shh, don't tell! ;)  LOL, I hope so! :D

Oddly enough, I do, too, so thank you. Not gonna lie, though. I think my love triangle's hot!

And you're so welcome! I'm so excited! Maybe someone will make you a banner, that'd be awesome!

Love you, too! xoxo

Jake and Leah

Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed
Date: 14 Feb 2013 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter Four


Jake is such a douche, but I love Riley. I'm so happy that he is being a supportive, wonderful guy. Can't wait to see how their story unfolds. :D

AND I can't wait for chapter 5. I think I need a big glass of lemonade to calm myself after that ending. ;p




PS. And thanks for the shout out! 

Author's Response:

Hey, girl!

Aww, thank you for such an awesome review! You're so supportive and awesome, you know that? 

I'm curious how things will turn out, too, LOL! There are things that need to be decided and I'm procrastinating a bit. 

Chapter 5's with my permanent betas from PTB! Never worked with permanent betas before, so I'm looking forward to it. Wish I had them when I was writing Second Chance, but oh well. 

tee hee hee, can't wait for you to try the lemonade in chapter five! ;) It's spicy!

LOL, you're welcome. I just may have to do it every update! ;)



couple walking

Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed
Date: 23 Feb 2013 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter Five


How do you write such fantastic sex scenes? 

I love that Jake is gone. Isn't that a terrible thing to say?! But now Leah and Ri can be happy and free of that drama. So glad. <3

I love you! Muah! 


Author's Response:

Hi, Quinn!

LOLOLOL, I dunno. I guess I watch too much porn! ;)

Pfft, nah. I am too, actually. lol But uh, just because he's gone don't mean there isn't going to be any drama. *ducks* LOL!

Love you, too, dahling! Even if you're probably throwing things at me right now! hee hee


Johnny Depp rocking with the Black Keys

Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 08 Jun 2013 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter Ten

Love the Madi and Jon scene, of course! ((How could I not?!))

Your Emmett just totally rocks my socks. He's been a wonderful sweetheart during the entire story and just makes me smile to read him. (No wonder he's making a guest appearance in ch 20 of Skylark!)

Tanya and Bella just really bring this full cirlce, but I'm sooooo happy with, and impressed by, your use of sub-characters to create an original plot and make them lovable protagonists to all of your readers!



Obviously, I hate to see this come to an end. You write such a fun Emmett. But I'm so happy that we'll be creating a new world for Em and Ed to live in. Pllllllllaaaaaayyyy Ballllllllll!

Love always!


Author's Response:

Hello my beautiful, wonderful bestie! :D

Aww, yay! I'm glad! Written just for you, love! :D So hawt! *wiggles eyebrows*

Tee hee hee, yeah, Emmett tends to have that effect on me, too. LOL ;) So yeah, I can't wait to read his guest qppearance. LOL!

Yeah, Bella and Tanya have really shown what it's like to be in love. They were my first femmeslash scene to write, and this story turned into my first poly story. It has been amazing story to write, and I'm very proud of it. :D

You keep saying I use the subcharacters and really make them "pop". :) Thanks, hun. :)


I do too, but it's time this ended. The original O/S (the first chapter) was posted back in August 2011. 

Our collab is another new adventure for me, and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to work with you. Love you so much! 

~ Louise

Kellan and Sesame Street




Emmett McCarty, owner of a foot with a stubbed toe, is distracted by a beautiful brunette. She teases him for wearing flip-flops and helps him to a nearby coffee shop. He can't get enough of her, nor she him. Their attraction is undeniable.


Categories: Twilight, Non-Canon Pairings
Characters: Bella/Emmett
Genre: Romance
Language: English
TWCS Romance Contest: None
Series: Emmett Stories
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 1111 Read Count: 728
[Report This] Published: 02 Apr 2012 Updated: 02 Apr 2012
Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 07 May 2013 Title: Chapter 1: A Tale of Two Feet

That was so much fun! You write the DIRTIEST, most adorable Em on earth. I love how much you love him. 

So much fun!

Love this line:  I was jealous of the dress. I wanted to be wrapped as tight around her as the thin dress was.

Excellent, babe!



Author's Response:

Tee hee hee, thank you, Quinn! <3 <3

Gah, I love that line, too! LOL That's an original Louise Clark line, too! ;) LOL!

Thank you so much for reading this little tale. It was the first photo prompt contest I ever entered, lol. So it's definitely not my best work, but, eh. Whatever! 


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Thank you for the review! 



feet and flower petals

Summary: Past Featured Story

soldiers in the sand



Lieutenant Colonel Cullen, a Silver Star Award recipient, buries the grief of his personal loss in order to serve his country. Upon the tenth anniversary of the death of his brother, he looks forward to retirement. The constant fighting in Afghanistan has gotten to him, pushing him to the limit. His last mission finally provides him with peace.

Rated M for Adult Language and Images of War


Categories: Twilight, Canon Pairings, All Human
Characters: Emmett/None
Genre: Action, Drama, Friendship, One-Shot
Language: English
TWCS Romance Contest: None
Series: Emmett Stories
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 4363 Read Count: 597
[Report This] Published: 09 Jul 2012 Updated: 09 Jul 2012
Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 12 Mar 2013 Title: Chapter 1: Blood and Honor (One Shot)

Yet another powerful and touching war story. I was I tears in the first three paragraphs, and it didn't get any easier from there. 

My little brother finds out in the next couple of days whether or not he's getting deployed to Aghanistan... So yeah...maybe I shouldn't have read it. ;) I was crying over Mike and then happy tears when Emmett get his medals. 

Loved it, honey. 



Author's Response:

My dearest Quinn,

Thank you for reading. When it was mentioned in our conversation, I didn't expect you to read it, but am glad you did, nonetheless. :) 

I wrote this in hopes that the average person would appreciate our military men and women better. Sorry you were in tears, but at the same, I'm glad the story evoked that emotion. It's meant to do it. So, for me, mission: accomplished. 

Don't be scared for your brother. He's probably just as hesitant to receive his orders as you are. ;) And what happened in this O/S was purely ficticious. :) As was Emmett's award ceremony, since I have only seen Air Force ones in person. :)

Thank you for your lovely review. Glad it touched you. 



Kellan in military


b&w war pictures


Carlisle is an award-winning war correspondent, who has lived out his dream. His sons follow in his footsteps; yet make their own way. The three of them survive being sent to Hell on Earth, the war-torn country of Vietnam, only to return home and realizing their lives are forever changed. This is their story.


Categories: Canon Pairings, Twilight, All Human
Characters: Carlisle/Esme, Bella/Edward, Emmett/Rose, Jasper/Alice
Genre: Action, Historical, One-Shot
Language: English
TWCS Romance Contest: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 11964 Read Count: 401
[Report This] Published: 16 Aug 2012 Updated: 16 Aug 2012
Reviewer: QuinnLark Signed
Date: 31 Jan 2013 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Awe! I finally got a chance to chillax and do some reading, and decided to start with your story dedicated to your dad! 

It was fantastic. 

I'm so proud of you for righting something so close to home! 

AND(!!!) you had a nice, and completely alive, Rosalie! 



Author's Response:

Hi, Quinn!

Thank you so much for your continued support! I can't properly express how much it means to me.

Yes, I dedicated this to my father, yet I didn't go the extra step and have him portrayed by one of the characters. Would've been too hard. He had quite an Army career, so I tried to highlight that by mentioning the various units. I was a journalism major in college, so I went that route to tell a story within a story. Complicated, huh? 

LOL, yes, for once I didn't kill Rosalie. ;)

Glad you enjoyed the story enough to review! :)  I'm so relieved by your kind words!

Respectfully yours,




Vet at Vietnam memorial