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A tattooed loner moves to a small town to appease his deceased mentor. He stumbles across a modest Isabella at church. He wants her but balks at the age difference, and there’s nothing respectable about him. Is she as proper as he thinks, or does she just hide things well?




Categories: Canon Pairings, Twilight, All Human
Characters: Bella/Edward
Genre: Erotica, Friendship, Humor, Romance
Language: English
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[Report This] Published: 18 Oct 2013 Updated: 18 Oct 2013
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Date: 18 Oct 2013 Title: Chapter 1: Show Me Yours, and Iíll Show You Mine

please update soon cant wait for the next chapter

Author's Response:

WOW!  To say that we are blown away by the response this one-shot has gotten would be an understatement.  Over 130 reviews in a week between FFN and TWCS, is pretty amazing to us for a one-shot.  We do intend to add a bit more to this, however we are going to be wrapping up a few more lose ends first.  We have the Halloween story already posted, it is called Crushes, Canines & Clowns, it’s the third year we have written a Halloween story and we hope you like it.  Also Jess2002 has joined forces with us and we formed WeeJessAndTAT and our first story together is, If I Die Young.  We started the story in honor of our great fan-dom friend and pre-reader/beta, Savannavansmutsmut’s birthday and it started posting on her birthday Oct. 24th.  We also have a Christmas story coming out.  It will post either as a one-shot or two-shot, but I will say this, it is BIG.  Right now we are thinking it will be around 30K word count.  Ropin’ A Sitter, Epilogue will be posting on December 1st, as well as a Future take of, Bases Loaded by JessAndTAT and an all-new Novella by TeamAllTwilight, called, The Things That Make You Click.  We hope to see some of you checking out those titles and more to come in the future.  Lots of things to come, but have faith we will be adding to this.  I doubt it will be a full blown WIP, but it does have some more storyline within us that needs to come out.  Thanks for reading and reviewing, Nikky & Kasi~

PS.  Be sure to check out and vote in the Twi-Fic Awards, where WeeKittyAndTAT are nominated for several awards.  Here is our nominations: Fav - All Time Fic: His Cimmerian View is nominated.  Fav - Tiny Fic: Crabs And Cream is nominated.  Fav - LMAO Fic: Diamond Dolls Kitty Cave is nominated.  Fav - Drop Everything Fic: Meeting Her Needs is nominated.  Fav - Boomerang Fic: His Cimmerian View is nominated.  You can find the link to the website on our profile and voting ends November 3rd.  Thanks in advance, and even if you don’t vote for us, vote for someone there are some really amazing people nominated and we are proud to be pooled into categories with people who we ourselves look up to and read.  So thank you to whomever it was that nominated us in these different awards.