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Writing is a wonderful escape from a world gone mad. Twilight fanfiction is my guilty pleasure. Check out my Twilight Wolfpack Fanfiction! I am looking for friends and I am a hella great reader who loves to comment. 

Being Native American and raised on a reservation, I'm pretty confident about my Twilight Wolfpack fanfiction. This first story I wrote, The Red Moon Promise, a cannon follow-up to Breaking Dawn, is a story I was inspired to write about the wolfpack, because their stories were left so open ended, and I really felt they got screwed. I came up with the idea while doing research on Quileute Legends. 

In this fanfiction, I quote, through Old Quil, a legend about imprinting that I came across on this website that has since been taken down. on Chapter 20, Under the Cherry Moon. I just wanted to make sure I gave credit to the website for those particular words.

I've been around boxing all my life. I'm posting an Olympic Boxing story on this site about Jacob and Bella. Time Won't Let Me Go took me 9 years to complete but was such a joy to write. 

I  love commenting to support and thank writers for their time, so if you read mine, I appreciate the comments. I thank you ahead of time. They are great satisfaction for the time I spend writing and posting, along with being able to live in the world I am writing about.  Hope to here from you!

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