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I'm Sylvia, I'm 26 and Im just a girl that just loves to write.

*Most of my stories are old from when I was younger and has quite a few grammatical errors *facepalm* It no way reflects my writing now so don't hold it against me lol. If a story is changed then it will be noted in the summary.

About my Writing:

I suck at grammar. Lord knows I do. I'm not horrific towards my spelling, but I am a comma and "" mark queen! :)

My Bella and Edward will always be Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. I'm sorry if you don't like them, but I do, and they will forever be the BxE I envison in my head. Descriptions will match them accordingly.

BxE will always get together. I can't handle them with other people nor will I read a fic with them w/ someone else. I just can't stomach that. As for the others and who they end up with is up to debate.

I don't like Jacob. Never did, never will. He will always be a villian or minor friend at most in my stories or I probably won't mention him at all. I also don't picture him as Taylor Lautner either. Just saying :)

At the moment, I do not wish to have my stories translated. I'm honored really, but sadly I do not want them translated anywhere in case I decide to delete or repost a story.

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