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My name is Jane and I'm a 44 year old single mum from Manchester in the UK. I'm a stay at home mum at the moment but I'm looking for a job, need to pay the bills. I discovered Twilight when the film came out and everyone was raving about the books. The books weren't well known in the UK at all, in fact, you may have found it difficult to find them at all, the film fuelled their popularity. Anyway, I bought the books for my daughter who wanted to know what all the fuss was about. That was 4 years ago and she's never read the books, not one word...I can hear you all gasping in disbelief...I however, devoured them. I couldn't get enough, completely absorbed was an understatement it was the best diet I've been on. I was so consumed by these characters the bare minimum of housework was done, my daughter reminded me every day that she was hungry and I needed to feed her, laundry was done at the last possible moment and the ironing got done on a need to wear obsession was born.

I'm Team Edward, always have been and always will be but Jasper owns a place in my heart too. After reading the books countless times I found both FanFiction and Twilighted through Twitter, some ladies on there were rec'ing some fics and my curiosity got the better of me. One of the first fics I read was Master of the Universe and I'm sure you've all read that one too, another one was Clipped Wings and Inked Armour, another amazing story and thus began my second obsession. I can't get enough, I'm on both sites every day unless the 'puter breaks then I go into withdrawal. Twilighted feeds my need for RP Fics mainly Rob and Jackson, some Kellan works it's way in there too but I read all types. I love slash and polyamorous stories and I've found that you find more of those on here. I've started to write a story myself, the characters popped into my head one day and now they won't leave me alone. I'm not sure that I'm a good enough writer that I'd ever put it out there for others to read, at the moment I'm just enjoying writing it for me.

So that's me, feel free to ask my anything you want to know, you can follow me on Twitter @Janeybo send a request and I'll follow you back, I usually drop in there every day at some point, sometimes I just lurk other times I'll spout complete nonsense, I don't think my followers realise that Janeybo and Robsblueeyes are one and the same person. All the Robporn on there keeps me busy and of course there's 100 Monkeys, Kellan and Peter Facinelli. I'm beginning to think this all might be taking over my life slightly...what life I hear you all cry...ah well, you have to have some pleasures don't you? I may even say it's a guilty one, my daughter would die of shame if she knew all this. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Jane x

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